Albert Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars?

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Captjack says:

    Thank you for finding the evidence I’ve needed to put this detestable Albert Pike Bologna about 3 WWs into it’s final grave.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading such a long post.

    • Grey says:

      No doubt. When I first read about the letter (from the website) I bought it. And I knew about it before it made the rounds on the Internet since a good friend of mine knew the site owner. I read this article a few years ago and use it to prove the letter is a complete hoax.

      We don’t need to use propaganda to prove that the world is in the hands of psychopaths.

    • M says:

      The only part of this article that smelled like bologna and propaganda was Taxil’s so called admission at the end. I mean, give me a break….looks like some one (freemasons) set out to cover their butts.

  2. Calum says:

    Thanks for investing so much of your time doing the diligent research. I understand that nobody paid you, and am upset at irresponsible people and so called ‘news’ outlets such as infowars for breathing life into this baseless fraud.

  3. keno says:

    must applaud you as well, on your detailed study into this. Ive always suspected it was, perhaps a hoax — because it never turned up until after the fact — as you point out. however, ever since I first read them, they seem to stick with me, because they reveal something in a light that I never saw before. Something deeper than what I ever knew about on the surface about these events, and the last one, because, that seems to be the direction things have been going, contrivingly.

    It’s kind of like, reading something in a novel like Orwell’s 1984, or Vonnegut’s Player Piano. It’s fiction, but there’s something that just kind of hangs with ya, because it reveals something from an insightful perspective. Or, seeing a film, or some pop music show or video. There’s something in there that hangs, and makes me wonder. George Bush recited inthe 2001 inaugural address, “an angel on a whirlwind directs this storm.” Well, there definitely seems to be a whirlwind of a storm going on, nowdays — geopolitically, financially, religiously.

    Im on the same page with you on this and impressed with your picking this thing apart with detail. But I kind of wonder, who is this person that would go through the trouble to write this about these three events in a unique, simple, encapsulating and direct way, and throw it out there where it got a fair amount of attention, and why? I mean, pop musicians, films, and literary writers are successful because they’re connected, and there’s a lot more involved to creating a music video performance, or a novel, than just the person credited with creating it. In my opinion!

    • “who is this person that would go through the trouble to write this.” It was William Guy Carr who wrote about three world wars, in the late 1950s, attributing it to Pike. I don’t find it impressive at all, considering he had hindsight of both world wars as well as the then-ongoing fighting between Arabs and Israelis. Also, he was a Christian and knew full-well about endtime prophecies. If anything, it’s the Bible’s undeniable prediction that is impressive after being written 2000 years ago. For millenia Christians have believed that the world would end in a cataclysm when the Arab powers (allied with Russia [kings of the north] and China [kings of the east]) try to utterly destroy Israel. The prophecies are clear as day, and for someone like Carr the conflict in the middle east after Israel declared statehood, the age-old promise would have seemed to finally be coming to pass. Another thing most impressive about these prophecies, considering the state of the world now, is that (1) Israel was never a state until modern times, and (2) Revelations specifically states that these kings of the east would have a 200 million man army. There probably wasn’t 200 million people in the whole world when this was written, but now with China having over a billion people it is not so far fetched to entertain that they could muster such a force.

      • Except that that the Gog and Magog war is actually after the Millennial Reign, it’s not gonna happen as a result of our current Geo-Politics.

        There will be no Russian invasion of Israel.

      • David Clumpner says:

        You state here , “There probably wasn’t 200 million people in the whole world when this was written”…
        Please explain: Doesn’t quite jibe.

      • Stonez says:

        Well done on exposing an obvious hoax Terry Melanson. What shocks me is that you haven’t applied the same scrutiny in Bible Prophecy and history? Have you not gotten to the root of Bible Prophecy yet? And yet you get to the root of things so well? I’m confused?

        Are you not aware of how Jewish Apocalyptic writings are also a hoax upon the people? Always written in hindsight and made to look like foresight by placing a patriarch, prophet or apostle as the writer. These fraudulent works are obvious to scholars. Why is someone like yourself, who is obviously intelligent and able to get to the root of these issues, sprouting off biblical prophecy when it is so obviously nonsense, like the hoax you expose so well above?

  4. Cool Dude says:

    This reminds me of when I tried to track down “Pope Pius IX’s Elocution against the Freemasons” as (seemingly)”quoted” in Pike’s Morals and Dogma and countless conspiracy sites forevermore. Hee hee. Turned out Pike wrote the whole thing himself, in the voice of a Catholic antagonist to Freemasonry. Putting quote marks around it and everything, the sly git. I can’t tell you how many papal bulls I dredged through trying to find that damn thing lol.

