Much Ado About Nothing? – Bilderberg 2014

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3 Responses

  1. Kirby says:

    No other comments after this much time? Remarkable. Or, is it more indicative of your lap dog efforts to throw cold water on a very important topic? Are you dispensing with peoples’ comments?
    Your overall tone seems to encourage the derision for any attempts to find anything out about the Bilderberg meetings. I remember when one was laughed at to even suppose the Bilderbergers themselves were anything but a theory posed by morons who had nothing better to do than take note of the fact that national sovereignties including that of the U.S. are slipping badly. What happened to that take on the existence of the Bilderbergers?
    Much effort is being poured into dissolving our Constitution and borders and you can’t even put together the heavily documented obvious that there is far more than “theory” going on here.? It is no secret at all that the media itself is soundly represented by either themselves or their controllers at the CFR, Bilderbergers, Tri-Lateral Commission, the British RIIA, and all the rest of the secretive organizations. Why does the media including you not ask or even investigate the obvious questions that scream to be answered? Well, that of course is obvious also. Being a journalist or any kind of investigative reporter used to mean taking a bulldog approach toward digging out answers on anything of this or even far lower suspicious behaviors involving highly secretive meetings of the world elite in venues all around the spectrum. But, most of your effort here seems directed toward throwing cold water on the topic.
    Who do you work for? Who controls your purse strings? Why do we no longer laugh at the possibility that the Bilderbergers exist? Why do the international media continue to drag their feet as if being led to their graves?
    I recognize that most of the world’s populations are easily misled and lead around by the nose like cattle but that doesn’t dismiss you from the responsibility of protecting them from the elite wolf packs.

  2. Will’s been writing about these topics in an exhaustible manner for quite sometime: He’s contributed a lot – more than most.

    And, no. I do not censor comments. Comments are encouraged, but of late they have had a sharp decline for reasons I have no control over. I have noticed the trend on other sites that have conspiracy related material as well. Either the comments are unintelligible, sparse, or next to none. It may be that people just don’t read as much anymore, and especially so if the article is lengthy. Comments at YouTube have skyrocketed over the years. So there is some empirical evidence of this shift.

  3. Will Banyan says:

    Kirby, you appear to be upset that I am not full of praise for the collection of anti-Bilderberger activists and journalists who gathered outside of the Marriott. My issue was not necessarily with their assumptions about Bilderberg but the collective failure of those assembled, especially those who consider themselves to be “journalists”, to really make an effort to find out what was going on inside. Some, I now understand, did try to find out what was going on, but in all the reporting from Copenhagen from the alternative and mainstream media was of little consequence. In the case of the former group it was because it was difficult, while the latter group took little interest as matter of policy. That does not mean Bilderberg does not warrant our interest, I happen to think that it does. But an orgy of self-congratulation about yelling slogans and interviewing each other outside of Copenhagen Marriott is a poor substitute for actual insight into what the political impact was of this year’s meeting.

    My article was intended in part as a wake-up call that people need to do more than just express anti-Bilderberg sentiments, but make an effort to find out what may have occurred.

    I also think you mis-represent the totality of my piece. I reviewed what information I could find and speculated that the UK attempt to junk Juncker may have been discussed at Bilderberg. I also noted, disapprovingly mind you, that the mainstream media was distinterested in what had occurred.

    You are right to worry about “elite wolfpacks”, but the every so often those who purport to watch them need a reality check on where there efforts are going.

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