Alpine Follies – Bilderberg 2015 (Part 3)

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  1. Another outstanding piece, unbelievable amount of sourcing. Id agree 100% with your apparent positions that the so called “investigative journalists” are unfortunately not doing any real investigating or journalism. That has always been one of my problems with Jones, is his continual assurances of a soon to come world government, but with very little sources to actually substantiate his claims.

    With that being said, I do think however that Drudge Report, Infowars, Reddit, Sites like this one, and my own (Globalist Report) do an incredible service by at least alerting people to the questions that are out there. Furthermore, I happen to agree with Paul , the Infowars reporter, on the Bilderberg push to eliminate cash, and its probable discussions to damage Russia economically. Sources of course would be much , much better.

    The simple fact is, that their are discussions happening at Bilderberg that are being kept secret for a reason. No one dispatches an army of security for a golf tournament. No one refuses to hold press conferences when you have an event that is comparable to the super bowl in terms of political events. And finally, no way in hell does the NY times or WSJ or whatever simply ignore this conference without instruction or influence to ignore it. Yes yes, as you pointed out they did not totally ignore the story, but in comparison to say the Bruce Jenner story, that received 10,000 front page articles and headlines, this conference is completely buried. Anyone not already in the know, likely remained ignorant to the conference or even what the Bilderberg Group is. A couple of front page headlines from the NY TIMES would cause a media explosion to the likes we could never imagine. And as you and I both know, this is the best front page story a real reporter could ever ask for.

    Conspiracy or not, that’s one thing we can all argue. Coordination we cannot, as there is just no way the media ignores this event on its own accord. A mention, well that’s nice, but a mention is just enough to say you covered it, and not near enough to have any lasting effect at all.

    • Will Banyan says:

      Sure, the alternative media is succeeding to some degree in raising awareness of Bilderberg’s existence and I would not dispute that mainstream media coverage has historically been meagre at best. But it is my view this seeming “success” of the alternative media is undermined by:

      (1) the fact they have become as much a focus of the story as the Bilderberg Group, indeed in many instances the buffoonery of Alex Jones or the odd theories of other more obscure Bilderberg watchers has become the center of the story, rather than those meeting in secret down the road;

      (2) not only have the alternative/independent media become the focus of the mainstream reporting, but because they are widely considered to be kooks and/or conspiracy theorists, their interest in Bilderberg has become an excuse for mainstream journalists not to treat the issue as being serious enough to delve any further; and

      (3) as we can agree, the alternative media have really failed in the past few years to make some inroads into Bilderberg in terms of investigative journalism.

      I am not necessarily against what they do. But political activism and investigative journalism are two different things, I see a lot of the former, but not much of the latter. We need more journalism if we are to get a better glimpse at what might at stake.

      My issue with the cashless society claims was that it was not reflected either in the list of key topics or in the participant selection for last year’s meeting. That doesn’t mean a cashless society is not the cards; on the contrary, I think this has been in train for a lot longer than people realize or care to remember. My point is that there was no compelling evidence it was a scheduled topic for discussion at the 2015 Bilderberg meeting.

      • I disagree with you on just this point –

        “their interest in Bilderberg has become an excuse for mainstream journalists not to treat the issue as being serious enough to delve any further; ”

        The investigative journalism is certainly lacking, but its hard to understand why the media would largely ignore an event just because there’s “kooks” out there. There are kooks everywhere, attending all kinds of events. If that is the standard at which they use to report, or not report, than they are no better than the typical Alex Jones crowd.

        And I only happen to agree on the cashless society because of the plethora of restrictions that have begun to be implemented regarding cash. The evidence is all around us, it is already happening. Now were hearing negative interest rates as a possibility? Could create hyper – inflation and even bank runs. As weird as it sounds, that little paper currency that they print is actually the last control really left in existence. Once that’s gone, the central banks can quite literally do whatever they want.


        • Will Banyan says:

          The presence of the “kooks” is, as I said, an excuse, it is not the entire or real reason for the lack of attention by the mainstream media. Some journalists tasked to write about Bilderberg will be guided by their prejudices against such people and their preconceived notions about Bilderberg to focus on the former and ignore the latter.

          At a editorial level I suspect, much as you do, there is a conscious decision not to investigate Bilderberg. There are all sorts of reasons for that, but the main ones are that at the owner/senior editor level they are complicit in Bilderberg so they are determined to keep in its good graces because it is a gathering of very powerful and influential people.

          Although removing cash is painted primarily in terms of security and convenience, it is, as many critics recognize, a means for deepening state control over the economy by weeding out economic transactions they would rather not encourage, whether it be obviously illegal activity (such as narcotics, smuggling etc) or to ensure not transaction goes untaxed.

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