The Savile Affair: Did David Icke Really Blow the Whistle on Jimmy Savile?

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  1. It remains to be seen of course if Savile really was a paedophile, considering the claims – nebulous and fantastic – made about him in equal measure.

    • Will Banyan says:

      Indeed, Mr Baron, that argument can be made, though it is a risky one in an atmosphere of shock and distrust and in the midst of a moral panic that has yet to run its course. Though the plethora of reports from various UK Government agencies suggest a very strong case that even the most “ordinary” of allegations against Savile are credible and horrible enough. A posthumous trial, however, would serve no practical purpose other than to the give the public some Government-approved “Months of Hate”.

      I note, though, reading Icke’s “Perception Deception” that the Oracle of the Isle of Wight is less interested in Savile’s allleged sexual assaults on underaged girls than proving that Savile was procurer of children for various elite personages. As always, for Mr Icke, only the biggest fish will do…

  2. Gus says:

    Who gives a damn who exposes these satanic criminals first…. the protected scum who prey on our young children…. the BBC knew long time about this scumbag but in their perversion protected him.
    The Police also knew and responded from higher pressures that seem to lead to the pretend royals and that needs some real time whistle blowers.
    Instead of bagging Icke why don’t you put your ass on the line and expose some of these satanic criminals?…. there are heaps out there…… Gus

    • Will Banyan says:

      Perhaps you don’t give a damn but others might when Icke crows about having “exposed” Savile “for years”, as a sign of his credibility on this issue but cannot prove that he ever did. It’s up to Icke to really prove his claims, otherwise his accusations against others, and his obsession with proving that was a wide-ranging satanic paedophile conspiracy, look suspect, if not completely unreliable. Why would Icke accuse Ted Heath of child sexual abuse and murder, but not touch Savile? Something is amiss; it is hard not come to conclusion that Icke is more interested in selling books with sensational claims than risking his neck in the courts or going to the authorities. But I would suggest that if Icke did know about Savile for as long as he claims, his public silence makes him complicit in the cover-up of Savile’s alleged crimes, so any “bagging” of Icke is justified. Will

  3. Michael Sean says:

    The whole David Icke thing really baffles me full stop. One minute he’s anchoring the snooker for the BBC, the next he is telling Wogan that he is the son of God. I’m not sure if he’s a snake oil con man, a bizarre psyop, the unfortunate victim of a breakdown, or something weirder. He’s also watched way too much Bill Hicks.

    • Teejay says:

      He’s aware that if he makes correct claims 100% of the time that the vast majority of the public will eventually realise he is likely not batshit crazy and all eyes will be on him, thus rendering him a nice little target for the CIA’s heart attack gun.

  4. Daryl says:

    When the Saville scandal broke I remember thinking David Icke had said things about him being a peodophile and necrophiliac. I’m not sure where, I would say one of his books or perhaps at one of his talks I attended? I’ve been to several. Anyway it’s really petty of you to go to such a long winded, spiteful attempt to malign David Icke. Got an agenda at all?

    • I’d say his ‘agenda’ is to not let someone get away with BS. No one likes a liar, and no one likes to be hoodwinked. Will has looked through all his books, to no avail; and if Icke had said such a thing at one of his talks then Icke would have been shouting THAT from the rooftops. And if he did know, he didn’t say – and for good reason: he would have been sued into oblivion.

      If conspiracy theorists would check things for accuracy once in a while, then an article like this would not be necessary. There’s standards that everyone should follow. No one gets a free pass.

    • Will B says:

      Malign? Spare me your pity and admiration for David Icke!

      He claimed to be ahead of the curve on a major scandal, not by months, but by more than a decade. He has failed to produce any evidence to support his claims. Nor can I find any in his books or elsewhere. Even more incredibly he worked for the BBC for over a decade yet claims to have heard nothing about Savile during that time. No part of Icke’s story adds up – that’s the problem.

      There’s no spite in my analysis, just exasperation that people don’t subject some of Icke’s utterances to the same level of skepticism they would rightly direct at official pronouncements. Especially in this case where he seems to have avoided being asked pointed questions about what he really knew about Savile while at the BBC.

  5. when i came out of the army in the early 60s i did a bit of bouncing and door work for mecca ballrooms
    where jimmy saville worked and often acted as driver minder for him. mecca told me to watch him with the young boys, at that time he was not into girls, and several times i had to gently push him away
    from starry eyed teenage boys. i later heard from one of the other security men we knew that saville was having weekends at a large 4 storey georgian house in long sutton lincs, where homosexuals would dress as women for the weekend and come with their boyfreinds.
    saville went througha whole range of sexual experimentation but the BBC wanted to keep quiet about his homosexual side, not sure why

  6. Will Banyan says:

    Can I just note for the record that this article has been ripped off without attribution at this website:

    • While the webpage is loading it shows that there are 31 comments for the article. By the time it finishes, however,the number switches abruptly to 25. Is this because they censored some and the newly calculated number only shows when the page is fully loaded?

      At any rate, I left a comment a few days ago. It’s still there but no reply.

