Bilderberg 2016: Another Obama No-Show

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    There is no doubt in my mind this Orlando shooting was staged, now that I see how it’s all playing out.

    In this case though it’s not a standard Thesis-Antithesis, but rather more Demthesis (Democrat agenda) and Repubhesis (Republican agenda).

    Demthesis: Ban guns, or at least require background checks, and maybe throw Hate-Crime legislation in there.

    Repubthesis: Ban Muslims, be afraid of Muslims, spy on the Mosques, build a wall, turn away refugees, wage war in the middle east, increase military spending and the Patriot act.

    Synthesis: Ban people on the Terror Watch list from buying Guns.

    It didn’t take long at all for the Dems to make that their starting point. And now Trump is calling for it saying he’s gonna sit down with the NRA on it. And we got Fox News Pundits saying it’s “Common Sense”.

    Don’t forget thanks to the Patriot Act and everything passed after 9/11 how insanely easy it is to get put on the watch list. You don’t have to be a Muslim, plenty of White-Male-Christians have got there for being Anti-Authoritarian. But if you are a Muslim, got luck staying off it, I’ll bet you are on it and don’t even know it.

    Basically this “compromise” will effectively kill the Second Amendment, the Dems won’t need anything else they are calling for. And the Islamophobes won’t need anything else either once they’ve used this to disarm every Muslim.

    This was the real goal all along, don’t be fooled, we need to fight this tooth and nail. Remember the first Gun Law in this country was supported by the NRA and was a law banning the newly freed slaved from owning guns. So it’s not the first bigotry has factored into restricting gun rights.

  2. Will B says:

    It seems a bit off topic…

    But to offer my two cents on your speculation, all you claim in terms of this event being “staged” could be true,or it could be that the Orlando shooting was a discreet event planned only by the shooter, but one which both sides are rushing to make political capital from because of the scale of the killings, who was targeted and how it was done.

    It will take a few more events on this scale or greater before you get a real push for an Australian style ban on semi-automatic weapons.

  3. an argie says:

    It’s all about gun control in the U.S.
    In 1935 gun control was introduced in China. We all know what happened less than 15 years later.
    Millions of Christians were slaughtered and butchered, just like it happened in Bolsjevic Russia (Lenin, Stalin), Spanish civil War (1936-1939), Cambodia (Pol Pott) and Vietnam.

    Know the real history and understand what is going on in the world of today.

  4. Eric Lewis says:

    Hello again, great article. I like the fact that you have written very relevant information, without jumping off of the roof with the popular and normal “conspiracy theorist” speculative, sealed in concrete answers, but ave instead raised the questions. My 2 bits of speculation is that the then President Obama knew first hand the frivolity of attending or sending anyone from his administration. This is his silent protest, which should be speaking volumes to those becoming aware. My personal belief is he objects to what he would have no way of knowing before hand what the true political beast is about. Remember, he was basically a newbie to the Senate and politics. I believe the Whitehouse “intruder” that actually somehow made it into the Whitehouse (I think the same side of his then residence), in spite of Secret Service, was a warning to him. There was a clear absence of His wife and family from so many of his travels after that time. There were also other violations of Whitehouse security during that time.
    The noticeable lack of any critique of present Trump fiascos.
    I remember Obama saying, amidst the conspiratorial and “prophetic” he was seeking a third term( yea, what happened to those so called “prophets” who all parroted and regurgitated this?)that Michelle would kill him him this were possible and he were to attempt such.
    Let’s see Trump if attends. Lol. Yea, right. “If”? The question is how many people will he insist that the Bildeberg group invite (because he’s crashing anyway)from his posse.

    • Will B. says:

      Well, this year’s meeting is in Chantilly Virginia. I very much doubt Trump himself will attend, notwithstanding his belief that he could kill someone without losing his base, going to Bilderberg might be a bridge too far. But it will be interesting to see if any of his officials turn up there. As it is, two of Trump’s Cabinet members are Bilderberg alumni: Secretary of Energy Rick Perry attended the 2007 Bilderberg meeting, and his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis participated (and probable presented) at the 2015 meeting.

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