Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars?

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Peter says:

    “Truth is truth and historical truth goes by evidence it doesn’t go by emotion”

    No one, I mean no one can deny the facts and effects of the world wars we have experienced and still witnessing right to the doorstep.

    For instance, look at the post-9/11 world scenarios, these can never be a coincidence. I think if someone like William Guy Carr provided a clear explanation as to why these events affecting our lives are sharping up to this point, it is not something to just wave aside and render it as though it’s nothing or false.

    Do you think whoever or proponents behind the way our world have been carefully moulded into are following no scripts, or would readily made available these scripts for public consumption? Not when they have hijack and contol the mainstream media, rewriting history and covering their own tracks through their controlled publishing house.

    Let us face reality and facts we are in and stop trying to disprove someone’s hard work. No one can deny our world is not shaped in the direction as described in William’s “pawns in the game”.

    Your criticism is not constructive nor instructive, however, it is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Who is it exactly are you quoting? The sentence you have in quotes cannot be found either in the comments to this article nor on the entire internet.

    • Byron Richardson says:

      Research and familiarize yourself with United Nations Agenda 21. is an interesting web site, created by someone who purportedly works for some institution under the guidance of the United Nations. The documentation there is thorough and accurate. Use it to locate other material and dig deeper. UN Agenda 21 is the well-documented plan for the future of the planet. It is not hidden or secret, though the financing behind it often is secretive and hidden. Most people around us are already 100% onboard with the plans of UN Agenda 21, since it couches itself within the environmental movement, which it co-opted. Try convincing anyone these days that “sustainability” is a bad idea, for example. Nearly every city hall in the US has already approved a local sustainable development plan that can be audited by the United Nations. In addition, I am also seeing local radio stations espousing Agenda 21 sustainability, local sustainable farming associations, and local currencies popping up all over, which are all rooted in UN Agenda plans. Communitarianism is already here. Now we just need a financial event to push things over the edge, so that crypto currencies become the new form of accepted currency, a matriarchal social system is in place, and bartering is the new norm. When you read and understand UN Agenda 21, especially the financial components, you can predict the future with a high degree of accuracy.

  2. Yvan says:

    There’s truth in your text, but not only.

    Putting it mildly, you are hardly amicable toward the Catholics, Mr Melanson, as far as I can see.

    You say :
    « A search through the entire book, utilizing relevant word combinations, turns up nothing either. Instead, what it truly represents is the scurrilous fantasies, and militant anti-Catholicism of its author: the impostor Leo Taxil aka Dr. Bataille, who profited handsomely while having a million laughs at the expense of both Christians and Masons; who confessed that his entire corpus of anti-Masonic works – spanning twelve years and representing thousands of pages (including the translated excerpt above) – were a complete and utter fraud; a colossal yetridiculously farcical hoax..»

    Where did you see that the “free-thinker”, i.e. anti-Catholic Jogand-Pagès aka « Léo Taxil » or « Dr Bataille » (the French word meaning Battle), ever had a million of laughs at the expense of « BOTH » Catholics and F∴M∴ ? The only target of his hoax were the Catholics. Are you such an ignorant about French history, or am I ? Please, look at Wikipedia’s article about Jogand-Pagès the liar ( and if I commit mistake explain it to me. In my country, France, more than one century later the so-called “Léo Taxil” is still the argument used to discredit anyone being, either a little or a lot, critic towards F∴M∴, never the opposite, and it’s yet his use in your article.

    After having been sentenced for his hatefull anti-Catholic writings, the “free-thinker” Jogand-Pagès spent twelve years in lying to the expense (even in the full meaning of this word) of the Catholics by telling them stories about the Devil, a creature in which Catholics still believed in the XⅨth century. They believed, what made them ridiculous for Jogand-Pagès.

    • Yvan says:

      I commit a mistake: the F∴M∴ or former F∴M∴ “Léo Taxil” had been judged, but not sentenced for his hatefull anti-Catholic writings (« En 1879, il passe devant la cour d’assises de la Seine pour avoir écrit À bas la calotte, qui lui vaut d’être poursuivi pour avoir insulté une religion reconnue par l’État et outragé la morale publique, mais il est acquitté. »

      • Don’t know what you’re on about. Leo Taxil was both anti-catholic and anti-mason – the latter because he was snubbed by the craft. Wikipedia is hardly an exhaustive source.

        • Yvan says:

          In WHAT was he anti-mason ? He had been a F∴M∴, for sure, and allegedly was outed of F∴M∴, and whole his adult life was a struggle against Catholicism.

          You made an enemy both of F∴M∴ and of Catholicism a man who was an enemy of Catholicism only.

          You make, out of his hoax to make believers ridiculous (Catholic believers only, of course), an anti-F∴M∴, but it was used TWELVE years against F∴M∴, and from more than a whole century against any critc toward F∴M∴

      • Byron Richardson says:

        Given that the Black Venetian Nobility who financed Illuminism because it aligns with their political and social goals earned the word “black” in their title due to their sordid and manipulative ways of guiding society, it would be worthwhile to investigate the propaganda/disinformation these families were financing at the time of Taxil. He may have been on their payroll. These families make societal plans 150 years or more in advance so it would make sense that they might finance Taxil for the purpose of confusing the heck out of anyone researching the plans of the Venetian central banking families today. The most effective form of propaganda mixes lies with truth. This method is being used everywhere today.

  3. Yvan says:

    By chosing a scholar, you can chose your truth. You don’t chose, not even one name, but you already know the conclusion : how great to be an omniscient !

    Perhaps you don’t know that, in History, authority is neither more an argument than in Mathematics. If you believe, for good or bad raisons, that Jogand-Pagès’ anti-Catholic hoax had been nocive to F∴M∴, wht don’t you just give the raisons of what you believe ?

    These twelve years had made F∴M∴ disgusting for twelve years to anyone believing the Devil could appear to write with his tail on the back of a woman : none became anti-F∴M∴ because of “Léo Taxil” ‘s lyings.

    These twelve years had made, for more than one century, ridiculous anyone being critic toward F∴M∴: Jogand-Pagès is the one shield against any critic toward F∴M∴, and had never been anything else, as far as I can know.

    If you know better than I do, please explain me in WHAT his hoax was something else than the continuation of his anti-Catholic struggle.

    • Because antimasons still quote from the hoax, knowingly pushing falsehoods to sling mud at Freemasonry. Taxil is an industry unto himself.

      The only people looking ridiculous are those who continue to quote from his works. You don’t need Taxil to be a legitimate critic of masonry. I’ve written many articles criticizing Freemasonry, all without Taxil or utilizing made up stories. Maybe you should read those.

      • Yvan says:

        Not only you ignore the History of France, whereas you pretend to teach about it to me, but you ignore History in general. For example, when cardinal Rodriguez says that in a book « are given the names of all the Jews who have been in the government of the Soviet », the former student in History I am wants to answer it’s wrong : few Jews, or no Jew were members of the Soviet Government. However, it is yet impossible to use this mistake to claim « Putting it mildly, cardinal Rodriguez is hardly amicable toward the Jews » (you don’t came to that point as a conclusion, you make this conclusion without any evidence), for Soviet Union was not leaded by the so-called “Govermment”, but by the Communist Party. Three out of four of his commissars were Jews ; Lenin was Jew by his mother (it is now admitted, whereas for long this information had been given only in anti-Semitic texts, e. g. “Bagatelles pour un massacre”, a satire by Céline) ; the true name of Trotzky was Braunstein (currently transcripted in Bronstein) ; the true name of Zinoviev was Apfelbaum ; the true name of Kamenev was Rosenfeld ; the fathers of the Gulag were Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvey Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, Naftaly Frenkel (Solzhenitsyn’s ARCHIPELag GULag, vol. Ⅱ) ; a. s. o.

        Putting it mildly, you’re hardly amicable toward the Catholics, Mr Melanson.

        Please, read yourself : when I write you’re wrong when you say Jogand-Pagès had « a million laughs at the expense of both Christians [more accuratly : Catholics] and Masons », your answer is that you’re right because « the only people looking ridiculous are those who continue to quote from his works », i. e. some anti-F∴M∴! You’re right, Mr Melanson, but which kind of blindness is yours, if you don’t understand that, in saying that, you’re admitting his hoax never made ridiculous anyone but the anti-F∴M∴ who believed in his hoax, and the very few who still believe in it ?

        No, it’s worst than that : even people never quoting “Léo Taxil”, or callimg him a liar (some anti-F∴M∴, some people not anti-F∴M∴ but critic toward F∴M∴, some F∴M∴ critic toward F∴M∴ but still regarding themselves as F∴M∴) are answered, are mafe ridiculous by Taxil’s story of Devil f***ing with Diana Vaughan. His success is magnificient.

        Jogand-Pagès said : « Tuons-les par le rire. » It means : « Let’s kill them by laughing. » He made ridiculous the Catholics and anti-F∴M∴ who believed in him. He had no laughs at the expense of F∴M∴ ; if you believe he had, please give me an exemple where he made F∴M∴ ridiculous : he never did, as far as I can know, and I know the History of my country better than you’ll ever know it, or I think so. However, I don’t pretend I am a specialist about the XⅨth century, and the time where I was a student in History is one quarter of century ago, so if you know any evidence showing I’m wrong, please say it, I WANT to know!I really do !

