Murdoch’s Illuminati: The “Expanded Canvas” of National Geographic Magazine

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Are you familiar with this article about the Rotschild Waterloo legend?

  2. Bob van Wyk says:

    Interesting, but all this is just the tip of the iceberg. We keep on looking at the symptoms and not the real cause of a conspiracy against humans. The Rothschild’s and company are only cat’s-paws

  3. fffd says:

    Murdoch und co. are just selling another installment of the “jewish conspiracy” meme. Pure nonsense.

  4. Phillip Collins says:

    Excellent article, Terry.

  5. Lars says:

    What about the Order of the Asiatic Brethren ? Aren’t they the “true” Illuminati. We know that there were some followers of Sabbataï Zevi in that lodge. And Gershom Scholem, German-born israeli scholar, wrote in his book about Jewish mysticism that the Sabbateans were “Illuminati”. And like Jacob Katz said, the aime of the Asiatic Brethren was to influence all freemasonry and give it a new spirituality. The Order of the Asiatic Brethren was then replaced by L’Aurore naissante, which was headed by Siegmund Geisenheimer, close collaborator of the Rothschild family. Some members of the Rothschild family were also members of L’Aurore naissante (see Jean-Philippe Schreiber, – Free University of Brussels (ULB) : “Juifs et franc-maçonnerie au XIXe siècle. Un état de la question”).

    • Asiatic Brethren were not associated with the Bavarian Illuminati. Asiatic Brethren were a Rosicrucian schismatic group seeking authentic kabbalah teachings. The Rosicrucians were the sworn enemies of the Bavarian Illuminati and vice versa.

      Scholem’s use of the word Illuminati was not related to Bavarian Illuminati; he used it in a mystical/literal sense. The translator may even have made an error. I would be very interested to know what the original Hebrew word was that Hillel Halkin translated as Illuminati.

      Asiatic Brethren/L’Aurore naissante was a unique phenomenon that occurred at the end of the century. Katz himself recorded only a handful of Jews joining masonry beforehand.

      • Lars says:

        Thank you for your reply ! I didn’t want to give the idea that the Asiatic Brethren were associated with the Bivariante Illuminati, or that Scholem used that word in relation with Weishaupt’s Illuminati ! Albert Pike also uses that term “Illuminati” in Morals & Dogma when he talks about Jakob Böhme, etc. Böhme was the author of L’Aurore naissante, hence the name of that lodge ! I thnk they use that term to talk about some sort of gnostics… (I also would be very intersted to know the original Hebrew word !)

        • Boehmian theosophists were called Illuminati in that era as well. There’s a specialist field of study within western esotericism proper called Illuminism. From around 1760 to about 1830 those who adhered to Illuminism were Boemist theosophists, Mesmerists, Martinists, Pietists and Swedenborgianists. During Weishaupt’s time he was criticized for having called his group Illuminati because it confused people who were used to it being used as a term to denote any or all of the above. This “Illuminist” tradition is distinct from Weishaupt’s group, and the former definitely outlived the latter. Asiatic Brethren are definitely in this tradition as are the Golden Dawn and the OTO; what Jonathan Sellers aptly dubbed the “authentic tradition.”

  6. Ole C G Olesen says:

    Juri Lina refers to POUGET de SAINT ANDRES ” Les auteurs caches de la revolution francaise” P 16 .. regarding the JEWISH Genealogy of Adam Weishaupt … I do Not have access to this book .. but Also the Name Weishaupt appears You say ….. in the Dictionary of German Jewish Names. In my opinion .. Terry Melanson is not very convincing in his argumentation and there are a huge number of speculative assertions in his article without attempt of documentation of what is stated … much in contradiction to the meticulous work by both Juri Lina and Nesta Webster… which brings me to my final point … The name MELANSON has a typical JEWISH sound to me …. Are You a JEW ?

  7. > huge number of speculative assertions in his
    > article without attempt of documentation

    Enunciate the speculation.

    Catholic Acadian.

    The problem with Lina and Webster is that they do not utilize authentic sources for their Illuminati exaggerations. The sources I utilize in this article are scholarly Illuminaten experts with irrefutable documentation; and the Original Writings, which I also cite, is THE primary source.

    Who the hell is “Pouget de Saint-André”? If you think he is an expert on the Illuminati, then you are sorely misinformed.

  8. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    There is subtle anti-Semitism all over the net nowadays,,,often by omission as well. For people like me who have had many blessed friendships with Jewish people in music and school, it’s heartbreaking to see this. I suppose the ‘usual suspects’ are behind it, but I hate to see youngsters parrot it.

  9. Shawn says:

    It’s a shame when a mainstream magazine of note gets facts wrong. In this era of “fake news” the most likely source the fact checking organizations are going to use will be sources like National Geographic and not a source named Conspiracy Archive even though your article is more factual. The erroneous facts then get folded even deeper into our collective minds and further away from the truth.

  10. David says:

    Hey, Collin brothers had mp3 interviews with Vyzogoth radio host. Where are the mp3s, please upload all the mp3s from that show. I remember Collins bro talked about predictive programming and much more.
    If you dont have them, then tell me where I can find them.

