President Trump & the Establishment (Part 1)

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  1. ConcernedCitizen says:

    Well written!

  2. karaool says:

    We may want to bear in mind that Trump’s greatest accomplishments so far are 1) government mandated health insurance (tax) is here to stay–Obamacare will not be repealed, it will simply be replaced by something more “affordable” and “better” (Trumpcare)–and 2) the LGBT movement and everything it stands for–remember what he said when he held up their “Gays for Trump!” banner at the convention?–is the new “normal”. Who’d a thought conservative America and its so-called “moral majority” would come so far in such a short time.
    What’s next? Far as I can tell, the West Bank becoming a legitimate part of Israel proper, along with Jerusalem being declared the new capitol, is almost a certainty by the end of a Trump administration. And a new kind of European/North American military alliance is also a distinct probability. A North American Union? Only if, for some reason, we have to invade Mexico.
    What will it mean? Trump’s reign will largely consist of damage control in the eyes of those who believe in him. He will simply be reacting to events that are “bigger than him”, and the NWO agenda will continue to advance on all fronts, and, ultimately, the country our founding fathers had envisioned and it principles will be continue to be compromised and superseded by those more amenable to “benevolent” manipulation and control.

  3. Gern says:

    So when can we expect part 2 please?

  4. Cristian says:

    I “love” how this article begins with that rhetorical question… Perhaps a better one would be “Is Will Banyan really an “outsider”?” :)) It seems to me like Soros is not happy anymore with the simply formulated anti Trump articles and he’s probably willing to pay more for an anti Trump article that makes use of more complex psychological backstage, which tends to be more credible even in the eyes of an educated mind, specially if tricks like focusing effect and the paradox of choice are used. “The Donald” you took so much of your time to write about is clearly an outsider or else the media, the puppet politicians, Hollywood and many other key people would not spend so much time and MONEY trying to convince people that he’s the worst of the worst . After all he did win the elections if I recall correctly. I could care less about the billion $ that Soros lost because of the result of the elections, but apparently he just can’t live with that fact. Good or bad, America has a new president and so far he’s hands are not covered with blood unlike some of the ones that criticize him. A little more love and a little less hate and we could be a great country. Love you all!

    • Will B says:

      Are you seriously suggesting George Soros paid me to write this? If so the answer is an unequivocal no. You would be better off engaging with the core argument than resorting to sly smears…

      Yes, Trump won the election, but the issue was how much change would he deliver? Well ten days we are seeing a lot, and the liberal cosmopolitan establishment is even more outraged than before, but I was never going for an either/or approach. The reality is more complex as I will explain further in the future parts.

  5. Susan L says:

    Your report does seem a bit biased. So you don’t like Trump. Personally , and patriotically , I’m pro Trump. He’s original , honest , self critical , brave , hopeful. He has stated clear and core American value beliefs . He is pro Constitution. He has one hell of a mess to deal with. Can you imagine being him? Everyone talking shit about you , printing the worst of the worst… and he just takes it. Doesn’t give up , not give in. People threatening your family , plotting to kill you and them. Propaganda that is now legal in this country. Yes, the U.S. govt. can covertly , purposefully socially engineer manufacture of consent and engage in perception management against the American people. False news. Fake news. And then stipulate a ‘ ministry of truth ‘ .? Censure the internet , and openly politicize institutions that aren’t supposed to be. Media. Corporate , global media. Their arrogance and objectives are obvious to the awakened individual. Trump is not perfect. But he is a hell of a lot better , more American and in touch with the people than any other politician out there. Fact check. He’s got them shaking in their boots having fits of hysteria and fugue , It’s nice to see a man do what he has stepped up to do. Btw , he knew he would win.,. we all did.

    • Ken Eichten says:

      When Mr Trump introduces legislation to abolish the “Federal Reserve”, demands an independent investigation of 911 and the repeal of the “Patriot Act”, I will believe he is anti-establishment.

      • Will B. says:

        Ken, I would be very surprised if Trump did any one of those things. I can half imagine him threatening doing the second one if his war against the Deep State gets out of hand, but he is often all talk followed by no action, or very poor execution where the aim is to produce some activity that justifies a triumphant tweet but achieves little else. And I don’t think it is a matter of Trump being truly anti-Establishment, but more of a spurned suitor who wants to show the object of his affection what they are missing out on. There are some things he has long believed that go against the globalist consensus, such as his position on US trade deals and NAFTA, and that other countries are exploiting the US through NATO etc. But much of it was for show, and some of the most incendiary rhetoric appears to have been written by Bannon who is the true believer, and he is the preferred tool of some other oligarchs, the Mercers. It’s a curious situation….

    • Will B. says:

      A bit biased? Perhaps. My aim is to get to try to understand what Trump means in terms of the Establishment and the future of globalism. Part 2, which will hopefully be finished shortly, will flesh this out some more.

      I can understand why he won the election, and I thought he would win as well. The anti-establishment sentiments were there and had been there for a long time. He just broke with the consensus of the establishment that these things should not spoken about, that the globalization project was not for further discussion or dissenting opinions. It was a bold play that paid big dividends, he won and Trump likes to win, but looking at the past month I wonder if he has bitten off far more than he could chew…

      But that doesn’t make him the right solution. I have grave doubts that he really understands the Constitution or intends to abide by it. He attacks the media for being biased against him and what he stood for, but he uses that a shield for his constant lying. I used to think a lot of the criticisms of his likely behaviour in office were overwrought, and some still are, but he is showing authoritarian tendencies in both his attitude towards the media, the courts and his take-no-prisoners approach to people in his administration who commit Thoughtcrimes, like expressing anti-Trump views. Trump is remarkably thin-skinned and is obsessed with surrounding himself with people who are 100% loyal to him.

      He is blowing up the system, but we aren’t seeing a controlled demolition here. Some parts are still standing and seem to be getting new floors, whilst other parts are exploding outwards, hitting lots of bystanders…

  6. Anto says:

    He’s clearly continuing the old politic, incoherent foreign policies, dealing arms with saudis…

    • Will B. says:

      Yes, in many senses he is, contrary to some of the messaging during the election. The problem is that attempts by the insiders in his administration to guide him in the desired direction is undone by his tendency to shoot from the hip often without regard to the long-term consequences. Part 4 soon!

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