        Yesterday I used your link to have « Le Diable XⅨe siècle » in French, but it only sent me to a site giving adresses to some other books (the kind of books you are told to read when friends want you to become a F∴M∴ : it happened to me when I was a student).

        • There will be no trolling on my website. You are banned.

          • Thierry says:

            He wasn’t trolling.
            Just pointing out some facts you, for whatever reason, choose to ignore.

          • sszorin says:

            What righteous authority gave you permission and mandate to ban people for engaging in a debate ? The guy was asking good questions and you ban him for that ??? Shame on you.

          • What you didn’t see were 8 more lengthy comments awaiting approval: antisemitic screeds and nonsense, one after the other. That’s why he was banned. This is trolling.

            Pre-1891 Taxil was indeed publishing anticatholic/pornographic tracts against catholics and the pope. His audience then were masons and atheists and revolutionaries. They lapped it up with glee just like the catholics did with the anti-masonic screeds. He had a laugh at both factions for kicks and cash.

            And Cardinal Rodriguez was indeed “hardly amicable toward the Jews” – about the nicest thing I could have said about his book.

          • Infamous says:

            Hahah he wasn’t trolling, he was asking legitimate questions and calling you out for not providing evidence. I guess your ego was damaged because of that.

            This is why people who try to “debunk” conspiracies such as Albert Pikes letter for 3 world wars should not be taken serious. They either have a hidden agenda or are just flat out in denial that Luciferians run the world. Whenever someone asks legitimate questions that are contrary to the narratives beliefs, they get blocked or banned. Kinda like how censorship works.

            The fact that Albert Pike was a 33rd degree freemason and openly worshipped Lucifer adds more credibility that he indeed wrote that letter. And just because the library said that they never had the letter doesn’t mean we should immediately dismiss the case as being fake. William Carr was close to many high level people so it is most likely that he got his information from the horses mouth.

            If William Carr got his information from other authors in the 1800’s or 1920’s, how is that those authors knew about world war one and world war two? They had to have gotten their information from an insider of the Illuminati. Wouldn’t you say those authors were spot on about WW1 and WW2?

          • Infamous says:

            Anyone who tries to defend Catholics or freemasons such as yourself is obviously blind to what’s really going on in the real world.

            Anyone who’s done critical research knows that the Catholic Church is the Synagogue of Satan in disguise and that there are two sides of freemasonry. The visible and the invisible side.

  4. Emy says:

    Hi Terry, i don’t know if you are still responding to questions but please can you answer one question. I just want to know if I’ve got the following right. Are you saying that Taxil wrote a book called ‘The Devil in the 19th-century’. In this book Taxil (under the made up name Dr. Bataille) talked about a mason called Pike. Pike is a real man and Mazzini is a real man. In real life Pike may or may not have sent letters to Mazzini. Taxil wrote in his book that Pike wrote a specific letter to Mazzini which contained the words ‘…we shall unleash the revolutionary nihilists and atheists, and provoke a formidable social cataclysm…’ etc etc etc. Taxil only got away with this because Pike had already passed away and couldn’t defend himself. I’m assuming Mazzini must have passed away too, if he is a real person. So Pike never talked about wanting to destroy Catholicism in this specific letter? Is all that correct? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you very much.

    • Both Pike and Mazzini were dead when Taxil wrote his hoax material. In real life they didn’t communicate with each other and didn’t know each other. There’s no letter. Taxil made it up.

      • Emy says:

        Thank you for responding. Some more questions if you don’t mind. So the prediction of a third world war that starts ‘World War Three is to be fomented by using…’ was actually written by Carr in his book Pawns in the Game? Could Pike not have alluded to a third world war in one of his other books or writings? Did you check that? If it is correct that Pike never mentioned a third world war in any of his writings then why do you think Michael Haupt does not correct his website? He must have seen this article. I imagine you and many others must have sent him a link to this article. Have you sent him a link and asked him why he doesnt post a retraction? Thank you very much.

        • Pike didn’t predict anything in any of his writings and neither did Carr. The investigation is self-explanatory is you read it from beginning to end.

          Haupt doesn’t own the website anymore. The person he sold it to obviously doesn’t have an incentive to correct anything and doesn’t answer emails.

          Disinfo is peddled to the masses all the time in conspiracist circles. I find it despicable to knowingly do so.

          • Emy says:

            Ok thanks. How do you know he sold it? The site says ‘This site is developed, maintained and funded solely by private, independent individuals…’

            Oh wow, is the Haupt you’re talking about the same one as seen here ??? says ‘my background is IT and Telecommunications’. So that could be him! That would be weird! If it is him I didn’t expect the maker of the three world wars site to be an international business man extraordinaire! I thought it would be some broke loser who sits alone on a Friday night!

            I tried to work out his motive. He says ‘the site is the result of many years (at least 15, but I’ve lost track) of study, research, questioning and personal observances. I have read and summarized countless sources (probably approaching 2,500)’ but then he says ‘Disclaimer: The accuracy of any of the information on any of these pages cannot be guaranteed. You should never accept anything you read or hear as fact until you’ve verified the information for yourself first.’ So that tells me precisely nothing.

            He says he believes ‘That resistance is futile and that no effort should be expended in trying to prevent world domination by a few. Instead we should prepare as best we can.’ I don’t agree with that philosophy at all but whatever.

            I see he has monitised his site through ads using paydotcom. I looked at his analytics. He makes $42 income a day. He gets 3,741 daily unique visitors. The site is worth $22,680.

            Yeah I guess I can’t understand the motive to knowingly deceive people unless you are poor and it makes you a lot of money which in this case, it doesnt. If he is indeed Michael Haupt, international globe trotter and business man extraordinaire then money won’t be a consideration at all.

  5. Tobias Remy says:

    This is quite a bit of information to take in. So just to clarify. The website in an effort to legitimize its own conspiracy theory cited a book written by Carr.

    Carr alleged that free masons are a Luciferian order involved in a conspiracy to bring about three world wars culminating in the destruction of Christianity and Atheism which would leave only Luciferianism.

    Carr, to back up this claim, cites a letter which he said was written from Pike to Mazzini . He claims the letter is chronicled in the British Museum (later redacted) as well as it was quoted from by other writers (Rodriquez).

    Looking into Rodriquez’s writings it was discovered he didn’t actually claim the letter was chronicled at the museum but rather that a publication which cited the letter was. That publication was The Devil in the 19th-century by Dr. Bataille.

    Tracking down this publication it does claim the letter was written from Pike to Mazzini and cites the alleged letter in the text. The letter lays out a plot supposedly by the Luciferian freemasons to essentially conquer the world yet makes no mention of “three world wars”.

    There is no way to confirm the cited letter’s validity past this publication’s claim it exists because the letter itself is not chronicled anywhere. You also find major publications (The Times) which discuss the Taxil Hoax.

    In these publications it is reported a man named Leo Taxil claimed that he, along with others, were the authors of works such as The Devil in the 19th-century and that it was all a huge hoax in which they had fooled everyone.

    You therefore concluded that “The Devil in the 19th-century” was a total hoax based on:
    A- The existence of the letter in “The Devil in the 19th-century” can’t be validated.
    B- Leo Taxil claimed responsibility for the publication and that it was all a very elaborate hoax. His claim was repeated and fully accepted by the media at that time and reported as such in multiple media outlets. The publication was dismissed afterwards as nothing more than being part of Taxil’s elaborate hoax.

    I have to ask, considering how the media is used today, is it possible the publication was legitimate and Taxil was used as a means of dismissing it from the public eye or is that an impossibility based on the information you have?

    Secondly, even if the publication can be linked to Taxil with certainty as a hoax isn’t it incredible in what it has predicted a full century ahead of it’s time? It claims newspapers will use liberalism as a means of furthering their agenda (which is very much in play now over 100 years later).

    It claims not only that Christianity and Islam will essentially destroy each other but also that Catholicism will be pushed out of Rome. Considering all my research into what is happening present day, that is an incredible 100 year old prophecy to have made.

    If the west were to have simply gone to war with Islam the entire middle-east would have been completely decimated by the west. Not in line with that prophecy. However, with what is happening in the EU with the migrant crisis we see what will inevitably culminate in the Islamization of Europe.

    Simultaneously there is anti-islamic rhetoric permeating throughout the US. Now if Europe converts to Islam and war breaks out that would definitely legitimize the publications claims. Then, to also consider that it is a stated goal of Islam to one day conquer Rome and force out the Catholics. Also to consider the Pope just recently met with the Russian Orthodoxy for the first time in nearly 1000 years. That meeting occured this year, in February I believe.

    It is incredible to consider there is truth here and looking at events which are playing out on the world stage today it seems highly plausible.

    It even speaks of fostering “revolutionary ideas” in the lower classes and that “we need to channel it and mix it with the most exaggerated social doctrines”. Incredible.

    It talks of essentially a social calamity. Look at what is going on in the world today. Gays, Christians, Muslims, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics – practically every group is being polarized against each other via the media.

    In all my research I’ve come upon both nonsense and some great revelation and while reading this supposed letter a lot of bells went off for me. If it is a hoax and Taxil was just laughing at everyone then my hat goes off to him because only the adversary himself could have told a more grandiose lie.