  11. Eric Lewis says:

    Great article, hands down and no doubt. But, it does leave me with some questions: I have only read about three or four of your articles, and you mention “antisemitism” in an almost genetically bad way. What does that mean to you? Does that mean if I see the hand of a few elite people, men who just happen to be Jews, as the base of an incoming “new world order”, does that make me anti-Semitic in your view?
    While I’m not discounting what you have said regarding Weishaupt’s family being Catholic, but how do you account for Jews themselves telling us it’s a Jewish name? While I didn’t give it much credence for a long time, and I think it still gets over played (intentionally?), but have you considered the “crypto-Jew” aspect of the Weishaupts? There was an article that I read, totally unaffiliated with anything “conspiratorial”, about a Hispanic early hip hop icon from my hometown, NYC, who happened to have discovered by chance (I forgot how) that he was actualy Jewish. He says he questioned his father, who told him of being (his words) crypto Jew whose whole family secretly converted to Catholicism in Spain to avoid persecution and prosecution. I don’t remember the person, but I’m sure it’s easy enough to find, and I remember the article being on a Jewish media website.

    • I’ve been reading and writing about conspiracies, and secret societies in particular, for a long time and have checked the sources cited by almost everyone who has written in this field. If I have called someone an antisemite, it’s because I’m intimately familiar with how they have attempted to deceive their readers. Bigots who write conspiracy books cite other bigots and think that that is enough. They get away with it because they serve up exactly what their readership is looking for – a readership who has blinders on and who are just as intellectually lazy as the authors they imbibe.

      I have no problem with calling out Zionism/Zionists/Jews and their very real influence upon the West, or the daily crimes of Israel against the Palestinians. Just come at me with facts not made up bullshit that I can debunk in two seconds.

      Being transparent is a good thing. I wrote about the book that has Weishaupt in the index of Jewish names because I encourage someone to go out and buy the damn thing so we can all take a gander at what it says. Weishaupt means “white head.” It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that over the years Jews and Catholics and Protestants could have taken this German name for themselves for obvious reasons.

  12. James says:

    Weishapt was a teacher of Roman Catholic canon law at ingolstadt Jesuit university. The encyclopedia judaica 1906 under “Rothschild” states that the rothschilds are “guardians of the papal treasure”. I believe this whole “illuminati” nonsense was concocted by the papacy to divert attention away from them and to place blame elsewhere. The “old world order” was ruled by the Catholic Church. Kings, queens, and heads of state bowed before the papacy. They grew wealthy through indulgences and the laity offering their family wealth for a ticket into heaven, or a shorter sentence in lesser hell they call purgatory. During the crusades a lot of the men that went to fight gave the deed to their property to their local bishop in case they didn’t return. It is said that at one time the RCC owned at least half of the land in Western Europe. No conspiracy theorist who blames the worlds problems on “Jews” can give a date to when the papacy relinquished this wealth and power, and the “Jews” took procession, nor can they tell us how this happened either. The RCC has blamed the Jews for everything for centuries, if not longer. Every time I read this “illuminati” buzzword, and the same unproven conspiracy theory I have to chuckle to myself. it should also be noted that every Roman Catholic on the internet trades in this nonsense.

    • > I believe this whole “illuminati” nonsense was concocted by the papacy

      “Believe” what you wish. It doesn’t change facts, though.

      Weishaupt taught canon law after the Jesuits were suppressed. He was the first layman to do so at the University, and the remaining ex-Jesuits on the faculty tried to make his life miserable and nearly succeeded in getting him fired. The Illuminati was created in part as a reaction against Jesuit intrigue. The Illuminati constantly fought against the Jesuits, instructed initiates to write and print conspiratorial pamphlets about them, and purchased their own printer and churned out reprints of anti-Jesuit classics. The Illuminati was at the forefront of a veritable industry of Jesuit conspiracy theorizing that became popular all throughout greater Germany in protestant and catholic Duchies. I’ve documented this history in my book Perfectibilists and in the following article: Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Sniffing out Jesuits

      You can disagree all you like, but please do so with evidence.

  13. James says:

    I’d also like to state that even if one has a Jewish name that doesn’t make them a Jew. If one converts to Catholicism that makes them a Catholic. Being a Jew is a religion, and not an ethnicity. There hasn’t been a way to prove ones genealogy since the temple and it’s genealogical records were destroyed in 70ad. Then you add in 2000 years of intermarriage. The fact is you or I could have more “Jewish” blood than the people who claim it today. Ask any “rabbi” and he will tell you this himself. He will also admit that being a Jew is a religion and not an ethnicity. Good blog by the way

  14. James says:

    Rupert Mirdoch was “knighted” with the title of knight of St Gregory by John Paul II. No wonder he prints papal propaganda

  15. Rudiger says:

    I see a lot anti-Catholic nonsense and bias in the comments here, but claiming Jews aren’t an ethnicity, when over 90% of them are Ashkenazi and Jews have no problem viewing themselves as an ethnic group, is absolutely astounding, James.

    • The content at those links is not scholarly in the least. It’s unsourced parroting of conspiracy theories about Rothschild and the Illuminati.

      The problem with the National Geographic article – and the point of my response – is that it gives credence to exactly this kind of material.

  16. The Wikipedia page for Meiners is uninterested in any of this Religious speculation and only in his role in the development of Polygenesis and Scientific Racism.

    Unless of course that’s a different Meiners who was also an Illuminati member?

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