Alpine Follies – Bilderberg 2015 (Part 1)

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5 Responses

  1. brad says:

    I wonder what a Bilderburger taste like ? I bet it’s free range with no GMAO’s or gluten in the buns. I guess I could order the power elite combo thru the drive thru.

  2. Will B says:

    And you think your car would be let through that drive thru?

  3. brad says:

    No, Will. I don’t. I just wonder if they eat the same impure food as we do ? I know it’s a no brainer but I’m curious anyway. The food, the big pharma and the cosmetics they produce, how much of it do they consume ?
    Well I wonder if I went thru the drive thru in Rolls Royce and queried them about Grey Poupon if I could get a Bilderburger combo ?

  4. Will B says:

    It is an excellent question, actually, do they consume what they produce, or are they smart enough not to sully their bodies with what has made them rich?

  5. Will Banyan says:

    I should take this opportunity to note that Mustafa Koc, mentioned above as a frequent Bilderberg participant and an individual of some standing, died on 21 Jan 2016 of a heart attack during his morning exercises. The 26th richest person in Turkey, a major defence contractor and a sometimes antagonist of Turkish President Erdogan, Koc’s passing has been noted not only in the Turkish press, but also in Europe and the US.

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