    • BVM says:

      Papal Bulls are for the people. Papal Encyclicals are for Bishops. Search encyclicals against freemasonary. When we had real Catholic Popes they knew this was coming and they called it like it was, evil. Now the “popes are masons. The encyclicals against the masons and communism were spot on.
      Ave Maria

  5. Will B says:

    This stands as yet another example as to why one should not accept at face value incredible claims to have discovered evidence of the long range malfeasance of the certain elite persons and/or groups. As this and many others I can think of (such as the misquoted CFR study no.7) demonstrate, it pays to seek out the original source to see if exists and if so, if it has been accurately quoted or paraphrased. It is alarming how often a key source turns out to be anything but…

  6. Léo Taxil says:

    you can download the entire version of “Le diable au XIXème siècle” here:
    French version. It’s very entertaining, and has been the source to many conspiracy theories.
    Also, I find it very interesting that William Guy Carr was a canadian intelligence officer… Disinfo much?

    • This was a continuing series from 1892 to 1896. The Pike/Mazzini letter appeared sometime between 1892 and 1894. The pdf in your link above starts in 1894 and ends in 1896. It’s not the entire series and doesn’t include the letter.

      • Léo Taxil says:

        It seems it’s just an addition to “Le Diable au XIXème” after all. 2k pages of additions… Wow.
        I’ve read about 100 pages of this nonsense without even noticing it :/
        I’m French, I’ll ask this guy “hercule” what his sources are for this letter, he seems to still be active on this forum.
        I’ll come back to you if he gives me an answer.

  7. I already linked to the book at Google books in the article. It has a date of 1894. The series was compiled into book form, in stages (after the initial pamphlet installments were published), covering the years 1892-1896.

    • Léo Taxil says:

      The French version of wikipedia says that “Le Diable au XIXème siècle” series was published between november,20 1892 and march,20 1895 under the name Dr. Bataille , an assumed name of Léo Taxil and co-writer Charles Hacks.

      • Léo Taxil says:

        Hercule told me he just had a word version of the letter, not the full text. He couldn’t remember who sent it to him, it was in 2007. I couldn’t find a digital version of Le Diable anywhere, so I’ve asked the French national library to scan their version and publish it. They’ll probably do it some day…

        • I would surmise that someone has the copyright and is enforcing it at Google books, Gallica and the Internet Archive. The “snippet view” at Google books, in at least 3 scanned versions, is a dead giveaway.

  8. Léo Taxil says:

    The original edition of Le Diable is in the public domain, there can’t be any copyright on it. And there was no later edition of it to my knowledge. I don’t know why they’re blocking it at google books, but as for Gallica, they just haven’t digitized yet.

    • I’ve seen latter edition/reprints being sold at abebooks and ebay. Someone is making money off it. But you are right it should be the public domain: in France, 70 years after author’s death, just like in the states.

  9. Birgit says:

    I have a hard time accepting it as a fraud, when the AGENDA is staring in our faces at this time.We are exhausting ourselves with wars, based on lies and religious fervor , I know redundant.

    • Humanity has always been at war and there’s always been agendas. If an assertion can be checked, you check it, and simply present your results. That’s what I have done.

      • John Etinow says:

        Humanity has always been at war? Are you kidding me? I think you mean governments or religions have always been at war. Regardless of your research, Albert Pike was still a luciferian and part of the secret 33rd degree sottish rite of the Illuminati psychopath pedophiles that have zero respect for human kind and are destroying the earth and humanity as we speak.

  10. Ben says:

    So now, 911 was a fraud. People woke up by its audacity. And here we are, digging deep into scanned versions of books of old. Browsing the dusty shelves of cobweb ridden libraries scrolling back printed titles lit by a dancing candle light.

    Your “Humanity has always been at war and there’s always been agendas.” is a real killer. You do validate the existance of the Illuminati and their agenda? Is it worth the time and energy when books of old by themselves, hoax quoting or not, are already predictory by themselves. In ‘De Devil … ‘ of 1920, if I read correctly, has it about the public school’s importance of religious neutrality however not to kill the inert tendency for the belief in the supernatural by the student. Therefore neither priest nor atheist to be allowed as teacher. This is overly the case in Belgian state schools. Is this also the case elsewhere? This is all about public school neutrality. That all religious symbols be removed. At least this is the mantra in the anti headpiece politics.

    There was a whole hulabaloo about muslim girls having the right to wear their headpiece. It has been forbidden by law in public schools for girls to wear their headpiece in public schools. During their protests I alluded to some girls to put the following argument in their fight: That if they indeed have to remove their religious symbols this being only on the condition all masonic symbols also be removed from the school building. Of course the girls didn’t understand what I was at.

