Human Compromise

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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4 Responses

  1. Charles Frith says:

    Happy to discredit this article if the authors wish to contact me. Bob Lazar is a victim of reputation smear not a proponent of it. The authors don’t have enough experience to connect the dots in this instance.

    • No mention of Bob Lazar anywhere on this site, let alone this article.

      • Paul Collins says:

        I think this guy is referencing an interview I did with Tim Kelly, Terry. I expand on the sexual entrapment theme by looking at Bob Lazar.

    • Paul Collins says:

      And you know my experience how? Furthermore, I acknowledge in our latest manuscript that disinformation agents (and that is what Lazar is) can be witting, unwitting, or, given the compartmentalized nature of an operation, a mixture of both. You are just another jackass who has never done research in your life and likes to critique those who do. Tired of dealing with your lot. It is exhausting. Take a hike.

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