  7. John dylanger says:

    OK so he’s a windbag. He also exposed elite pedophile rings pretty much before everybody else so why waste this much space trashing him

  8. Steven says:

    David Icke is a filthy vile man and parents should be every bit as concerned about allowing themselves to get brainwashed by his crowd over at as they should about them speaking to the stranger in the street. At least with the stranger in the street he is probably not going to try convince you to convince others to give up their meds if they have HIV. He is not going to try convince you to give up your Chemo and try sell you Gerson, if you have cancer. Infact, David Icke and his Cult followers are dangerous madmen, and if you truelly hate children being abused, then stay well away from that lot. One of their “messiahs” is practically a self confessed Paedo and sicko. Credo Mutwa, a man David Icke hails as a “great man” is interviewed by David Icke, and during the interview Credo admits to (a) Having committed Beastiality, Zoophilia, Necrophilia, Homosexuality and an act so sordid it can never be repeated..Now considering Credo made those claims by claiming this is what elders of a Satanic secret society made him do before becoming initiated as a Sanusi/Zulu Shaman (a title he still claims to hold, may i add, and a title David Icke awards him with like it is something to be proud of) and considering what David Icke teaches about Satanic initiations and what goes on, what then could an act so sordid it can never be repeated be, when he claims to have had sex with dead bodies, animals, people his own sex, and an old fat lady with no teeth? can only be paedophilia..Yet, is David Icke bothered about this? NO, right after this he makes a video doing an appeal for donations from his followers to help Credo Mutwa, HIV denialist build a clinic to look after HIV infected children and this clinic will be about healing them using ancient african traditional remedies, such as olive oil.. This is frankly disgusting, over 300,000 Africans went on to die of Aids before Africa finally called for an end to the ban on HIV treatments..David Icke and his paedo chum Credo Mutwa were just another pair of scum making a fast buck out of the HIV denialist theory.
    Now neither David Icke, nor his followers have any isssues with weirdo and dirty paedo Credo Mutwa, and both source him as a reliable source and hail him highly as a Zulu Shaman, therefor, if you are against Paedos, have nothing to do with David Icke or his Cult brainwashed followers.
    Here are links to my claims – Do you think a man that admits to having committed an act of necrophilia, zoophilia, beastiality and an act so sordid can never be repeated, in order to become initiated as a Zulu Shaman, is the right man to be in charge of a hospital looking after sick children? (The video where Credo admits to having committed sick acts and an act so sordid can never be repeated) (David Icke begging donations to help this paedophile build a hospital for children)

  9. Steven says:

    Just like to add a few things about my above post. The impression i get about David Icke from this video, is that while he has a certain amount of wit about him, just enough to forge a living as a celebrity conspiracy theorist, this man is not really very bright, and has a few things missing. He is definitely a burger short of a big mac.. I think during this interview, with Credo Mutwa making the sick revelations that he did, a man that is truelly against child abuse would probably be a little shocked and would at least treat this person with a degree of caution. But he doesn’t, he does not seem concerned in the least. Not bothered one iota. He is merely excited that he has a man willing to confess on camera to all the things David Icke says goes on during Satanic inituiations. David Icke is just glad to have someone give validation to his claims..I genuinely believe it has not occured to David Icke that he is really showing himself up here and showing the true nature of his motives. He does not care about abused children at-all, he merely cares about being proven right. He has not thought it through so much as to realise, that while during his appeal video for money, he uses Credo’s standing as a “great Sanusi and LAST zulu shaman” as advertising for his appeal. He has forgot, or not realised the evil implications of this title, given that he got this title through committing acts of Necrophilia, Zoophilia, Homosexuality and undoubted Child abuse and Paedophilia..This means if they were decent people, being a ZULU SHAMAN, would not be something to brag about. However, Icke does not seem to think this deeply and just dives head first off the cliff and takes his brainwashed Cult followers with him.

  10. Bob says:

    You’re right.
    Either Icke didn’t know, or he did know, but didn’t say anything.
    I had a girlfriend in the 1980s who worked for the BBC – she told me at the time there were very unpleasant stories about what Savile was guilty of (but as a junior could do nothing about..)
    There are various hints that other media-connected people did too -eg that interview with John Lydon, a Baddiel and Skinner show, Not The Nine O’Clock News, Iain Sinclair and Bill Drummond in ‘London Orbital’.
    But not Icke, who was at the thick of it back then.

  11. susan says:

    What a lot of uninformed, on the bandwagon, sheep you lot are! David Icke has exposed these paedophiles, rapists and reptilians for years. He has told “anyone who would listen”. Obviously, you choose to go the way of vaccines and chemo, adore the royals and politicians, ignore the fact that you are slaves of a system that is finally now being exposed. David Icke has dedicated his life to the truth.

    • Will.B says:

      There’s a lot going on in your comments, but you evade the simple fact that Icke implied that he been aware of the allegations against Savile and perhaps had even publicised them, but in truth he uttered nary a discouraging word about Saville in any of his speeches or books until well after his death and reported nothing to the authorities. I suggest Icke probably did know about some of the allegations about Savile, that he most likely heard rumours whilst working at the BBC, and aware of the litigation risk (i.e. in this case, unlike with some others he did name in his books, the claims were true), kept his mouth shut. The problem is that Icke was suggesting he was ahead of the curve, and even managed to convince a few journalists that he was. But there is no evidence to support his claims.

      • tony says:

        pretty sure there was no evidence that he knew what was going off either, just assumptions that he must of known ,as he worked there for 8 years ? maybe he heard rumors but nothing concrete ,and spoke out when he could substantiate the rumors? isn’t it enough that MSM try to silence and discredit icke ? now the people have to trash him as well without evidence? He just trying to inform folk of what’s happening ,he tells you to do your own research ,you don’t have to listen to him ,everyone’s got a choice ffs

        • Will.B says:

          Well for some reason David Icke, who has supposedly dedicated his life to telling the truth about such things, who made a series of serious allegations along similar lines against numerous public personages in a number of his books, was too scared to call out Jimmy Saville while he was still alive.

          Funny that…

  12. Sam says:

    I keep outer savile on his website blog. This was lost when the site was upgraded. I’m sure he could prove it with server records

    • Will.B says:

      Sorry, are you trying to say that you’re sure Icke had outed Savile on his website before Savile’s death? If so, there’s no evidence of it. He even makes excuses for it.

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