    • Jeff says:

      They’re removing all religiouns from American schools as well. They’re also creating a mass neutrality on a large scale through Hollywood and organizations.
      This book is a bible of its own and is used as a reference for key quotes…
      It obviously fooled and worked against many people during its time. Why wouldn’t it do the same in present time.
      I’ve been reading about how the Masonic society has infiltrated the Christian church. They’ve placed key characters in positions and their subtle symbols give them away if one knows what to look for. Just a simple search on google Masonic symbols in Christian churches especially evangelical church’s. A staunch Christian has studied this and the proof is directly in our faces.

  11. Stephen says:

    I’m currently preparing a documentary of sorts on this issue. When doing research I stumbled across youre article, which was highly credible I might add. I’m not saying you’re incorrect or disappointed that you may have shreded a major conspiracy theory. But my response to you would be that you may be looking and thinking “within the box”. If anything about these world wars and Albert Pike were true, you really think any information would be left behind and the public would have access to that? They wouldn’t. My questions go outside the box and involve serious thought and philosophical views which may never be answered. Why has Albert Pikes statue remained a fixture in Washington D.C.? Why does no one know who he is, including some masons, or at least they claim to me they weren’t aware of him. What I’m getting at is there has never been serious work done on this issue and 95% of the population doesn’t know who he is. To me the whole thing is very sketchy. Based on the way things have been going throughout the world lately and the mans vast intelligence and knowledge. I feel there is something deeper and with the severe corruption, lack of power and our inability to get answers we may never know.

    • > I’m currently preparing a documentary of sorts on this issue

      On what issue?

    • Pike’s statue is still there in Washington because the masons still have pull. I believe it should no be there because Pike was an enemy of the Union. Period. It’s an affront to those who were killed by him and his confederates.

      As for the “three world wars” – this investigation speaks for itself. William Guy Carr made it up in the 1950s and added on more crud on top of previous crud. My methodology is as transparent as you can get and the reader can follow the process, step by step.

      I’m no friend of the masons nor Pike. People who’ve read my work know this, the masons especially: I’ve been on the “Anti-Masons named” list since 2002. I just have a particular dislike for bullshit, and if it’s in my power to get to the bottom of something then that’s what I’ll do.

      I’ve been researching conspiracies for quite some time and I can’t count how many times I’ve come across half-truths, exaggerations, or outright lies; or how many times I’ve had to completely disregard something I’d previously took for granted. Approach your subject as a professional scholar would and use the same methods of the historian. Either there’s a primary source for a claim or there’s not. And if there’s not, follow the trail wherever the evidence leads and simply present your results honestly. It’s as simple as that.

      • Grey says:

        Shit, the “Union” is now controlled by a bunch of evil bastards. Lincoln was owned by the railroad barons. Everything about this country from its inception is bullshit, hence why “constitutionalists” and “patriots” really piss me off, because they are so ignorant concerning the whole constitution scam. Read about Patrick Henry and the new constitution. He was 100% against it and predicted that the constitution would lead to the collapse of our country. Patrick Henry was spot on, almost 200 years ago.

  12. Omar Nineveh says:

    I really enjoyed reading your nice presentation, in fact your strict scientific methodology is something that I adore and commit.
    Yet, I think that in this subject there is always something missing in following “Facts”, what I want to say is that although shifting the burden of proof is a well known fallacy, yet in many issues humanity had gone into endless debates without reaching a simple satisfactory answer, take the existence of God for example, endless arguments show that one could not affirm God’s existence, yet one could not affirm the opposite, it sounds simple question when discussing Bertrand’s Russell’s teapot, but there are huge amounts of facts which need to be explained before simply saying “there is no proof that God exists, so it is not there” Other example is in theoretical physics, where there was a clear evidence that light acts as discrete packs of photons, which is incompatible withe wave theory, yet light behaves as photons and waves at the very same time…we can not disproof wave behavior by proving photons behavior.
    Same is here, although you are absolutely right in you conclusions, yet denying any form of global conspiracy seems to raise questions more than it answers !
    I live in Mosul city in Iraq, and I am not raising philosophical issues, but rather to me it is a life or death subject, the future of my kids is on stake, I have seen in my own eyes the american troops holding terrorists in capture, then releasing them to be free again, when at the beginning of Iraq’s invasion people were talking about american troops helping the terrorists escape, it was ridiculous to believe, yet what happened is that all of ISIL leading members are ex US prisoners who were released, or rather “Graduated” from the infamous US prison of Buka.
    I have seen in my own eyes hundreds of terrorist gathering and grouping in the dessert in order to attack Mosul, at that time 2-3 F18 air strick could have put and end to a major terrorist attack, yet with all their satellite system which could capture a coin on the ground, ISIL were simply ignored.
    What happened is that the US spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of soldiers to give Iraq to their very enemy.
    Looking at this, there is something that doesn’t add up, in every country that was stricken by western military action, ISIL was planted and nourished.
    During my own life time I have seen people in Iraq being captured for the slightest hint that they were extremists, sometimes having a beard was the only cause!, now after American invasion ISIL is in control of an area equal to Britain ! And this doesn’t add up !
    Although you cleverly shown that Mazzini’s letter issue could a fraud all together, yet what is happening on ground is exactly as the alleged letters of Albert Pike predicts!
    As if the US wants to build up an ISIL county, then starts a war with Israel.
    You rightly said that one should follow the facts, yet doing so shows that in the end what is happening on ground is in exact match with Pik’s scenario, and this needs sound explanation.
    We all know that in science a theory is an intellectual framework which explain large amount of facts and has the capability of prediction.
    Till this very moment the global conspiracy scenario has the best explanatory and predictive power, and this is a FACT, regardless to whether theses theories are based on facts, fiction, or simply a hunch…