    • Your skepticism stems from the fact that you are not wholly familiar with what the Taxil Hoax was. At the conclusion of this article, rather than recount the story for the reader (who already had to endure an extremely long post), I opted for links and book recommendations to understand what it was, who he was and what he did. I recommend you look into my recommendations, because the full story is quite involved and includes a large cast of characters and claims.

      Additionally, here’s what I wrote in my book, Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, on the subject:

      The Great Hoaxer — Leo Taxil
      Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pagès (1854-1907) pulled off one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. Born in France, his career began with polemical journalism, anti-Catholic writings, and the editing of a newspaper called L’anti- Clérical [The Anti Clerical]. In the mid-1880s he ostensibly had a change of heart, reconciled with the Church, and began writing anti-Masonic publications. Under the pseudonyms Leo Taxil and Dr. Bataille, Pagès wrote of a Luciferic/Satanic conspiracy at the heart of Masonry.

      Among the main characters he introduced was one Diana Vaughan, the high priestess of the “Palladium.” Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini were said to rule over this Satanic rite, and the Luciferic cabal, in control of world wide Freemasonry, resided at Charleston, South Carolina, the seat of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction in America, where Pike (among others) communed with the Prince of Darkness himself. After the Memoirs of Diana Vaughan were published, Pope Leo XIII himself read it, became a “fan,” and had Cardinal Parrocchi reward her with a papal benediction.

      When Vaughan’s fame grew, requests to meet her became overwhelming. Taxil, knowing that the ruse had run its course, acquiesced, and announced that on Easter Sunday, 1897, a lecture would be held with Taxil and Vaughan at the Geographic Society in Paris. Before the assembled gathering, on April 19, Taxil proceeded to give a long speech in which he confessed that the entire series of best-selling publications were a hoax, intended, in the main, to demonstrate the gullibility of Christians: because of preconceived notions about occultism and secret societies, and the principalities of darkness, they could be duped to such an extent as to believe that Pike conferred with Lucifer himself every Friday, at precisely 3:00 p.m.!

      The atmosphere in France during the end of the 19th century, offered a “rare opportunity to coin money out of the crass credulity and boundless stupidity of the Catholics,” Pagès would say.

      Despite this admission, however, the “revelations” written under the name of Taxil, Vaughan, and Dr. Bataille continued to be offered up as proof of the Luciferic/Satanic world conspiracy of Masonry and, of course, the Illuminati. Chief among the shameless propagators were Lady Queensborough in the 1930s and William Guy Carr in the 1950s. To this day, in books from well-meaning Christian conspiracy theorists, choice excerpts—ultimately from the hoaxed material (by way of Queensborough and Carr)—are reproduced as “evidence.”

      Now for your specific inquiries:

      “Tracking down this publication it does claim the letter was written from Pike to Mazzini and cites the alleged letter in the text …”

      No. Carr, Rodriguez and the antisemites who wrote “The Cause” do not cite the letter. All of them, only cite one paragraph. That’s it. I translated the full “letter” into English for the first time.

      “There is no way to confirm the cited letter’s validity past this publication’s claim”

      It was made up by Taxil in his made-up books and pamphlets. These publications are the absolute primary source of said “letter.” Furthermore, Taxil was able to make Albert Pike and Mazzini the linchpins in this Luciferian Palladium rite because both were dead by the time he put poison to paper. Taxil had been sued before many times and he wasn’t about to be have his assets seized again and put in jail.

      “You also find major publications (The Times) which discuss the Taxil Hoax.”

      No. The London Morning Post published a huge multi-part series on the conspiracy of the Jews to take over the world and enslave us all. They were the first promoters of the Protocols in the English language.

      “In these publications it is reported a man named Leo Taxil claimed …”
      The press at the time reported his ruse. He held a press conference and his confession was reported in newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic. The “publications” afterwards didn’t have to “claim” anything. It happened and was recorded contemporaneously.

      “A- The existence of the letter in “The Devil in the 19th-century” can’t be validated.”
      It is validated that that is the first place that it appeared. Never before. It was made up by Taxil and was part of the hoax material, laughing his ass off afterwards because he conned everyone – the gullible, the christians and the masons. It’s how he made his living – lying, cheating and publishing smut.

      “It claims newspapers will use liberalism as a means of furthering their agenda” Oh my, what a prophet! Newspapers have and always will be used for one agenda or another. Conservative newspapers use their ideological proclivities to sway the reader in one direction as well – always have; always will.

      “It claims not only that Christianity and Islam will essentially destroy each other” No. That is Carr who claimed that. He wrote that after Israel had become a nation and while they were fighting the Arabs for more land. Carr was a fundamentalist and knew full well what it says in the Bible about the end times – that the Islamic nations will march on Jerusalem and partake in Armageddon. That’s the lie – there was no WWI, WWII, or WWIII “prediction” in the so-called “letter.” He made it up one morning over tea and crumpets. What the fake “letter” actually says about Islam is the following: “The conversion of Protestants to the Temple of True Light will be gradual, sayeth the revelation; the fate of the Mohammedans will be entirely determined by a large and unexpected event occurring under the sixth sovereign pontificate of good Catholicism. It will follow from this that – far from being doomed to the cursed darkness of superstition – three hundred twenty million souls will be enlightened.”

      Re: revolution and social doctrines

      The period in which Taxil lived was an epoch of revolution after revolution throughout all of Europe. And it was also a time when secularism gained hold and finally seized power. That’s no prediction – it was happening, and did happen, right before everyone’s eyes. The Pope was kicked out of Italy for God’s sake, and revolutionaries occupied the Vatican. A greater upheaval I cannot fathom.

      “In all my research I’ve come upon both nonsense and some great revelation”
      Well, count yourself privy to more nonsense, of the highest order.

      “my hat goes off to him because only the adversary himself could have told a more grandiose lie”
      More grandiosity in the thousands upon thousand of pages of bunk include the most childish asinine claims such as a demon shaped like a crocodile playing the piano for the big bad satanist masons, demons writing prophecies on the back of the harlot Vaughan with their tails, while Pike, with a magical watch, taking weekly marching orders from Lucifer himself. Taxil put these bits in to see how far he could go and was truly flabbergasted at the level raw credulity.

  6. Tobias Remy says:

    “Now for your specific inquiries:

    “Tracking down this publication it does claim the letter was written from Pike to Mazzini and cites the alleged letter in the text …”

    No. Carr, Rodriguez and the antisemites who wrote “The Cause” do not cite the letter. All of them, only cite one paragraph. That’s it. I translated the full “letter” into English for the first time.”
    – I was referring to the original publication (which you translated).

    ““You also find major publications (The Times) which discuss the Taxil Hoax.”


    – A link you gave directs to an article discussing the Taxil Hoax written by The Times.

    ““In these publications it is reported a man named Leo Taxil claimed …”
    The press at the time reported his ruse. He held a press conference and his confession was reported in newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic. The “publications” afterwards didn’t have to “claim” anything. It happened and was recorded contemporaneously.”
    – I was questioning the media, along with Taxil, being complicit in dismissing the publication. Not the fact of whether the event took place.

    ““It claims newspapers will use liberalism as a means of furthering their agenda” Oh my, what a prophet! Newspapers have and always will be used for one agenda or another. Conservative newspapers use their ideological proclivities to sway the reader in one direction as well – always have; always will.”

    – Fair enough.

    ““It claims not only that Christianity and Islam will essentially destroy each other” No. That is Carr who claimed that.”
    – Correct. My mistake for confusing them.

    “The period in which Taxil lived was an epoch of revolution after revolution throughout all of Europe. And it was also a time when secularism gained hold and finally seized power. That’s no prediction – it was happening, and did happen, right before everyone’s eyes.”

    You’re referring to Voltaire and the Age of Enlightenment during the French Revolution and the years following? Which I believe he even mentions “The Cult of the Supreme Being” or alluded to it in the text. The beginning of that whole period seems to mirror what is happening within the US today. The seemingly coordinated attack on Christianity through the argument of “We don’t need religion to tell us right from wrong. We have reason, science, and logic.”. Which lead to the formation of The Cult of Reason and later The Cult of the Supreme Being.

    That same sentiment is seen down throughout the ages. During the Age of Enlightenment in the French Revolution and after. The Fabian Society in the UK etc. etc. and down through time. The same sentiment appears in a new group under a new name only the goal remains the same.

    ““In all my research I’ve come upon both nonsense and some great revelation”
    Well, count yourself privy to more nonsense, of the highest order.

    “my hat goes off to him because only the adversary himself could have told a more grandiose lie”
    More grandiosity in the thousands upon thousand of pages of bunk include the most childish asinine claims such as a demon shaped like a crocodile playing the piano for the big bad satanist masons, demons writing prophecies on the back of the harlot Vaughan with their tails, while Pike, with a magical watch, taking weekly marching orders from Lucifer himself. Taxil put these bits in to see how far he could go and was truly flabbergasted at the level raw credulity.”

