President Trump & the Establishment (Part 3)

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  1. scaffold says:

    I’m still curious who Trump really is. I’ve read your texts and i don’t know.
    Now he looks basically like kind of puppet. Like an actor. Frontman.
    Does he has his own thoughts at all or everything is staged?
    Now I think that his whole career was filled by desire find some really powerfull guys who help him to became the President. The ultimate dream, he could have.

    • Will B. says:

      He just wanted to win, to prove he could win the presidency, and then undo some of Obama’s policies. But Trump did not going into the presidency with a clear idea of what the job entailed, how it worked, or even how the US Government worked. He thought he could duplicate his management style at the Trump Organization of issuing orders through supplicants who knew less than he did. But this management style is not carrying over very well into the White House. His ignorance about the how government works and of the policies he is trying to blow up is causing problems. As I aim to explain the long overdue Part 4, Trump’s focus on personal loyalty and thin commitment to his anti-globalist and anti-elite rhetoric has resulted in an administration largely purged of the economic populists/nationalists, but still beholding to his ignorance and unstable temperament.

      The Mercers thought they could control Trump via Bannon et al, but didn’t work out. Likewise, the various Establishment heavyweights and ex-military people he’s installed also aspire to control him, but there are limits. So I think Trump stands for himself and mainly acts in accordance, not with any deep commitment to an America First/MAGA agenda but with a narrower self-aggrandizing agenda of:
      (1) fulfilling his belief he can make better deals than anyone else (hence the attack on NAFTA);
      (2) undoing any of Obama’s achievements – ACA, JCPOA, TPP, & Paris Accord – because he hates Obama;
      (3) looking decisive; and
      (4) throwing bones to his base.

      The problem is that he makes these dramatic announcements and signs executive orders, but the effect is always limited as even when he really does have authority, he prefers to pass it off to Congress. Part of what he does is attributable to intervention from the “adults” in the White House, but it also reflects Trump’s salesman/Apprentice persona of making dramatic reveals, that the audience later forgets about especially as he leaves caveats in his actions so they can be quietly walked back.

      I think the problem in the long-term is that this style of political theater, of dramatic announcements to cover for tepid actions (bait-and-switch) is not sustainable. Sooner or later the Establishment will find a way to move him on.

  2. Yes, Trump is a mystery. Does he know what the New World Order is and all that entails? Is he part of it or against it? Is he aware of the Dark Evil that lies behind it? Does he approve? Are his religious beliefs real? Does he serve God or himself? I can’t answer these questions, but I could if I could interview him.
    He is a true conundrum. If he is not for real, the NWO surely wins, as is suggested by Biblical Prophecy.

    • Daurade says:

      If I may quibble:

      The Owl is clearly a Bohemian Grove symbol, as well as, via Minerva, a symbol used by the Illuminati. But I wouldn’t call at a Masonic symbol. Has it been used in a Masonic context, somewhere over the years? I’d bet on it. It’s a symbol of wisdom, after all.

      But it’s still not a Masonic symbol per se. Just to confirm my statement I consulted my two-volume edition of Mackey’s Masonic Encyclopedia. There is an entry for “Eagle,” and for “Pelican,” but not for “Owl.”

      Masonry defines itself as a system of moral and spiritual advancement communicated via symbols, so it’s not surprising we see so many different symbols in Masonic contexts. But owls, surprisingly, not so much.

      More importantly, I must add that Icke’s association of the owl with the Canaanite Molech is entirely spurious and without any foundation, whatsoever. It should also be noted that historians do not even agree that child sacrifice took place at Carthage. The Romans claimed it was true, but this doesn’t prove anything. Rome and Carthage were mortal enemies, and they both knew how to use propaganda. Maybe the Carthaginians did sacrifice kids to Molech, it isn’t especially germane here, because Molech was never represented as an owl.

      So, the owl/Masonry connection is, as I said, a bit of a quibble. But the Molech/Owl connection is dead wrong. Alex Jones repeats it and it’s become something of a Bohemian Grove trope, but it originates with Icke, seemingly out of thin air.

      Interesting article you have written. I hate to focus one 2 relatively details. Full disclosure: I am a Freemason, and have been researching the Craft for years, so I do have some cred in the subject. If the Owl were a Masonic symbol, I’d have no reason to dispute it. As for the Molech thing, I have no dog in that hunt, obviously.

      BTW, Terry and I discussed this years ago, and unless he’s changed his mind, I think we agree on this. I don’t want to speak for him though. Terry, any thoughts?

      I submit all this respectfully. This is a fascinating piece and I read all the parts. Hope you don’t take it as splitting hairs to discredit the work, because what you have said about Trump I agree with 100%

      • Daurade says:

        “on 2 relatively small details” I mean.

      • Will.B says:

        By all means quibble! But the main aim of the discourse about Mercer’s owls was to point out the shallowness and double standards of many conspiracists. Irrespective of the accuracy or otherwise of such claims as to the occult/secret society significance that bird species, it was curious that the purveyors of such claims were curiously silent about the strigiforme obsession of one of Trump’s key backers. The reference to the Molech Clinton email was meant to emphasise how that single reference was seen as having immense significance by some conspiracists, but the Mercer’s owls were ignored, despite the lengthy history of conspiratorial speculation about Illuminati/Bohemian Grove/Masonic infatuation and use of such symbols. I have no interest in whether or not Mercer is a member of a Strigiforme Cult, but I do find it amusing to highlight the shoddiness of some this Dan Brownesque symbology theorizing.