    • Ram says:

      This support of terrorism is likely to keep this area of the world in a state of disorganization in order to maintain the petro $ via US military power. Where the dollar is threatened war soon commences. The US has been in Afghanistan for about 15 years, the longest war in US history. It was said that there were reports that the US military would enter Afghanistan a year before 9-11. The TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) pipeline was supposed to be started in late 90’s. Apparently problems with Taliban meant the Taliban had to go. That pipeline is now in progress since I believe 2015. We will likely be there until its completed if not longer. Also, heroine (poppy) production which the Taliban had nearly eradicated is now at record levels and in the US we have a new epidemic of heroine addiction in suburban white 18-45 year old (don’t know if heroine is from there) probably is, as CIA is known to bring it in through transport of military and construction equipment. Its all about the military industrial corporate complex. Its a giant beast that the American people seem to have no control over.

      I ran across this or another article on Leo Taxil regarding attacks against Freemasonry online about 5 years ago when doing a search regarding the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is similar in that there are many people still citing it as factual.

  13. Omar Nineveh says:

    I wonder why I did not get any response? it my bad English? or my bad argument ?..or probably both?….kind regards.

    • I didn’t respond because I have nothing to say. The Pike Mazzini correspondence is a fraud. That’s all this article was about. Anything trying to downplay that fact is irrelevant.

  14. Omar Nineveh says:

    Thank you for responding, I wanted to raise 2 issues:
    1- What “Primary verifiable evidence” do we have at hand that Dr. Bataille was an imposter and a liar?
    2-If you read the epic of Gilgamesh, you would see a nearly word by word copying of it in Noah story in the bible, dose that proof anything?….simply no, because there might be a “Third source” (which would be the flood itself in this case) from which both the bible and the epic were relying upon!, so on what basis did you role out the existence of a third source from which both Carr and Dr. Bataille could be relying upon?, absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence, so absence of such a third source (till now) is not an absolute proof that Carr was copying from Dr. Bataille.
    Kind regards.

    • Anti-Mason says:

      The “primary evidence” is that he quotes a source which cannot be checked or proven to exist. When trying to make a case for yourself this should be avoided at all costs. When trying to expose the “New World Order” conspiracy it is absolutely vital to our cause to stick to only facts that can be verified or proven (certainly there’s enough of them that are well documented right from the horses’ mouths).

      We know the goals of the ancient Mystery Babylon religion are:
      1. Abolish all nation states.
      2. Abolish all religions save theirs (secular humanism/Luciferianism)
      3. Shackle the mob in a one-world socialist “utopia/benevolent dictatorship”

      The masonic legend of Hiram Abiff (as the word of Freemasonry) being killed by the three men (intolerance, ignorance, and tyranny or the mob, the church and the state respectively) who are the age old enemies of the “enlightened” tells much of the story of their religion and long term goals.

      Chasing our tails dancing around unsubstantiated and rumors which cannot be proven only serves as a distraction and a poison pill to be added to what might be otherwise useful conspiracy research.

      Thank you, OP for your diligent research. While I believe whole heartedly that these wars were planned and orchestrated for those stated goals, by the usual suspects, it is good to avoid relying on false or non existent documents to attempt to prove it.

      • Grey says:

        Well said. There’s no reason to use bullshit stories to prove the very real conspiracy of a one world government under the Luciferian doctrine. We could use quotes from Carroll Quigley’s work “Tragedy & Hope” or the minutes from congressional records or many other factual sources. There’s no need to keep parroting and shouting “Illuminati”. At this point the Illuminati has been injected into popular culture and making mention of it just weakens the argument. Our enemies are good at making us look foolish, they give us the rope and we hang ourselves with it.

      • Me says:

        A wild goose chase. Thank you.

  15. Taxil aka Bataille admitted at a press conference that he duped everyone and had a good laugh about it. It was widely reported (an example here). I also reproduced Taxil’s thoughts on the affair years later; his own words end this article.