    -I was considering the predictions made that have come true today. Aside from some of the vague ones I mentioned (liberalism in media) but more so the less vague ones. Such as the removal of Christianity from the public schools. His call to use publications to essentially demonize Christianity. Which we see evident today. Most Christians (So-called) are terrified to even mention in a work place that they are actually Christians or voice their opinions as they’ve been labeled as bigots by way of media.

    Taxil also often mentions “The Illuminated” or similar when referencing his “brothers”. This, also considering the period of the destruction of Christianity in Europe was dubbed “The Age of Enlightenment” I find it interesting that the name Lucifer essentially means “The Light Bringer” or “Light Bearer” or “The Shining One”. So the luciferians referred to themselves and others as “The Illuminated” having been touched by The Lightbringer. Also the allegory of Satan tempting Eve with a fruit of wisdom. Where “light” can also be translated as “knowledge”. So, Lucifer tempted Eve with enlightenment.

    At any rate, I’m mostly rambling now as it is 6am here and it is far past my bed time. I did not mean to offend in any way. I was just very intrigued by all of this just happening to stumble upon it. Thank you for the reply and for your time.

    • “You’re referring to Voltaire and the Age of Enlightenment during the French Revolution and the years following?”
      No. I was referring to the 19th century – Taxil’s time – not the 18th. The 18th century was marked by the ascendancy of philosophy and the fight for ability to criticize religion. The 19th century was the century of revolutions – hundreds of them all over Europe. It’s when kings really were disposed and secularism came to power- the Carbonari, Garibaldi, Mazzini, Marxism and socialists of every stripe. More significant and world changing than either the French Revolution or the American revolution.

      Like it or not we now live in a secular society. That’s the way it is. Religion was intentionally left out of the affairs of the state. The founding fathers wanted it that way because they understood the detrimental effect that theocracy had on freedom – freedom to think for yourself and freedom to criticize both the state and the church.

      The “culture wars” is a remnant of the 19th century. Some Christians – Dominionists, for example – want the good ole days of theocracy and the church meddling in the affairs of all our lives. I for one do not subscribe to such a thing, and would fight to the death for that not to occur. There’s about as much freedom in a theocracy as there is in a totalitarian communist state. In both instances power is absolute.

      • Byron Richardson says:

        The Founding Fathers borrowed from the Catholic Church on the point of protecting the right to own private property. This is the backbone of the US Constitution. They may have wanted a separation from the Church, but they certainly borrowed from the Church. By the way, when you do ultimately come to realize that God is real (if you have not already), you will then realize that we already live under a “theocracy” (and you will, since your own research is directing you toward that, as it did for me), by default. Whether mankind aligns with his maker or not, determines the level of harmony and happiness in the society that man makes for himself. Lucifer and his legion of demons are real, and society needs protection just as much as individuals do. Without this baked into the fabric of society, we are at the mercy of evil. This is why the Catholic Church is the arch-enemy of Luciferianism. The (traditional Tridentine) Catholic Church deals in large volumes of souls, and not just at the individual level.

  7. Tobias Remy says:

    Opinion Abounds Below
    ““You’re referring to Voltaire and the Age of Enlightenment during the French Revolution and the years following?”
    No. I was referring to the 19th century – Taxil’s time – not the 18th. The 18th century was marked by the ascendancy of philosophy and the fight for ability to criticize religion.”
    -If you consider the Jacobins guillotining 10’s of thousands of people while ransacking churches “criticism”….sure. This has been the MO of the liberal school of thought for centuries. They use the rallying call of liberty and freedom for the people to attract positive public opinion. All while silencing or just outright murdering anyone who disagrees with their own opinions.

    That is not liberty. That is tyranny and hypocrisy. Always denying with their mouths what their hands are doing. (This is probably why the Fabian Society’s original coat of arms was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.)

    “Like it or not we now live in a secular society. That’s the way it is. Religion was intentionally left out of the affairs of the state. The founding fathers wanted it that way because they understood the detrimental effect that theocracy had on freedom – freedom to think for yourself and freedom to criticize both the state and the church.”
    – They understood religion had no place in the governing body of a republic. However, most of them understood the necessity of its tenets on society. They sought a way to maintain religion within the society but to not allow it to have control of the governing body as was the case in Europe with the papacy or the church and its influence on the monarchy.
    The cult of the supreme being was their first attempt to achieve this goal and to take governing authority away from the church while maintaining religion. When they founded the US, the governance was framed in such a way as to maintain religion within the masses but to not allow it to achieve any kind of governing authority. Thus, the separation of church and state but with the freedom of religion not to be violated.
    The argument of whether the US was founded on Christianity continues to this day because both sides are half correct. It was, and in a sense it wasn’t. It had no place in governance, but it does within society. At least, if your goal is to have a well functioning society it is. If your goals are different, perhaps not. (If you’re seeking to change forms of government and you need a social collapse/revolution from within to facilitate that change…then you might want to remove it for a while.)
    Some framers even commented on Christianity having proven itself to be the best system evidenced so far. Or John Adams in particular “I have examined all religions, and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world”. Though not all Christian, even those framers of the Supreme Being belief still understood the purpose of religion.
    Atheism and those of the cult of reason are trying to replace religion with science. You can’t put a square block into a round hole. Science is useful in technology and innovation, but what good is all that technology when the society beneath it collapses? Likewise, religion has no place in the realm of science. They are two very different things which serve two very different purposes. The attempt to manage society “scientifically” is going to lead us to a much darker place than the church ever has.

    “The “culture wars” is a remnant of the 19th century. Some Christians – Dominionists, for example – want the good ole days of theocracy and the church meddling in the affairs of all our lives. I for one do not subscribe to such a thing, and would fight to the death for that not to occur.”
    – Agreed.

    Not trying to debate right or wrong. Rather, just discuss opinion. Thus the disclaimer.

    • The French Revolution wasn’t the be-all end-all of the 18th century, though it was its inevitable result. The entire century was basically a fight to be able to criticize religion (and the monarchy) and not worry about going to prison or being burned at the stake. Public burning of people still occurred in backward Germany as late as the 1750s.

      The French Revolution was a failure. They went too far and the result was Napoleon’s dictatorship, then back to monarchy, then another revolution, then back to monarchy, then another revolution, and on and on. All throughout Europe the same thing occurred. The 19th century was the century of revolutions. It wasn’t until the very end and the beginning of the 20th that a certainly stability was enjoyed. … and then you had the two world wars which was even worse.

      I agree. The Bible is the best religious book in the world if you concentrate solely on the New Testament and the “red” words of Jesus. Morality in the Old Testament is questionable at best, and downright scary if you apply it literally (much like the Koran).

      “The attempt to manage society ‘scientifically’ is going to lead us to a much darker place”
      Agreed. However, it is not just an attempt. Between the NSA, Google and Facebook, they already “manage” billions of us and it will only get worse as we become more dependent on tech in our lives. When everything is connected to everything and AI finally achieves omnipresence there will be no escaping the matrix.

    • bongstar420 says:

      Science is the practice of knowledge in naturalism
      Religion is the practice of belief in supernatralism

      Naturalism posits that all things are connected and ultimately comprehensible
      Supernaturlism posits that all things are not connected and are ultimately uncomprehensible

      Supernaturalism provides action in the face of ignorance
      Science provides action in the face of knowledge

      Supernaturalism is not derived from knowledge and does not create knowledge

      If an afterlife exists, it is natural like all other things that exist

      The church and supernatualism in general create authority with arbitrary power because the claims are by definition not able to be validated.

  8. Tobias Remy says:

    “I agree. The Bible is the best religious book in the world if you concentrate solely on the New Testament and the “red” words of Jesus. Morality in the Old Testament is questionable at best, and downright scary if you apply it literally (much like the Koran).”
    -Exactly this. Very much so.

    ““The attempt to manage society ‘scientifically’ is going to lead us to a much darker place”
    Agreed. However, it is not just an attempt. Between the NSA, Google and Facebook, they already “manage” billions of us and it will only get worse as we become more dependent on tech in our lives. When everything is connected to everything and AI finally achieves omnipresence there will be no escaping the matrix”
    – I have deeply considered this situation. The situation of technology and what it means to us. We have always praised technology because it has, up to this point, made our lives much easier. It will reach a point though when it leads to our destruction. Or at least the destruction of liberty.
    This consideration of technology and its advancement has lead me to what appears to be several truths.
    Firstly, it gives an explanation to the depopulation agenda. In the system in which we’ve lived up to this point, the system needed workers to support it. People working on the industrial line. People to go off to fight wars. For every person, you had a job or a need to match them with. A place where they benefit the system.

    In the future, that is not the case. You have self driving cars coming onto the market even now. That invention alone is enough to take what someone said could be 20% of the job market. Considering semi-truck drivers, transportation, or any form of job which requires a driver that could be replaced by a self driving car. A car which doesn’t require a salary and statistically less likely to get in a car accident.

    Where do those workers go? All those people? Welfare? More jobs will soon follow as more people are replaced with nowhere left to go. There will be no use for them. Researching fast-food restaurants which are fully automated. They’re testing entire warehouses which are fully automated. A self driven vehicle pulls up, a robot forklift unloads and stacks it’s payload, then it drives away. The human worker will become obsolete and that is a fact. Only a matter of time.

