Leo Zagami Interviews Reinhard Markner (scholar and editor of Secret School of Wisdom)

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Wordsworth says:

    Who are the elite ? (Illuminati, globalists etc)- Write all the names.

  2. Erik M says:

    I would be very careful trusting Leo Zagami. He used to make wild claims back when he was a regular on Eric Phelps’ radio/internet shows back 10 years ago. He claimed to be a former “Illuminati Grandmaster” turned Muslim (not sure what he is now) and eventually said on Phelp’s show that he was possessed. This was all after he and Phelps had become the supposed go-to critic of Alex in the conspiracy subculture when Alex was still mostly under the radar and had been losing credibility with his online fan base.

    So Leo became a leading voice against Alex along with Eric, but eventually burned his credibility thus making Alex look like the ‘good guy’ in this lose-lose situation. I for one had never trusted Leo even before he got (really) weird, nor Phelps simply because he seemed to pop up out of nowhere and was suddenly given too much attention — it looked contrived to me even though I agreed with some things he said. Even rat poison is mostly good food as the saying goes.

    Phelps billed himself as a proud white Protestant fighting to expose the Vatican, etc etc, while turning a blind eye to Israel his critics would point out. Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, also uncritically accepted the things claimed by Leo. They both used to expose Alex Jones as a fraud (and Vatican agent) but nowadays Jones seems to have taken a liking to the new Leo by inviting him on his own show as a guest more than once recently, and I guess Leo just forgot Alex was a secret Vatican agent that must be exposed too.

    It came out later Phelps was doing business in Israel, I believe it was in jewelry, which only served to energize his critics against Israel further (the kind of critics that make legit criticism look bad by association) and made the legit criticisms of the Vatican he argued look biased. This whole little Op spanned about a year maybe two. There were lots of other troubling things too along the way but it’s been so long (about a decade+) I would have to go back into the archives and re-listen. Does anybody remember what I’m talking about at all?

    The take away for me: They’re all dark actors folks. They play all sides in these endless false dialectics they can quickly arrange and adapt to kill off or hijack ideas and trends they don’t control and continue to divide and deceive the world — now even easier with the massive level of perception management through increased control wielded over the world wide wiretap and flow of information. They count on us being ignorant and to forget the positions they previously held and things they said before, no different than the politicians and others they ‘expose’ on their programs while the Great Work moves forward — a Freemasonic temple in Jerusalem to bind all nations and peoples into one, which may include the global interface for the ‘singularity’ through a super AI being who receives life housed there, enforcing the renewed covenant marriage.

    Already Jerusalem is being hailed as the hi-tech capital of the world so this is not far fetched, and they’re already known as the leaders of ‘cyber security’ and therefore the virtual world most the planet already relies so heavily on and couldn’t function without. This is covered more in the yt video ‘Robot Sex and the Holy of Holies’ which I believe is being artificially suppressed by the entities called out in it — go figure.

    • Embedding the video is by no means an endorsement of Zagami or his various claims over the years. That he managed to get Markner to agree to the interview was the biggest surprise. Markner is one of the few genuine scholars on the Bavarian Illuminati in the world today who’s working with the original material in the most minute of detail; he literally knows more about the Illuminati than any before.

      The questions he chose to ask are not those which I would have asked, but I still appreciate Markner’s answers and his willingness to be candid.

      Joe Wages and Markner – editors of The Secret School of Wisdom – have influenced/tamed some of Zagami’s theories and speculation. They talk a lot on Facebook and stuff and I think Zagami has attended some scottish rite conferences where the Iluminati has been discussed by both authors to their brethren in the ‘craft.’

  3. When in Rome, talk to the Romans

  4. Anthony says:

    I would like to offer my condolences to anybody affected by Jeva Singh-Anand’s death.

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