    Further, the so-called letter bears no resemblance to Carr’s three world wars scenario (written after WWI, WWII and after Israel was already fighting with Arabs). Taxil didn’t predict anything and neither did Pike. Your third source is the Bible itself, where Carr got his ideas about the end of days and who would be involved in the struggle (i.e. the Arabs and the the Jews). If you want to say that the Bible is turning out to be correct then I would agree. Carr is irrelevant; Taxil, more so.

  16. Omar Nineveh says:

    Thank you….I wish that we are all wrong, (including the Bible), and that peace will prevail in the end….its been a pleasure…wishing you all the best, keep your great work.

    • Grey says:

      Omar, we will prevail in the end. If you read the Bible the end result is a new heaven and a new earth, completely at peace. The reason people reject the Bible (or rather, one of the reasons) is because the Bible condemns the things we find pleasurable as sin. In order to able to live on the new earth one must reject the pleasures of this world.

  17. Sebastian says:

    Thank you for investigating and writing on the matter.

    I just stumbled into this ater a conspiranoic friend sent me a link from what I can only conclude is a Chilean TV show ( where they debate over the “letters”. I figure you dont understand Spanish, but if you check the video you will maybe admit the show presenters and guests look like they are discussing a recipe for a warm and tasty chocolate pudding.

    By the 2:33 mark or when the first slide with the letter quotations was shown I concluded it was a hoax and simply googled “robert pike letter rebuttal”. And find your interesting investigation.

    Fact is, the friend who sent me this video link will only conclude you are part of the conspiracy. And your article is a counter conspiracy move just to prove to the initiated this is in fact true.

    The world continues to be a fascinating place. Through the years I have learned we are mammals, only a little bit more sophisticated than the rest of the other mammals, thanks to a thickened gray matter.

    There aren’t that many around who actually bother to take the distinction above the anatomical fact of a simple gray matter measurement.

    So, again, thanks for bothering. I was going to say also thanks for enjoying the process, but as you wrote, “Discovering the truth is a reward in itself”.

  18. Hyden says:

    Whats with all the pictures of albert pike in dress gear etc. The idea of National Socialism existed long before Hitler made it so popular.Here it gets interesting:
    Edith Starr Miller was the daughter of William Starr Miller, a New York congressman, lawyer and industrialist. She was also the wife of Lord Queenborough, a member of The Order, Knight of Malta, and prominent English fascist. She was a conspiracy theorist and active in several British fascist organizations.@Anonymous thAt still doesnt explain how he says about the use of the word isreal because the balfour declaration was in 1918 and isreal came into existance in 1948…it was definitely written by some mason if not albert pike because the freemasons history aginst the muslim ottoman empire for jeruslaem is know to everyone….also solomons temple is in jerusalem so the war to make isreal the ruling state is not a far fetched possibility
    Gabriel Jogand-Pagès, AKA Léo Taxil was taught in a Jesuit school in France. He turned to fraud, hence the two names. He appears to have been anti-Catholic. and became a freemason, joining the lodge Le Temple de L’Honneur Français in Paris in 1881. The freemasons claim to have expelled him before he reached the 2nd degree level, which prompted him to add anti-masonic literature to his literary oeuvre.
    Gabriel Jogand-Pagès died in 1907, sixteen years before the term Nazi was created, so the letter is no more likely to have been his handiwork than Albert Pike’s.

  19. Hyden says:

    Im not sure if you mentioned his book Morals and Dogma, published in 1871 for the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry:
    Pike, a gifted polyglot who mastered sixteen ancient languages, discovered that the Baphomet was originally a symbol of Lucifer, the hermaphrodite god of pagans. He found in paganism no adversary known as Satan. Satan was mentioned only in, the Bible, and according to Pike, was a fabrication of Christians. “Thus,” writes Pike, “the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philos9phic religion is the belief in Lucifer….”

    • The hoax of Taxil was the Palladium rite. Those Lucifer quotes stem from it, as does the “letter.” Abel Clarin de la Rive sourced them from Diana Vaughan which was a Taxil made-up personage, and so did Margiotta. Taxil admitted to the hoax because everyone had been wanting to see the satanic harlot for years. At a press conference he promised to finally reveal who she was, and instead admitted to his ruse. John Daniel and Queensborough have been shameless propagators of it and are therefore useless as a source.

      As for Pike he plagiarized Eliphas Levi all throughout his Morals and Dogma. Levi was obsessed with Baphomet because he was an occultist. What he wasn’t, however, was a historian. Ditto for Pike.

  20. Hyden says:

    to me the information seems interesting, as if it is a dis info movement because the letter fell into public hands, JFK speech warn of secret society’s etc. More to it than meets the eye. they put out all this dis info just to keep us of track. Maybe what a confused stuffed up world we live in , im not sure what to think anymore.

