Silencing the Saber-Rattling: How the American Empire Threatens the Potential Iranian Counter-Revolution

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. kaveh says:

    I am amazed reading through this text, on how the author, even when trying to show empathy to the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy, (I hope this is the case), he is repeating the same allegations and lies about the main democratic opposition movement to the dictatorship in Iran and wittingly or unwittingly participates in demonizing the MEK.
    MEK has lost at least 120000 of its supporters to the cause of democracy and freedom only for standing up to the religious dictatorship in Iran and for political purposes. The list includes young children, pregnant women and even elderlies over the age of 70, sometimes an entire family.
    One of the justifications that the Iranian mullahs have used for their suppression and execution were, that they are spies or agents of CIA, and some times at the same time agents of KGB and Mossad!! (an example is Saeed Saadati a political prisoner at the time of the Shah who was released after the 1979 revolution, but arrested again shortly after on bogus charges of espionage for Russia and CIA and later executed by the mullahs) .
    Bashar Al Assad also called millions of Syrians who stood up to his dictatorship as influenced by foreign agents and terrorists, etc. and in this way still justifies the use of tons of bombs that are killing innocent children and civilians on daily basis.
    The popular uprising in Iran in 2009 was fully supported by MEK as the main democratic opposition to the mullahs. Their supporters were the ones that paid the heavier price and were arrested by thousands. Is it out of ignorance that the author has repeated the same lies here or is it that he hasn’t done his homework properly. I seriously doubt it would be the second one. Since all sources used in this article are one way or another in tie with the mullahs in Iran.
    Azadeh Moaveni used to be a representative of NIAC in California, a very well known lobby to the Iranian government. Seymour Hersh is known among Iranian communities for repeating lies about the Iranian resistance, the same lies of the Iranian mullahs to justify the outrageous suppression of the MEK members in Camp Ashraf. How could anyone with right mind accept that the MEK members were funded and sponsored by CIA at the same time when they were carrying a decade long legal battle against the U.S. administration to clear their name from the FTO listing, that was once done to appease the mullahs in Iran, exactly in the same line, that Mosaddegh was toppled.

    The MEK supporters are indeed the true followers of Dr. Mosaddegh. They are the heroes and heroins of the Iranian people, who are making the biggest sacrifices on the path of democracy in Iran and its just very unfair to participate in the campaign to demonize them. Specially when the price for the Iranian people is delay in their success and for the PMOI/MEK is their lives.

    I on behalf of dozens of Iranian-American communities, urge you to correct your piece and do not repeat this. This is truly complicity in the massacres done to kill the members of the Iranian resistance and fully used to justify that. If you do not, I will take the liberty to use our resources to expose your site and the author the way it deserves to.

    You can educate yourself by referring to the sites below to know about
    and also to know about the like of Hersh (your well known journalist!), the site

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