    So then, what is to become of all those people? They could only be a drain on the system. They have no use in that world. People dream of this utopian society of plenty. Where everyone sits around being served by robots. It simply will not be the case. People sitting around doing nothing but consuming, creating waste while contributing nothing? While having more children to do the same?That is not efficient and it will not be allowed.

    The depopulation is for this very purpose. There is no use for so many people in the future. They would only be seen as parasites, draining off the system and contributing nothing to it. As a result of technology, it is really necessity that the numbers come down. They would have to. Society structured in such a way could not support them.

    Secondly, the advancement of technology would lead to another inevitable conclusion. Totalitarianism. It would have to. Consider a future where a person could fit a bomb capable of wiping out an entire city block….in their pocket. Biological weapons even more dangerous.

    Such a world could not exist without a society under absolute totalitarian control. Being monitored every second of every day. You would have to be. It couldn’t be any other way. Really, the greatest deception of all has been the deception of technology.

    We’ve been conditioned to accept technology entirely and not question it. Of course it’s good for us. It has made our lives easier. No one ever realizing the truth. That in the end, it will be used to enslave us.

    I watched a program showing the “top 10 inventions this year”. Nearly half of them were tracking devices. A keychain with a tracking device, of course, so that you never lose your keys. A wallet with a tracking device, of course, so you don’t lose your wallet. Already we have watches with tracking devices. When you think about how obvious it really is as to what is happening it is just absurd that no one even bothers to notice. This incredible transition in our society happening right in front of them, oblivious.

    People walk around every day with a device in their pocket which has a camera, an audio recorder, and a tracking device that can record and track every single thing they do every moment of every day. They’ve even been told that people have the ability to turn on their mic, turn on their camera, and track them without their knowledge and yet they walk around oblivious. Never realizing how absolutely ridiculous or incredible that is. In the process of being conditioned.

    All that you can really do though is detach yourself, sit back, and watch the show. Hoping that the insanity I see unfolding on the television isn’t waiting for me around the corner when I walk outside.

    • The price of technology decreases in direct proportion to how far it advances. The silver lining is that in a hundred years interstellar travel would have been perfected and it will be accessible to everyone. The cosmos is our only hope.

      • bongstar420 says:

        Except that it could have happened hundreds of years ago if it wasn’t for greed, idiocy, and superstition.

  9. Bobby Duhon says:

    Great research. being a ex-free Mason I have nothing to contribute for the Order but its always about status. The Three degrees didn’t do it for me. When upon entering the Master Lodge I was asked To whom I put my faith in ,I answered Jesus Christ. They should have escorted me out. Wrong answer. I stayed in and completed the Master Mason Degree. Not much but a few guys playing out parts in a beautiful Play. Farther you go in Scottish or York its much more advanced and leans toward Muslim scripted parts and teachings all the way to the Shrine. Carr did awaken something that has always bothered me. Our Revolution and Civil Wars. Rothchild and the Federal reserve. I will research more to satisfy my ” somethig is going on’. LOL

    • bongstar420 says:

      They only care that supernaturalism controls your mind. If you claim a positive belief in any deity, which implies supernaturalism, they let you through.

      Claim no belief or anti-belief and get the boot.

      Its really just a club like any “our kind only” group is. Humans are still tribal and want “exclusivity”

  10. anonymous says:

    Thanks for this! I found a Mazzini Collection from Princeton in my archive and remembered the name from hearing the Pike thing years ago. I knew it was nonsense, but it’s nice to know where the lines between these things are and to know of the most important Republican agitator in Europe at the time.

    I’m most interested in the Cardinal, to be honest.

  11. Jeriel says:

    While I take sincere interest in the effort you have put into debunking this. The result is however the same. It is not really a hoax because it is happening right now. Heck I read about this in 1979 when I was studying the occult and the religious section of the Anaheim public library. This hoax as you call it just happens to be a smoking gun is the only reason it is being debunked. Reading masonic sanctioned writings will substantiate the contents of the bogus letter for the most part and watching it play out on the world stage is evidence that it is not a hoax that it is the intention of those involved to discredit it while fulfilling it. That is why it’s secret and how it remains secret is because no one admits it and anyone who divulges it is debunked. The hoax is that those people (Carr and Taxil) were hoaxing. Very clever and were it not so obvious from the headlines from the past 50 years it would be quite easy to discount. I’m not sure that is easy to follow. But it is called hiding something in plain sight. But thank you for adding all the other supporting documentation. I had an interesting time putting all the pieces together back in 79 from all those rosirucian and grimoires and magick and freemasonry books and trying to decode the books that were written with missing and shifted letters and other coding techniques. They all pointed to the same thing just like the Holy Bible just from a slightly different perspective and easier to understand format but a somewhat more sinister perspective. Either way thanks for digging out all that source material to help others research. I’m sure that it is helpful to both the people it was intended for and those it was intended to mislead.

    • Have fun with “rosirucian and grimoires and magick and freemasonry books” – those reliable tools of all great historians. LMFAO

      • John Templar says:

        Well, Mr Melanson, the date of publish is very important in all of the above mentioned sources as so much of the ‘modern’ takes on these subjects have been so very drastically changed from their original doctrines and rituals…largely through the efforts of the jesuits and their agents. The ‘historians’ of today don’t have access to the majority of this information and what they are ‘fed’ is the typical tripe that they’ve been fed for centuries… for, what good is a ‘secret society’ without secrets?

  12. Auton Pontifex says:

    Excellent research, congratulations! The comment section is just as revealing and entertaining as the article. 🙂

    While the authenticity of the text has come to a foggy ground and I can see the plausibility of everything stated; there’s a certain degree of irrelevance whether this was written by Pike , Carr or Taxil. The plan outlines proves that whoever constructed it, possessed a greatly developed knowledge of history and precognitive senses. This information was planted so it can grow into a weltanschauung. It is adequately covering what happened and using this as a convincing point, projects an outcome. Carr might had to be the person who wrapped up this operation by adding his bit of information and leverage, so it is lifted back into the collective consciousness. So, that we can talk about it, research it, being led down a rabbithole. When we reach the bottom of that, it will not matter whether what has been told is true or a lie- it has been told as a spell and released into to the Universe. By extension, it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy; the Zionist interests (US/NATO) are clashing with the radicalized/demonized/extremist Islam (by coincidence, on European soil again, but not exclusively). The Luciferian doctrine, disguised as modern science, is reaching down into our genetic level and breeds species who are fully controlled automatons (mind-control, chemical alteration/GMO food, gender confusion etc.) The typology and characterology of the human being has been hacked and scrambled. Without direction and sense of Center, the over-programmed, mind-controlled humankind is about to spin out into the final periphery of existence.
    We are being destroyed, but recreated too at the same time. Keep up the good work, Mr. Melanson!

    • The ‘plan’ was written by Carr in the 50s after WWI and II, after Israel became a nation and while they were having skirmishes with the Arabs over land. The Zionism against Islam part of the so-called WWIII is influenced by what he saw taking place in Israel and, being a Christian, what he knew of prophecy to come (which does indeed predict a clash between Israel and Muslims).

      • Andrew says:

        Bible prophecy knew nothing of Islam. The well read work of Hal Lindsay, The Late Great Planet Earth, written during the Cold War, focussed upon Russia as the main protagonist in the battle of Armageddon against Israel.

        • bongstar420 says:

          Notice the Eurocentric focus here- all being kinds of “white people.” Obviously we are being short sighted about this reality. Where are the non-Caucasians in this? Ever think this is all just artifacts of racism?

      • Terry, I saw you mention Carr’s knowledge of this Biblical prophecy in an earlier comment. I don’t know the first thing about this prophecy, but I can’t see how it could possibly ‘predict a clash between Israel and Muslims,’ as Islam was founded in the 7th Century, well after the youngest book in the New Testament was written. Am I missing something?

        • The countries mentioned to face off at Armageddon in the New Testament and in the Old Testament’s End Times scenario correspond to the arab world today (Persia, Syria, Egypt etc.), even Russia (Meshech and Tubal) and China (Kings of the East, predicted to have a 200 million man army, which China can indeed muster). Eschatological watchers have always been waiting for all the pieces to come into alignment. The mere fact that Israel abecame a nation after 2000 years is THE big sign that it’s ready to hit the fan; the antagonists in the prophecy line up perfectly as well.

          • bongstar420 says:

            Well, we are definitely at the tail end of a dumbocolypse that has been on going since our species developed.

          • Byron Richardson says:

            If the central bankers who control the planet believed the end of the world was coming, they would not be spending so much time and effort on United Nations Agenda 21 planning. The “end of the world” event will be a fabricated news media event, much the same way 9/11 was. Some lives will be lost, legislation will be enacted, the media will sensationalize it for decades afterward, and UN Agenda 21 plans will be rolled out, accordingly. But it will not be the end of the world. An EMP event is most likely, which will result in various communities starving due to their inability to have food and water transported to them. Perhaps a missile from Russia will come over and explode above a major city in the US, causing electrical (or being cited as the cause of) failure. Just an educated guess.

  13. You know, I find it interesting that you missed sort of the elephant in the room here. The 12 pages you quoted here actually seem to follow quite well with how the Devil has worked in society to remove Christianity from the public square. I would say this guy, who obviously is very anti-catholic either has a very good imagination on how to perform such evil, or perhaps he was actually inspired himself. I find these 12 pages more surprising than the original alleged prophecy that was debunked.

