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  1. Here’s some interesting background on Coleman from Eustace Mullins (who was there when Coleman appeared out of nowhere). Seems Coleman was reluctant to provide any sort of proof, from the start, that he was who he said he was.

    The totality of his output directly stems from Larouche material, to the point of plagiarism (as Mullins realized too); so much so that the Larouche gang had to have been behind him in the first place. I don’t think they would stand by and let someone crib their entire conspiracy oeuvre, and pass it off as his own. The only unique thing he’s offered are the words “Committee of 300,” but even his synonymous name for that fabled monolithic cabal, the Olympians, can be traced back to Larouche and company.

    From the Larouche Watch site:

    According to Zepp-LaRouche, during the Ice Age around 11,000 B.C. the Atlanteans lived in western North Africa where Morocco is today and around the Straits of Gibraltar. Their civilization had the ability to make astronomical observations of an accuracy that would rival those of Kepler in the 17th century A.D. And the king of this progressive, maritime culture was named Uranus.

    Recall that in 1979 LaRouche had attributed the fall of Atlantis to the melting process at the end of the Ice Age. But by 1982, he and his wife had developed a whole new theory of why Atlantis collapsed. In their new theory (as outlined by Helga) there arose in Atlantis a “faction fight” between good “Titans” versus evil “Olympians.” The Titans developed astronomy, while the Olympians promoted astrology. Zepp-LaRouche told the Wiesbaden conference: “Whenever you see astrology, when you see your mother or your aunt or your grandfather reading a horoscope, you must immediately attack them and say, ‘What Satanic rite are you following?'” (NS 11/26/82.)

    Zepp-LaRouche also claimed during this speech that in the war between the two Atlantean elites the evil usurious Olympians conquered the good “city-building” Titans–and that the Olympian conspiracy launched in Atlantis continues to rule the world today. The powerful Olympians are, she said, “to the body of human society as a cancer is to the body of a human.”

  2. Winston says:

    Didn’t author Spiridovsky mention a ‘commitee of 300’ in his work, specifically originating in Germany?

    • Who is Spiridovsky and what work are you specifically referring to?

      • Brad says:

        I believe Winston is referring to Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, author of “The Secret World Government Or the Hidden Hand: The Unrevealed in History,” published in 1925. The book is now in the public domain. In this book, Count Spiridovich claims that a secret group of 300 Jewish businessmen and bankers have formed what the author calls the “hidden hand,” which Spiridovich sometimes refers to in the book as the “300”.
        To my knowledge Spiridovich is the first person to combine the Freemasons, The Illunimati, Jews, the Rothschild family, and Satan into one giant super conspiracy. After reading Spiridovich’s book, one can easily come to the conclusion as to where Dr. Coleman got the idea for the “Committee of 300”. That Dr. Coleman knows about Count Spiridovich is clear from Dr. Coleman’s book “The Rothschild Dynasty”. Dr. Coleman uses Count Spiridovich’s book as a “source” for information concerning the Rothschild family. Of course, the information contained in “The Secret World Government” is mostly false and an exercise in extensive quote mining. It is also blatantly antisemitic.
        Anything written by Dr. Coleman is an exercise in intellectual and historical dishonesty.

        • Thanks for the response. It seems you’re right. All kinds of references to the 300 “Hidden Hand” “Judeo-Mongols.” It’s really a vile book, in the vein of a William Guy Carr, with two or three errors of fact in every sentence of every page.

  3. Michael McCoy says:

    Truth — real truth — has always been an elusive concept. Also always, have been persons making claims — often about their credibility and importance — that turn out to be deliberately exaggerated, self-aggrandizing in nature or outright false.
    Think of the war veteran wearing medals not earned.
    When a person lies about small matters, be rest assured they will lie about other matters — often the big ones.
    Such misrepresentations are a clear demonstration of character.
    I would be very interested to know if Dr Coleman has responded to the allegations of dishonesty and self-promotion contained herein — and if he is even aware of this challenge.
    Can any viewer furnish any information?
    My email address is:
    Meanwhile, I will make an attempt to locate a reliable email address to forward the content to Dr Coleman.

  4. Ryu Soeno says:

    Yes, the late Eustace Mullins and Lyndon LaRouche claim (Executive Inttelligence Review) that Coleman plagerized their ideas, information and works. Mullins wrote his article about Coleman in 1992. Here are my concerns about Coleman:

    1. His educational background

    If Coleman really worked for MI6 as an information officer, he would have graduated from Oxbridge and earned his DPhil (PhD) there. MI5 & MI6 have accepted only Oxbridge graduates as high-ranked officers. But, he stated he used to study at the British Museum for 5 years and earned his doctorate in history and social science.

    He also wrote that (to investigate John Cecil Rhodes) ”From unpublished documents, Dr. Coleman researched at Oxford, the British Museum and on location in South Africa. ”

    As Will asked at first, I would like to know his educational background.

    2. About his location

    He used to live in Carlson City, NV, the U.S. for many years. If you can check the location by google’s photo mapping, there are only a few junk food stores (like KFC). I am so curious if he really used to live there for several decades. How did he gain the latest information from others (except plagerizing other works)?

    If someone have more information about Coleman, please share. Thanks.

    • See here:

      That link literally has everyone on every continent who has earned a PhD going back to the 1950s or 40s. I always check there whenever a claim is made. There’s no John Coleman who earned a PhD from any school in England – ever. Plenty from other places like America though.