    • B says:

      Actually JFK also belonged to a secret society and his speech was about Communism, the press leaking important info (the speech happened a week after the Bay of Pigs), and the balance between freedom of the press and national security secrets. JFK seems to be a fan of secret societies due to him being in one. choosing a Freemason as his VP, and being friendly with Freemasons/their charity work.

      • Johnson was chosen to appease the masons. The masons and the protestants attacked him (in an alliance of Scottish Rite and National Association of Evangelicals) in the run-up to the election and as well as afterwards. They couldn’t help themselves – their anti-Catholicism got the better of them. The secret society speech cleverly alluded to both communism and masonry (i.e. “secret oaths and to secret proceedings”).

  21. Léo Taxil says:

    Hi Terry,
    You write: “there are plenty of resources to become familiar with all facets of the Leo Taxil case”
    The “facet” link supports the veracity of Taxil’s story. Probably not the best of sources 🙂 By the way, it’s a very in-depth study, which shows that some circles are still pushing hard to promote this kind of anti-masonic propaganda. I see that even American “researchers” are citing “Le Diable” these days to “expose” satanism and luciferian masonry…
    The “all” link directs to Massimo Introvigne’s Cesnur and is a response to the first article. Introvigne has done quite a good study on the Taxil case in his book “Indagine sul satanismo” (italian) / “Enquête sur le satanisme” (french). I highly recommend his work centered on “new religions”. His Cesnur site has published a lot of english articles.

    • It’s a quite prominent supporter of Taxil’s claims so I thought I would include it to show how involved it can get.

      I’ve read quite a few of Introvigne’s articles in various places over the years. His research runs the gamut on all things esoteric and he has inside connections with some of these groups as well. Sometimes they are not that happy with what he writes.

  22. Mac says:

    Thanks for researching and writing this. I always suspected that the Pike quote was a fabrication, because when Pike allegedly wrote it, German National Socialism had not developed yet, let alone Hitler’s National Socialist Party and the abbreviation for it, “Nazi.” I’ve noticed that many conspiracy theorists will go to great lengths to claim that National Socialism was invented in the 19th century, based on early German nationalist and socialist groups that did exist at that time, or even claim that the Illuminati and Masons “invented” National Socialism back then for future conspiratorial use, and so already were using the nickname for it many decades before it publicly existed. I have yet to see any convincing evidence of this, especially because upon close examination, conspiracy theories that Hitler was a Illuminati, Zionist, or “Jesuit” asset fall apart. I think Hitler and his followers who they claimed to be, actual German nationalists attempting a revolt against the current world order of the time, for which both the forces of the capitalist US & British Empire, and the communist Soviet Union, were assembled to put down. But opposition to other aspects of Nazi thinking (eg antisemitism), plus 70 + years of demonization in all education and media and entertainment forums, motivates conspiracy students to try and derive a more mysterious and convoluted origin to the Nazis than what history actually supports. So I think the use of Nazi here is just more evidence that the Pike quote is apocryphal, and was created after the fact to appear prophetic.

    • Léo Taxil says:

      Well, I don’t think that “70 + years of demonization in all education and media and entertainment forums” should prevent the belief that there’s probably “a more mysterious and convoluted origin to the Nazis than what history actually supports”. I also think that this kind of disinformation (the bogus Pike letter) is a way not to question the true origins of nazism, and discard any question related to this matter as “conspiracy theory”.
      As I’ve noted above, Carr was an intelligence officer. I believe that this “three world wars” manipulation had a purpose, one of which probably was to bring confusion regarding the true origins of nazism, and the support they’ve received.

      • Carr was an antisemite. His motivation against Pike was due to his belief that masonry was a Jewish conspiracy. The purpose of the three world wars disnformation was to cast the jews/freemasons as master conspirators manipulating every major event behind the scenes. His intelligence background probably taught him how to do it, and whom to target with specific messages. I don’t believe any one was behind him though. Carr was just being Carr.

        • Léo Taxil says:

          I haven’t read any of Carr’s books, but according to the quotes in this article he doesn’t sound like an antisemite at all. On the other hand, he does sound very anti-masonic.
          ” I don’t believe any one was behind him though” Maybe, I don’t know. The same question could apply to Leo Taxil. Him and Carr obviously have a lot in common. Was Taxil really acting on his own, with the sole purpose to laugh at the gullible masses, or was he on a mission on behalf of the Church to discredit freemasonry, or on behalf of freemasonry to discredit anti-masonic conspiracy theories? The question is still debated today.
          I’ll probably have to read Carr’s books in order to make up my mind about him; but I don’t think I will, I’ve already read too much disinfo BS in my life :-p

          • There’s no redeeming qualities to Carr’s works. He rarely cites anyone for anything and piles on bile after bile. It’s ideological rhetoric for the gullible, much like Taxil. My expertise is the history of the Bavarian Illuminati. Everything Carr writes about them (and/or Weishaupt) is complete BS – antisemitic or otherwise. He made it all up, and throws in Satan and Lucifer and Jews this, Jews that, because that’s what his audience wanted to read. It would be humorous if it wasn’t so pathetic. Pawns in the Game is the absolute worst conspiracy book ever written. All the conspiracy writers who take him seriously and in turn cite him as an authority are uniformed antisemites who don’t know nor care about the concept of history as a discipline worthy of respect.