    • Tyler says:



    • Clerk says:

      Exactly. Well pointed out it seems to me though that this article is a small example of “No means should be overlooked to ensure the disintegration of the religion of Adonai and to weaken its international character. This, in effect, is what will empower us to extirpate it completely and permanently. Thus it is not possible to *be overzealous in the struggle* to achieve this important result, without ever being discouraged by the difficulties of the enterprise.”

      For Those whom the One God is true, His religion is the religion of Truth, what this article accomplishes is the rendering of a true event or story for false by lack of evidence, by claiming the letter false the events that arise from it fall into no man’s land, and in the court of law of our minds claims without evidence….
      However instinct can be true without evidence, and a pattern such as this can’t be ignored just because no one alive has seen the letter or the expressions cited don’t match or whatever, like John Templar mentions in his comment below.
      I think Anthony woodcock is right, that guy, whoever originally authored the writings of those pages was inspired by the Devil himself. Such ‘planned prophecies’ can’t be the work of scornful creativity alone rather the product of a wisely devilish genious mind.

      Trying to dismiss or dip in controversy this event is, to me, like denying the Khazar tribe conversion to Judaism in the 720’s. Today 90% of the world Jews are descendants of these khazar, from Khazaria, north of Caucasus mountains, the so called Ashkenazy Jews. Obviously these people have not a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins which renders unlawful their claim and occupation of Palestinian lands. Therefore the whole state of Israel is unlawful. And this is a claim by some Jews, who still follow the Torah.
      Somebody is taking the Jewry with this Zionism for a hell of a ride, or shall I say on a ride to hell?

      This is how I know to be true, but any reader has to do their own check, don’t believe me.
      The first time the Hebrews were in captivity in Babylon, 2 angels named Harut and Marut came down to test the people, and they brought forbidden knowledge (magic) which is described in Islam’s book, the Quran, as the know how to separate the man from his wife (U.D.H.Rights – article16 section 3 describes the couple [marriage] as the fundamental unit of society). And using this knowledge would be blatant blasphemy, nevertheless people put it down in writing. When Solomon was the king of Israel, Israel was the superpower and Solomon’s kingdom was very special because he had control of the djinns/spirits who worked for him, a gift from the Lord God, he collected these books of magic and buried them in his throne. Fast forward to the 720’s, the Khazar tribe, known by Christians and Muslims to be pagan barbarians who just rape and pillage, converted to Judaism as a political move to avoid conflict with byzamtium empire and the Islamic caliphate, as Judaism is also an abrahamic faith. By studying Judaism (mainly the elites, even if just to fake it) they came across the Jewish mysticism, or Kabala (Jewish magic, remnants of the forbidden knowledge brought by the 2 Angels in Babylon).
      At the time of the 1st crusade, when some Christian knights entered the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem (Al Aqsa Mosque [not the dome of the rock] today, the article mentioned ‘temple of Adonai’) they found those same books that Solomon had buried and founded the known order of the Knights of the temple of Solomon or the Knights Templars. It is impressive to know that they created the first multinational enterprise, dedicated to war though, but that’s how they got very wealthy besides owning lands in many European Christian kingdoms. Eventually their true face was uncovered and were accused and condemned for idolatry, denial of Christ, homosexuality and magic. Cornered, they fled to Scotland who was struggling for independence against the English, after securing Scottish independence they rebranded themselves as freemasonry.

      Adam wisehaupt (probably wrong spelling) created the order of the illuminati and it serves as an umbrella for all secret societies, so as to promote those who really understood the real concepts of freemansory (the same Kabala or Jewish magic), from the rest who would function as puppets (a secret society within a secret society) . Although it is not known of any world domination ambitions before, it is with this institution that these ideas come to the public awareness, due to the remarkable event of an illuminati/Freemason courier been struck by lightning and the letter/s containing detailed plans reached the hands of agents of the state in France.

      Minds alike think alike, and when the Freemasons needed money to fight napoleon, after they just fomented a successful French Revolution, who came to the rescue? The Jewish Khazar baking families, namely the Rothschild, Rockefellers…, who had been trying to infiltrate Europe with their lending of money on interest, which for serious Jews was known to be a great sin, known as usury for Christians and riba for muslims, a practice that destructively corrupts the economy. Europe’s struggle against this practice was enshrined in Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’.

      The Jesuits are a military order of priests and probably the most dangerous institution on earth, created by ignacius Loyola to help the pope fight the Protestants. Due to this ‘holy’ service they were given unprecedented freedom and immunity. however upon closer inspection of their spiritual exercises and specially by Loyola’s own experience, we can conclude that it is a devilish institution which only aim is spread its influence through any means necessary, and I really mean any, this organisation is built in such a way that Loyola says that the he will call the white that he sees black if the hierarchical church says so, and in the name of Christ and for the church, they can commit any imaginable crime with immunity, as long as it comes from their superior, they are forgiven.
      Alltogether, these people went on to produce the American Revolution, the Bolshevik, the FED, WW1, WW2, Antartica treaty, UN, IMF, Moon landing… all the stepping stones to assure we see the world they want us to see.
      The author of this article seems to share the eloquence, knowledge and authoritative tone, never failing to have an answer. It does match the character of an agenteur which will do its utmost to, among truth seekers to become a truth seeker, giving extensive references to convince people of his veracity meanwhile introducing discreet falsehoods to highjack the truth itself.

      These are the ingredients that were mixed together, brought about a faceless beast upon the earth that combines, as JFK mentioned in his famous speech, economic, political, diplomatic, spiritual, military and scientific power to infiltrate, subvert, corrupt every aspect of human life.
      Which of these people is in real control or at the top of the hierarchy? I don’t know for sure but I think it doesn’t really matter because in the end they are all being played by the entities they summon, call them ghosts, spirit guides, djinns, demons or the actual devil. And the real doctrine of lucifer is slowly coming out for sure, just gather your family and watch Netflix’s Lucifer. Making your mind slowly acostumed to these ideas.

      I agree that somethings will come to pass which are now impossible to reverse, such as another Great War,(will do wonders for depopulation, specially combined with economic crisis of never seen proportions, and people living in concrete tax farms [London, Tokyo 20 million people] it sure makes it look like we’re overpopulated) because no one can destroy this faceless beast, we have to wait until it destroys itself.

      With all this evil, shouldn’t we expect the real Jesus to come back, shouldn’t we prepare for it?
      What we can do and should be doing is besides telling the truth is learning/teaching people basic survival low tech skills like farming, sewing, food preservation, water management, natural building…. Which we would learn if our forefathers kept their natural lifestyle. Making alliances with likeminded people and building small communities shielded from main civilization. Not isolation just regrouping. Otherwise our children will grow even more shameless then us, more brainwashed, with even less critical thinking capabilities… Wonder why we are not taught how to lawfully assert our human rights, fundamentals of contract law, and court proceedings in public school? To prepare those who are about to become of age, to act with full knowledge, responsability and liability, in their private capacity. Taxation would not be possible, and this grand scheme would lack funding.

      • Tomsen says:

        You are mixing up things here in an ugly way. Jews only means people from Judea. Like Americans mean people from America or like Chinese mean people from China.
        Your relation to Jews or Khazar as some bloodline infected with some superior good or evil skills is pure racism and therefore your whole argumentation collapse.
        We are all born equal as a divine creation with free will.

  14. Andrew says:

    You have dome some great work showing the writing of Carr and Taxil is not what it seems. However, there is the possibility of hiding the truth in a lie. In science truth may be established by making testable predictions. The work of Carr reveals a blue-print for action that does make testable predictions; even though its claimed authority is clearly a fraud. The testable predictions are that political Zionism and Islam will be mutually destroyed, and that atheists and nihilists will be used to undermine Christianity – for instance consider the rise of the new-atheism. and its promotion in the media. Consider the current US EU political scene where patriotic forces and political Zionism are opposed sometimes violently by a strange alliance of the liberal left and Islam.

    We see that agitation for Zionism (JN Darby) and the rise of evolution (Darwin) arose in the middle of the 19th century, prior to 1871. Darwinism influenced Marx, and later Hitler. Theodore Hertzl’s plan for a Zionist state was from 1897.

    Clearly, there is a long term blue-print for change that has led to the rise of secularism, atheism and Zionism, and the undermining of Christianity.

    Consider also the work of Leo Strauss, Persecution and the Art of Writing, who suggested that Classical writers should put a double truth into their work, an exoteric one for the masses another esoteric one for the elite. See also Steve Fuller’s, Science vs Religion, Ch2.2 who discusses this. Strauss, an inspiration to neo-conservatives, believed that society should be governed by ‘noble lies’ to keep the masses in check.

    • bongstar420 says:

      The claim suggests people are robots if they are so easily led en mass.

      Why do we treat them like they are not robots then?

      • bongstar420 says:

        I can tell you this, the vast majority of manipulations people are being subjected to are literally non-functional on me. In fact, these operations are incredibly annoying to me.

        • Byron Richardson says:

          If that’s true. then please educate us about the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, and the A. K. Rice Institute.

