Scientology Fronts: Delphian Schools,, et al

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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6 Responses

  1. justin castillo says:

    ex-student with a few memories and stories

  2. Eric Lewis says:

    Great Info. While Iserbyte did give my wife and me eye opening insights that were factual, there was just something that still didn’t sit all the way with me. I just summed it up to “Eat the meat and spit out the bones” philosophy I have. But your information answers some of those nagging feelings I felt.

  3. John Lindman says:

    Have you ever read any of Hubbard’s books? Other than what splashes around on the internet and gets regurgitated by one person after the next in the melee of controversy what do you really know about Scientology? A real researcher is dispassionate and looking for the truth. This article is not that but a twisted editorial in the dog pile of controversy. I am disappointed.

    • ZERO says:

      Why do psychiatrists give a person a diagnosis of a “mental illness” without submitting any evidence, proof, or by running any lab tests that illustrate what they are saying is true like any person would get if you were to see a regular physician. I only know by my own personal experiences & not by what I read on the internet.

  4. ZERO says:

    As a victim, I can honestly say that psychiatrists do in fact give you a false diagnosis with no lab tests to prove what they say is really true. They prescribe harmful & deadly pharmaceutical drugs & it is always a selection of pills of their choice. They never consider my recommendations for different medication for me to try, I’m & out in 15 minutes or less. They don’t care to know or identify the underlying issue(s) of their patients/ customers nor do they advise or suggest other alternatives to helping someone with their current situation.
    I have been going to my psychiatrist for over four years trying different drugs & with no positive results no, in fact I have gotten worse. But it makes perfect sense, how can a psychiatrist make money if they cure their patients? They don’t because there is more profit in keeping a sick person sick making sure their patients return which is why I have to make an appointment every month for a refill as opposed to giving me extra refills & not having to ask my boss to change my work shift just to go see this so-called doctor.
    None of them can prove like a regular physician would do, by running lab tests that will show abnormalities in the brain or in the body. No instead they feel we should just trust them?

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