        • Me says:

          I’ve seen others who bought the Pike WWIII tale refer to Masonry being co-opted by Talmud Jews but never perceived any connection.

    • Jeff says:

      Socialism was used by the Bolshevik’s in Russia following Karl Marx teachings, which led to communism and the death of 60-100 million before even reaching Germany. Hitler himself fought against the socialist party as they were a big thorn in his side. Especially during the Weimar era of Berlin in 1920.
      This is what brought hitler to power and fascism. But one only has to research proper history on this subject to understand hitler wasn’t a monster but a savior in his time.
      Then follow up on the history and the genocide of Germans after WWII.
      Freemasons are the least of our worries as there’s a much greater power influencing our world…

  23. Wobbles says:

    Thank you for allowing me to get on with my life now. Kudos.

  24. Damon says:

    Secret societies are good at keeping their secrets.
    The targets of manipulation must remain unaware, or their powerful resistance nullifies efforts to subjugate them.
    Disinformation is and always has been in common use. It’s common in nature, as well as nations, or even Globalists. And the shill is a common ruse. So it would be ignorant folly to easily dismiss Carr as a lone huckster. And Taxil himself publicly admitted he worked together with a professional team.

  25. Will_Mat says:

    Well Done! Freemasons have known about this since the hoax, and you should have contacted one of us, to direct you to the sources quicker.

    The letter came out, after Pike’s death, in 1891, so he couldn’t defend himself. Taxil was slick, when pulling this off. However, I am like Taxil, in that I can not believe how many gullible people, including the Pope, actually believed it.

    • Freemasonry’s stance on the “three world wars” “letter” was inadequate. The only thing I could find was them saying it came from the Taxil hoax but with no elaboration. It amounted to “take our word for it.” I was the first one to actually trace it back through the various books to the primary source and then translate it so everyone can read it for themselves.

    • Quote: “Carr purports to quote Pike’s August 15, 1871 alleged correspondence in the British Museum Library but neglects to provide citation.” That’s it. Like I said: not adequate. Here too; also not adequate.

      • Me says:

        I met a man compiling 911 dvds who claimed to be 32nd degree then quit because of what it was about. Then he tried to tell me the moon landing was hoaxed. Not sure what to make of that. Very creepy.

  26. Mark Storm says:

    Scratch a Conspiracy Theorist hard enough and you will ALWAYS end up with the same old lie: ”Da Jooz Dun It!”
    Seriously, you can spend YEARS explaining how this document is a fake… and that document is a fraud… and that other document is a forgery… and that thing that everyone thought was real was really just a whole heap of hoo-ha misinformation… and THIS group will hate THAT group… and THAT group will bleat that THIS group don’t know shit from clay… and when all the (bull)dust settles the sad reality will remain that ALL Conspiracy Nuts will all agree to agree on ONE thing:

    ”Da Jooz Dun It!”

    … and they’re all wrong!

  27. truth seeker says:

    thanks Terry as usual for providing such an informative experience for real truth seekers and diligent researchers. the Pike letter being a forgery is immaterial to the globalist agenda, which very much indeed has created a radical version of Islam which it appears to be using to further its goals. also lets stop with the “antisemitism” monikers because it is being grossly misused; both the arab tribes and the Israelite tribes where semites; and the jewish tribe being the only surviving Israelites are by far not the only semites so the term cannot be applied exclusively to them. also since the term semite is an ethnic term and not a religious one, it would exclude converts to judaism or political ideologies such as zionism and its adherers. 2. the globalist agenda, aka internationalism aka collectivism aka world governance is far enough advanced and evident that there needs to be no speculation about what the plans are or who is involved. one thing we are sure of, at the very top of it all are these international banking families who are certainly zionist and ethnically Jewish by their own accord. does this constitute a jewish conspiracy? of course not, but to deny that the the state of Israel and some very very powerful jewish individuals are directly involved in the conspiracy would be ignoring easily substantiated facts. 3. William Carr if nothing else made alot of people aware that there was something going on. although alot of the details where fabricated, revealing how little was actually known, the existence of the world government agenda was the fundamental message of his work and that of many others who where early in exposing things that are occurring today. also lets not forget that the Illuminati merged into freemasonry before they where banned, and the overwhelming presence of Freemasons as the primary instigators and initiators of the policies that have furthered the world government agenda cannot be overlooked or understated.