  15. Robert O'Connor says:

    Amazing , I read your article because someone had posted it as Proof of the Three World War prediction. He obviously did not read it . I Loved it , You did such a thorough job of research. Your article was enjoyable and enlightening . And I even enjoyed the comments section . Sorry I must be Weird , I am Roman Catholic or should I say was. I am not a conspiracy fan , I do enjoy reading them . I Really want to say Thank You , I Really enjoyed Your article.

  16. mikla says:

    What you have found is interesting, but an ‘executive summary’ would come in handy for scholars and critics. Would it be fair to conclude this:

    Canadian Author William Guy Carr appears to have borrowed (in his 1958 book Pawns in the Game’) from the 1894 book “Satanism in the 19th Century” (Le diable au XIXe siècle, by Leo Paxil – an admitted hoaxer) Paxil’s fantasy “Pike’s letter to Mazzini” (which has no proven existence), but that Carr (after the world wars / 1958) has taken Paxil’s forgotten hoax and mixed it with his own crucial narrative, the enigmatic blueprint/prophesy of a ‘three world war scenario, dated15th of august 1871’ and that William Guy Carr then claimed that letter (the plagiarized Paxil-hoax mixed with his fantasy-prophesy) had been on display as an authorized Albert Pike document in the British Library ACCORDING to Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez, while no credible witness (not the cardinal nor the library) could confirm having seen that letter.

    Can you please confirm or correct my summary? Thank you!
    btw Did (re-publisher) Michael Haupt of threeworldwars respond? (ediited version)

    • 1. Taxil writes for years that Freemasonry is part of a satanic cult because there was a market for it as there was a sort of satanism and occultism hysteria in that era.
      2. After Taxil admitted that the whole thing was hoax other people kept on perpetuating the hoax – by quoting from the Taxil texts – while not telling their readership of the ruse. In particular, for the study at hand, Albert Pike was quoted from the fake letter in Taxil by the antisemitic Morning Post articles, which then was in turn quoted by Cardinal Rodriguez who said he got it form the Morning Post and said it came from the Taxil ‘Devil in the 19th Century’ book (again without informing the reader that Taxil was a fabricator).
      3. The British Library business is that they had a copy of Taxil’s Le Diable au XIXème Siècle, which is what Rodriguez wrote in his book.
      4. Carr couldn’t even get that last part right. He exaggerated what he read in Rodriguez and told his readers that the letter itself was on display in the library … cause that’s what bad conspiracists do: lie to their readers for kicks and profit.
      5. One paragraph – one and one only – is repeated from the hoax letter through the three sources (Morning Post, Rodriguez, Carr).
      6. This three world war business, per Carr and Haupt, is anther fabrication on top of the initial fabrication.

      > Did (re-publisher) Michael Haupt of threeworldwars respond?

      Respond to who about what?

      • mikla says:

        Right on. This letter and Carrs spicy addition are works of fiction and distraction. No such WW prophesy or plan by Pike was ever documented, and you found interesting context (‘satanic’ as anticlerical, etc). I just read that Haupt contacted the Library and concluded the same.
        Thank you.

      • mikla says:

        Carr may have wrapped, what he found to be an interesting opinion or idea, in something old, to not take title of it.
        Btw. I did check your claims via various search engines, not just one. That is imperative, especially since this years’ internet censorship initiatives.

  17. bongstar420 says:

    You have to understand Gnosticism to know why the destruction of “atheism” is nonsense. This is really the satan worshiping church goers trying to replace Jebus. They are still supernaturalists and knowledge is incompatible with supernaturalism and therefore claims of “gods”

    Nevertheless, this is probably BS written in retrospect if it even exists at all.

    Also, you have to understand that atheists were historically reviled worst of all. Guess what? Atheists can’t be controlled by claimed demands of spirits and deities. Supernaturalists have a long history of “crusades.” I don’t believe the Stalin was a naturalist nor were the other pseudoCommunist “atheist” atrocities.

  18. Mike G. says:

    I read this article back when it was first posted, and came back to find it again when someone I know posted the 3 world wars letter BS on their Facebook page (so I could put the link in the comments).

    I then decided to read through all the comments. What’s amazing to me is how many people commenting just seem to ignore what you actually presented and insist that there MUST be some truth to it all, when there plainly isn’t. It’s also interesting to me just how many modern conspiracists base so much of their world view on this hoax. It would seem Taxil succeeded beyond even his wildest dreams! Even when his fraud is admitted, and tracked down and documented as the fraud it is/was, people STILL want to believe it! Amazing, and a sign of how we got to where we are now as a society.

    • They’d rather believe the worst about the masons than to admit any falsehood which has strengthened their theories. In truth, I shouldn’t have had to debunk it in the first place since mention of ‘nazis’ in a purported 19th century document should have discounted it immediately, but I like to be meticulous.

      • Patrick ONeil says:

        Well, if one takes on faith the “vision” claim behind the letter (Pike had a mystical vision) then you can finagle an explanation as to how the term “fascism” could be used anachronistically: the vision revealed it to Carr! When you allow miraculous visions then it isn’t a far hop to accept terms/concepts that wouldn’t have existed at the time being expressed. T’was a miracle!

  19. Byron Richardson says:

    Please read this — Clement XII’s In Eminenti, Pius IX’s Quanti Cura and Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus encyclicals all condemn Freemasonry. There are several encyclicals that also condemn socialism and communism, which are the tools of Luciferianism.

    The Alta Vendita was written by the Carbonari (secret society) of Italy, and was printed by two popes to warn Catholics worldwide. It a strategy document for infiltrating the Catholic Church for the purpose of turning it into a tool of Freemasonry.

    Bella Dodd’s congressional testimony and book, School of Darkness, reveal communist efforts to infiltrate the Church. Carré Marie’s book “AA-1025 The Memoirs of an Anti-apostle” documents these efforts in detail.

    Also research the War of the Leaque of Cambrai 1508 to 1516, which was a war the Catholic Church waged on Gnostic (a precursor to Luciferianism) Black Venetian Noble families who had too much power at the time. They moved from Venice to Northern Europe after they were attacked.

    Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” has several pages devoted to Lucifer. Freemasons worship three deities — Christ, Osiris, and Ba’al (also known as Lucifer). They believe God is of two components, Adonai (Jesus) and Lucifer. For them, Adonai is evil and Lucifer is good.

    Related: Check out Zachary King’s detailed interviews about how he was a High Priest in the WW Church of Satan for many years. He oversaw the mock child sacrifice rituals at the Bohemian Grove. I have corresponded with him directly. He is a real person and a devout Catholic.

    Some good books to read, that are full of documented sources and facts —
    James Wardner – Unholy Alliances (1996)
    Piers Compton – The Broken Cross The Hidden Hand in the Vatican (1983)
    George Dillon – Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked (1885)
    Jedidiah Morse – Sermon on Present Dangers in the USA (1799)
    John Quincy Adams – Letters and Addresses on Freemasonry (1875)
    A. Barruel – The History of Jacobinism (1797)

    • Byron Richardson says:

      In addition the above, please research the Marian supernatural events that happened at Fatima (Portugal) and Garabandal (Spain). Both events are extremely well-documented over many months and years, and were impossible to hoax. Both events prophesied the coming apostasy of the Catholic Church via communist infiltration (communism being a tool of Luciferian Freemasonry). The apostasy did occur in 1958, when Vatican II was created by Freemasonic influences in the Catholic Church. The traditional 2,000-year-old Catholic Church still survives via the FSSP, SSPX, and SSPV. This infiltration is part of United Nations Agenda 21 (this originated from the 1928 COMINTERN in Moscow), and its Earth Charter which is a pagan version of the Christian 10 Commandments. The Earth Charter seeks to tie all major world religions into a single worldwide Gaya/Mother Earth religion. Please note that nearly every city council in the US is already aligned with UN Agenda 21 sustainability goals, thanks to the efforts of ICLEI.

  20. Byron Richardson says:

    Another piece: The Black Venetian Nobility created the city of Venice as they escaped the collapse of Rome. They were mostly wealthy merchant families from Rome. They created additional wealth by providing supply lines to both the Muslims and the Christians during the 14 wars of the Crusades, over 400 years. They (the “Fondi”) created the first central bank, known as the Fondo, in Venice. The Genoa family also created a competing central bank. The Doge Palace in Venice is where the manager of the Fondo lived at that time. The Papacy forebade them from engaging in usury, so they leveraged the Jews in Venice to conduct usury on their behalf. The Jews were fleeing other parts of Europe at the time and landed in Venice. This is originally where the Jews became involved in central banking. The Fondi later helped organize the first central bank of Holland under control of the Jewish Rothschild family. Today, there are now 162 central banks worldwide, and they are led and coordinated by the corporate Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Many sources blame the Jews for nearly everything, but the truth is that the Jews are merely under the guidance of the Black Venetian Noble families (the Medicis, Lombards, and many others). These Venetian families have since married into other bloodlines but for the most part they make up the royal families of Europe, including the Windsors. They are fabulously wealthy, having ownership and control of the worldwide central banking system. They are well beyond the wealth and power of those who are mentioned in the mainstream media, which they control. Please refer to Webster Tarpley for accurate historical information on these families.

