Their Kingdom Come: Dominionism’s Quest for Political Capital in the Emergent World Order

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  1. You might find this post of mine useful

    But I want to say, my personal study of the Ancient Gnositics tells me they were more like the Abdicationists then the Dominionists.

  2. William King says:

    Dominionism is a clear and present danger that needs a more proper response: Confrontation. What is needed to confront Dominionism head on and defeat it is a body, an organization of like-minded people who understand this danger and is willing to come together to stop it. It needs to be a movement against Dominionism, with teeth, willing to scrap with Dominionists head on, eye-ball to eye-ball and feet to feet, uncompromising, unmerciful, and with the gumption and will to do what is necessary to stop them. The Dominionists are at war with Secular America. It is time that people clearly understand that and act accordingly.

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