    • I try to be accurate and expect it in others. I don’t have a problem with anyone writing about anything just as long as they cite where it is they got said information so (1) I can check it myself to see if the source actually says what they say it says, and (2) that said (presumably secondary) source bothered to trace it to its primary origin in the first place. Conspiracy theorists generally preach to the choir and are allowed to get away with propagating disinfo simply because it satisfies the reader’s preconceived notions about how the world works. There’s no “peer review” in conspiracy literature. There should be though, especially in you want to be taken seriously. A scholarly approach should be demanded. We need more Will Banyans.

    • Me says:

      Excellent explanation. It’s not about anti Semitism because the average Jewish person is unaware of any conspiracy, benefits little, and ultimately will be betrayed and harmed by their own elite. I’m more concerned by the Zionists supporting Trump than I was about Sanders being Jewish.

  28. Mik says:

    Thank you for the thorough research.
    I will add to see “everything is a rich mans trick” and also “secrets in plain sight ” one shows underlying powers and the other connects dots of ancient intents.

    Something like , pike. being buried in the “temple” at DC. Exactly at the peremidium city plan . Makes me think “real or not” he is in the “head of the game” !

  29. nobody says:

    Impressive work, thank you for this. The clarity of the process is a sweet relief, at least for this student of many traditional historical works (they do tend to get… tiresome). I have no prior knowledge of these issues, but some on related ones. By way of contribution, then:
    As far as the Nazis, there is very little question about where they came from or how it happened. Follow the money for a hint, look at contemporary society for en explanation. In the words of Howard Zinn: It seems that there is a war, only when it would terrible to not have a war.
    There is also not anything in your fine work that indicates Nazis, as far as I can tell at least.
    The school-point is not wrong, historically speaking. Investigations, easily done, that underlines this very much, could be forced schooling of native peoples (in Canada currently, for instance. Anywhere historically, though), or the striking similarities in European public school systems, time and style wise. There is no great need for explanation here either, though: industrialism brought the need for a class division at the bottom, and slightly better skilled labour – so they stuck children in factory-like buildings, and taught them to read instruction manuals, repeat commands, apply limits to thinking etc., and of course, as Chomsky points out, provided a strong culture of selection for obedience.
    In colonized societies, like South Africa, the divisions of the lower classes was a stated goal, to prevent common cause. Apartheid did not grow out of nothing, and again, does not need the grand conspiracy to be explained.

    That being said, and similar points being plentiful, I’m not suggesting that the grand scheme is not there. Other things suggest it must be (similarities are interesting). The case at hand, however, does not quite compute. Some simple facts:
    The concept of Israel is ancient, and confusing. Christian Zionists especially have branded it about a lot, and it is likely the most applied name for places in the world. What was meant by Israel before statehood is a deep study, without much results I suspect, as it has been invoked in the same way as every other holy reference: however serves purpose.
    The Church in 1871 is NOT the church of medieval France and Italy. The reformation removed land from the church, and gave it to the king. In the case of France, this had happened around 1800. In Scandinavia, for instance, it happened in the 1500s. *in Spain, as an outlier, the land was repossessed from the church as late as the 1930s, prompting priests to take up arms against their flocks (see Frank Pitcairn). The power to attack in the protestant nations are the kings, as anyone could plainly see, today or then. Luther was certainly not shy on the point of the kings authority, nor was Calvin. The church was utterly subject to the crown.
    The revolutionary nihilists is a reference backwards in time, more likely than forwards: during the revolution, the Church of Notre Dame was converted into the Temple of Reason, and the saints were painted over with contemporary superstars. The aristocracy, new and old, then set about murdering each other, and then the rest of Europe – as is, and were, tradition. The revolution did not change much in that sense, but in the sense of directing righteous indignation away from the owners and aristocrats, the priests were convenient. This is also not that rare in French history (Friday 13th, for example). In the end, power did not change much; hands at most. A revolution of the Status Quo, in a sense.

    What im trying to say, is this: The powers that be, whatever their stripes, are playing their interests and joys as always. There is no reason to insert prophecy into what makes sense to do already, and here, you have neatly showed that that was not done, at least seriously. Disinfo? yes. Intent? …that one is more difficult to swallow: there is no indication of the idea behind, the goal attained, either by the spreading of disinformation, or indeed if it were real. It is assumed that ownership or control of the world is the endgoal, but I don’t see a lot of reason for that, either. More importantly, if the plan was worldwide ownership, the way to do it is perpetual war, always be invading. That has been going on pretty much always, and certainly is going on now, since WW2. The huge effort proposed, to convince people of the right of it, seems utterly unnecessary. There is simply no need for long term indoctrination, when you can simply lie about what you’re doing. After all, when the next President Bush has to convince a new brood of young westerners to invade Iraq for Democracy, they have no way of knowing to laugh. Unless someone tells them. School will not.

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