  21. John Templar says:

    So much of this is incorrect. For example to believe that because something was said to be in the custody of a museum (British or otherwise) and assume that it can’t be removed for any number of reasons is naive at the very least. For example, as a young boy I saw a copy of a payment to Karl Marx signed by a Rothschild (as I was very young the first name escapes my memory, the odd last name never did) that was displayed in a British museum I visited with my very ‘aware’ Uncle at the time. Today, that document is no longer ‘on display’ there.
    This occurs even in official documents such as the Bank Act of Canada. Up until about three years ago, one could find listed the sole shareholder of the Bank of Canada as being ‘Queen’ Elizabeth. Today, it has mysteriously become ‘removed’.

    Regarding Pike and Mazzani, they were BOTH Rothschild agents and infiltrators of Freemasonry, this is a well known fact among high adept Freemasons.

    Regarding any anti-semitist leanings, please let me state that the Jews, those being the few remaining members of the Israelite tribe of Judah, Benjamin et al have NOTHING to do with the illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, who was a sworn member of the jesuits, through their blood oath, as were the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are believed to have stated they are descended from the tribe of Benjamin, however, there is no evidence that has been produced to support this assertion.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else notice this part of the primary source?

    “the fate of the Mohammedans will be entirely determined by a large and unexpected event occurring under the sixth sovereign pontificate of good Catholicism”

    If one were to accept the Lateran treaty as the beginning of “sovereign pontificates”, then that would place 9/11 occurring during the “sixth sovereign pontificate”.

  23. Robert Tevault says:

    Dr. John Coleman says he has seen the original document and I believe him.

  24. Arif Mahmud says:

    Impressive work. Thanks

  25. Tim Bucktowe says:

    The most famous “forgery” remains the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a model of anti-Semitic publication.
    However, as remarked by Gilad Atzmon, they are today obsolete, for there is nothing left in them that has not yet been implemented.

  26. Great work as usual.

    I would like to observe that all the stuff in the Taxil material about “Adonai” “Lucifer” and “Good-God” could be compatible with a Gnostic or Marcniote form of Christianity rather then true Satanism. In the Vulgate Lucifer also appears as a title of Jesus where the KJV calls Him the Morning Star.

    Some other popular myths related to Pike and Mazzini I’d like to you address the origins of would be the claim that PIke created the KKK, the Mazzini created the Mafia, and why the obscure figure of Adriano Lemmi was singled by Fagan to make a middle man between Mazzini and Lenin?

    Mazzini actually hated Marx and would have even more hated the Anti-Nationalism of Lenin and Trotsky that was codified at the 1889 Internaitonale.

  27. Peter Grafström says:

    In Pawns of the game W G Carr admits that the godfather of his child was in british intel.
    Apparently a wellplaced individual and no insignificant figure.

    Carr apparently wants us to know that this intel person was coauthor of his text, in particular regarding some observations from british students in 19th century german universities.

    The purpose of this information was to cast blame for antisemitism in German academic circles in that era.

    Note that in Carrs era the downplayed role of Houston Chamberlain as the pathbreaker of nazism in Germany may have contributed to the inclination of british intel to seed the literature with such clues.

    Had they wanted to bring clarity they ought to have informed people about the extensive support for revolutionary activities on the continent under direction from the british elites.

    Since the british recruited several agents who happened to be jews this obviously contributed to produce an impression confirming some of the conspiracy memes while most of those who bring it up omit that all these agents were in partnership with Britains elites.

    If some germans noticed jewish participation and pointed it out they didnt lie, they just failed to note the everpresent british hand behind every part of it.

    Those revolutionaries were Britains proxies.

    That guillibilty of the germans also caused them to be dragged into the later world wars.

    But this process was greatly enhanced by Britains later consciously run intrigues pushing the world to war just to prevent Britains rivals from trading peacefully.

    To summarise I think it is highly plausible that Carr was an asset for british-run propaganda.

    Nesta Webster also omitted everything about Britains involvement,

    To critisize freemasonry, so strongly tied to Britain, may seem to contradict the thesis, but the focus on the jews ‘mends’ that.
    To maintain a strong partnership with the jews and simultaneously stabbing them in the back is a working strategy for Britain, which has prevented banking to move its center of mass to the continent.

    “Revolution everywhere except here” said Palmerston to the apalled Queen Victoria and her german husband.

  28. Cameron Smith says:

    Good research!

    However, looking at the state of the world in 2020…I can’t help but wonder if this was a real letter and was buried through false propaganda?

    For a hoax, its scarily accurate. Especially to be aledgedly penned in 1871. I dont believe in coincidences anymore, especially when something checks all the boxes of a linear historical timeline and how the future of the world is lining up.
    Add to that this was aledgedy written almost 150 years ago by the most prolific and influential masons of his time. Im sure there has never been a secret agenda that the powerful have hidden from the public as “youre crazy, why would you think that? Youre a conspiracy theorist”., “its all a hoax, we were just kidding about.”

    So far in 2020 these are forefront and are shaping up to look alot like something described in a hoax letter.

    One world government?
    Global lockdowns from a pandemic?
    UN/NWO mass global reset?
    Churches are banned from gathering?
    Attempts to erase history from schools?
    Antifa burning cities and looting?
    Mass pedophilia?
    New Normal?

    Seems the American Christian system is falling apart before our eyes.

    China is persecuting anyone who is Christian currently as well. Strange. Seems systematic. Why would they want to remove Christianity?

    Coincidentally, Nixon came back from China with the New World Order plan 101 years after the letter was allegedly penned. 101= 11. 11 is a completion number in masonry.

    2021- UN Agenda 21 otherwise known as the Green Deal. 21 in masonry is a number refererring to the 21 days of alchemical change needed to purify base metals. Purify the world from disease, carbon emissions and over population. Green is also a very important color as it symbolizes unchanging immortality and all that is divine.

    We obviously being base metals and the illuminati or illuminated ones, (lucifarians) will purify us base metals with enlightenment and purge out the unwanted from the mix.

    Masonic Georgia Guidestones?

    Statue of Liberty was given to us by French masons, which represents Lucifer. Interesting our symbol of justice and freedom is Lucifer. Coincidence?

    Glad you took the time to investigate this. Sad to find there is no document , but an elaborate hoax rather.

    Interesting to say the least for some letter that “never existed”.

    Thank you.

    • Interesting too that none of what you bring up was in the so-called letter.

      Carr, in the 1950s, after Israel became a nation, was mixing christian eschatology with his conspiracy theories. All bible prophecy advocates know of Israel and the final war against the Arabs (and kings of the north and east) during the endtimes. Israel being a nation after thousands of years is/has been a big deal – the biggest in fact.

  29. David says:

    “Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the mad minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate these destroyers of civilization; and the countless disillusioned adonaites, whose deist soul have up until that time remained without a compass, thirsting for an ideal, but not knowing which God is worthy of tribute, will receive the True Light, by the universal manifestation of the pure Luciferian doctrine, at last made public, an event that will arise from a reactionary movement following the destruction of atheism and adonaism, together at the same time vanquished and exterminated.

    “The birth of the religion of the Good-God Lucifer, established and unrivalled on the earth, cannot be an instantaneous operation, neither in one year nor a century.

    And here we arrive at today. The Pope has been deposed as an evil pedophilic freemason, the New World Order is on our doorstep, only to be defeated at the last moment by Donald Trump and the white hats riding along with the digital warriors spouting Ascension Christianity. They are all spouting how “God wins” and “God has already won” without worshiping Him through the Holy Trinity portrayed in the Christian Bible. This resounding defeat of the cabal and this version of satan that is obviously evil will usher in the new version of satan mentioned above, the true luciferian doctrine of satan as him being good and the true light. Then you can pick up the rest of man’s history in the book of Revelation starting with today, 6-12-2021 including the mark of the beast, which includes a method that controls when we can buy and sell which could be a number of things including the vaccine passport, or the vaccine itself.

    Trump would make a good antichrist, wouldn’t he? If he pulls off everything it looks like he is trying to pull off; defeating the evil satan-worshiping cabal, ending grandiose governmental corruption, child trafficking, pedophilia and child blood sacrifice, defeating the federal reserve, wall street corruption, bringing down the mainstream media and evil Hollywood and overturning the fake presidential election that was stolen from him and the American people (most of this stuff is already done), and despite being hated and attacked since day one in office, people are going to want to kiss his feet and make him king of the planet.

    Everything you have pulled together here makes total sense, including the dates and timing: 8/15/1871, 8/15/1971 Nixon takes us off the gold standard (Kennedy assassinated trying to eliminate the federal reserve in 1963), and now this phony covid virus, the mass de-population vaccines, total governmental control through masks, lockdowns, etc. Throw in a good alien invasion (which is totally possible to pull off with CGI and or subverted technology) and you’ve got a good reason to explain the disappearance of hundreds of millions of people in the event of the Rapture of believing Christians before (literally) all hell breaks loose for one final time on this planet.

    All this makes perfect sense to me, Mr. Conspiracy Theorist.

  30. Dany Nafatyuk says:

    Hey, thanks for doing all this research.
    My uncle brought up Albert Pike’s “predictions” at a family dinner, and having never heard of this before, I didn’t know how to respond. This was really helpful to find and counter with.
    Keep up the good fight 🙂

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