  3. Daurade says:

    Hi Will. Thanks for the clarification. I obviously misunderstood the point of your reference to Icke’s Molech/Owl correlation. Thanks for taking my comment.

    Mercer’s obsession with owls is pretty curious. I think I’ve read something about it, but I’m not entirely sure. Terry did a great article about the owl as used by the Bohemian Grove and another organization called the Schlaraffia, which had a chapter in San Francisco 13 years before the Bohemian Club was founded, and which was dedicated to much the same purpose, with an owl, Uhu, as their principal symbol. (Oddly, the brand of glue stick I always use for my collages is called….Uhu! And like the Schlaraffia, it’s German. Spooky! hehe).

    Use of the owl by the Illuminati guarantees that any other group using it will become somehow suspect. With regards to the Bohemian Club, this suspicion is well-founded. I tend to think the Schlaraffia is pretty innocent, but it’s curious that their symbolism, purpose, and initial membership profile are very close to that of the Bohemians. As a group of artists and writers, it’s not entirely beyond the pale to believe its true purpose was to spread pro-German propaganda under the (dis)guise of clownish tomfoolery. In his article, Terry discusses newspaperman Gordon Bennett, whose obsession with owls rivals Mercer’s. As a newspaperman, he’d fit right in with the Bohos. Despite both men’s wealth and power, I haven’t found any indication either were members.

    Here’s a weird coincidence. Mercer was an early researcher into artificial intelligence and uses the owl as a personal totem. In the “Blade Runner” film, Eldon Tyrell, the director of the company which creates the replicants (AI), demonstrates the quality of his craft by showing Detective Deckerd an artificial owl. In “Blade Runner 2029,” a comic book, Tyrell buries an owl on his family property and wonders if he can “beat death.” In a Blade Runner video game, Tyrell creates a pathogen, deadly to replicants, code named ” Night Owl.” In the “Blade Runner 2019” comic, Tyrell has an owl he calls “Athena”.

    So, could later iterations of Tyrell be inspired by Bennett or Mercer, or is it simply a coincidence? As a symbol of wisdom, the owl is not exactly obscure. I cite all this because it is an interesting coincidence, but it’s exactly the kind of thing the “Dan Brownesque” symbologists will seize upon as “proof” of a conspiracy. I’m thinking here of the “synchromystics” and their concept of “twilight language.” Something I’ve dabbled in, somewhat satirically, but also just out of curiosity. Useful as a poetic exercise; not so much for historical value. Some of the synchromystics’ blindness to their cherry-picking and confirmation bias, “the red car phenomenon,” drives me to tears!

    Thanks again for your answer and sorry to focus on this little detail in such a well-written and documented article. Now that Trump has announced he’ll run in 2024, it’s become as important now as ever.

    • Here’s the two articles on the Grove:

      Owl of Wisdom: Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Schlaraffia, James Gordon Bennett Jr.

      Bohemian Grove: Molochs, Moles and Rituals

      In the last I managed to track down where the Owl/Moloch theory originated.

      I find it weird that Masonry doesn’t really use the owl and never has. A missed opportunity, esoterically-wise. I like the work you do at Laws of Silence on all these subjects. Surprisingly I have friendly relations with Masons, mostly because I don’t try and bullshit or fabricate.

      It’s also super interesting that Mercer is obsessed with owls and that conspiracists totally overlooked it. When Will told about Mercer and owls I immediately thought of this post I did many moons ago. There a cybernetic angle to it, which Mercer is all-too familiar with.

      A Strange Metallic Plaque with Cybernetic Occult Symbolism

      • Daurade says:

        That cybernetic plaque is something I’ve never seen before. Maybe it’s just a unique work of art? Very curious. It’s got an owl, even. And what appears to be an eye in a triangle, albeit inverted.

        When I wrote about the replicants, I hadn’t thought about the golem. Makes me think of Jack Parsons and his OTO “Babalon Rising” project. Wasn’t the goal there to create a homunculus? I also thought of Anton Lavey’s later obsession with androids. Do you know about his “Den of Iniquity” ? In his basement he created a life-sized scene using mannequins to represent human depravity He spoke of that as being the model, the real goal would be to have androids instead. Converting dead into living matter, like Frankenstein. Playing God .

        I’m off to read that 2nd link now!

        Other than the Golem legend, and Frankenstein, I don’t know much about the occult attempts to create life. Babalon Rising, I suppose. Lavey’s weird trip is related. That would make for an interesting topic. Talk about a Luciferian project, to rebel against and even circumvent God.

        Thanks for your feedback regarding LoS. I’ve been doing a lot less ambitious work there for a while now,. Not as much Masonry-related work. Not sure I have anything to add at the moment. There is actually a lot more high-quality work out there than there was even 10 years ago

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