Alpine Follies – Bilderberg 2015 (Part 2)

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  1. Wes Hopkins says:

    That’s one hell of an article man. Alot of great details in there. The fact that Peter Thiel has relations to Bilderberg is confusing. As a strong supporter of Ron Paul, you would think he would be on the wrong side of the fight here. As far as ISIS goes and the Migrant Crisis, in many ways this looks like an engineered crisis. The elites have long wanted to flood the more elite nations with third party cockroaches, so I don’t feel that these events are a mistake. Just think about it, where are the weapons coming from that are funneled through to ISIS? Where is the money coming from? Who is funding the operations? Surely the Bilderbergers know the answers to these questions. Whether or not BilderBerg is connected to a unified international push to overthrow Assad and destroy ISIS, frankly I don’t see the angle. Russia is now involved, China is involved, You have multiple parties and multiple psuedo-governments in Syria. It’s a mess. Fine go ahead take them out, I don’t know what they have to gain other than I suppose fattening the pockets of the Military-Industrial complex.

    • Will Banyan says:

      Thanks. It took a lot of work to pull it together, but I would not say it was complete. As for the ISIS angle, it can be seen mystifying, unless you take into account the incessant hectoring that the Europeans and the US have received from various factions to become more deeply militarily involved in Syria, and for the US to stay firm in Iraq. In the US these are the usual suspects, the neo-conservatives who attempt to portray it as a moral issue, of opposing rabid Islamists, but it also feeds into their bigger agenda of regime change across the region. The problem is that Obama has been reluctant to commit fully to removing Assad. He has made various noises that it would be good, but he had backtracked from previous commitments and has been reluctant to commit troops or “boots on the ground.” Other supporters of increased involvement, those in the Kissinger mould, look to the bigger strategic picture and see a loss of US credibility and of US control of the Middle East if the just let Syria go. Fighting ISIS is a potential pretext for increasing US military involvement in Syria, and ultimately a pretext for gaining a substantial foothold, ostensibly for fighting ISIS, than could in time achieve the desired goal of removing the Baathists from Syria. Sometimes the goals are pecuninary, i.e. fattening the military industrial complex, but other times they are abstract strategic goals that just deliver piece of mind to the architects, but death and destruction to those at the receiving end…

  2. Wes Hopkins says: – 24 hour stories on the most critical stories facing the Globe

  3. Terje M says:

    Last year I had some fun with looking at twitter accounts of possible mystery attendees of this meeting, to see if they had blank days.

    This is admittedly a slender clue, but I noticed that one of the twitter accounts of Mikhail Khodorkovsky was silent for 3 days the weekend Bilderberg was on. (I’m sorry, but I can’t find it again).
    He used twitter almost every day of the first months of 2015. Unfortunately he also had other empty spaces of several days in a row, so it is not very conclusive. I tried to look for more on this, but I came up with nothing. He was not spotted at the airport, but he lives in Switzerland and likes to take trains when he travels.

    He was not on the official list of people attending, but given the tensions with Russia he would be a natural guest. I believe not all the people attending are on this list?

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