      • Ryu Soeno says:

        Terry, thank you for your reply and info.

        I think what Mullins and LaRouche (EIR) claim is correct. Coleman would not hold his PhD and worked for MI6. Rather, he may be one of the conspiracy theorists who try to agitate real info.

        The purpose of pseudo-conspiracy theorists is to misguide people. They may be agents of Rothschild or Rockefeller.

        If you goodgle ‘David Icke freemason’, ‘David Icke freemason’, you will learn they are fake conspiracy theorists who provide half-real info and half-false info with people.

        The books by Coleman and Icke are already translated from English to Japanese. Ironically, Coleman’s books are popular in Japan.

        Also, there are some conspiracy theorists in Japan such as Kaoru Nakamura, Benjamin Fulford, and Richard Koshimizu.

        Nakamura claims she is a grand daughter of the late Meiji Emperor and describes herself as Princess Nakamura. Actually, she does not have any kinship with the Japanese royal family. She is an espionage of Rothschild, Rockefeller, and North Korea.

        Probably, other two guys would be the same.

  5. Dennis says:

    Thank you, contributors for your info on Coleman. I just bought his book based on many pieces, congruent events and other info by many like Carroll Quigley. Although it is/would be phenomenally difficult to believe that world control, to a level Coleman describes, exists or could with so few in control, all indications I have learned indicate it’s very possible, even likely. But with your contentions here I am somewhat relieved that it is less than he claims. However, for me I remain “at the drawing board”.

  6. Mickey Mouse says:

    John Coleman is an alias, clowns!…do more research first, ok!

    • Will B. says:

      So that makes all his false claims to prescience OK then? So it’s not Fake News if the man is a fake to begin with?

  7. Thedude says:

    Micky mouse..why don’t you just say what you know. Moron.

  8. Om.ega says:

    Sure does look foolish assuming that that is his real name. The piece is amateur”ish” and I suspect this is why it was never responded to. Either that or this is paid intervention as the seo work is beyond suspicious.

  9. Chris says:

    World intelligence review, inc Las Vegas registered with sec of state (status revoked) by lena clarke P O BOX 27740, LAS VEGAS, 89126, NV. Corp agent NCH @ 4730 S. FORT APACHE RD SUITE 300, LAS VEGAS.

    BERNSTEIN INTELLIGENCE, LLC registered with same POBOX and same agent above but also lists a manager name of STANLEY CHILDRESS (old English Anglo Saxon name ). Could this be Dr John (middle name possibly peter) coleman?

    I also find another company with intelligence in name at the same P.o. box INNATE INTELLIGENCE, INC, managing agent SETH L PRATT, but owner names Vietnamese.

    I don’t know. Difficult to find Dr John coleman!

    • Will B. says:

      He seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, or least taken down his website. Perhaps he has retired from this line of “work”.

      • Chris says:

        Perhaps the host of Veritas (not project Veritas) can find him. Alex Jones interviewed coleman a long time ago followed by Veritas about 6 years ago if memory serves. I don’t want to pay a subscription fee at this time to pursue Veritas as I don’t have enough time to invest in conspiracy stuff. I’m already so busy keeping up with the coup against our president Trump. My gut tells me Coleman is sincere, and perhaps he just used an alias to hide his identity. Honestly, registering through Las Vegas and LLC and using a PO box, everything about him is alias.

        I presume that the messenger is not as important as the message which he successfully relayed. I would really like to hear his current view of our president circa 2019.

  10. Larry Shea says:

    I contacted the individual who goes/went by the name of Dr. John Coleman several years ago. I sent him a copy of a hard-to-find book that he was very interested in reading and exploiting. The old bugger never returned my copy. At the time, he mentioned that he had been in a serious car accident and he also mentioned his son. He said that he was living in Nevada at this time.

    I asked him if he knew anything about the Rothschild family’s connections to the Vatican through loans that the Rothschilds had made to the Holy See. He claimed that he had written a book about the Rothschilds and that he had never come across that information in his research.. He said that his book on the Rothschilds was not available in America. Of course it is fairly well-known now that the Rothschild’s lent money to the Vatican over the years (q.v., Wikipedia: “Rothschild loans to the Holy See”). I do not believe that he ever wrote a book on the Rothschilds.

    I met Eustace Mullins at a conference in California in June of 2002. I spent over an hour with him and two others, one of whom was the late Anthony Hilder who interviewed Mr. Mullins at that time. Eustace Mullins was a gentleman and had a look of sincerity in his eyes. I would certainly trust him over the character Dr. John C. Coleman.

    I do not know to a certainty what Mr. Coleman’s motives are/were. However, based on my experience with him, I strongly suspect that he was just another con-artist who was in the conspiracy field for the money. He thrived until the internet produced too much competition for his over-priced reports. The so-called conspiracy field has seen many of these shady characters over the years. He was the type that leaned on gullible old ladies as sources for his funding – he inferred as much to me in a conversation that I had with him over the telephone. In my opinion, Dr. John Coleman was just another fraudster and plagiarizer who was pretending to have connections to an intelligence service. For example, he mentioned that he had to get permission from higher-ups in order to speak at an engagement. Frauds such as he always seem to wrap themselves in a cloak of deep mystery. One step ahead of his creditors no doubt.

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