Luciferianism: The Religion of Apotheosis

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Isaiah says:

    Thanks for posting this informative, well written and in-depth article. I’ll be posting a link to it on my web site along with a link to an example of what some moron, under the misguided notion that Lucifer has their best interests at heart, wrote as proof she is a total dip sh!t. Anyway, I really appreciate the write up. It helped me to understand how so much of the dirt bags work is coming together right now.

  2. brad p. says:

    This article answers so many questions that we have about politics, pop culture, academia and world religion. I work at a university in the building facilities/maint. dept. I was/am appalled, confused,saddened and surprised at the things I’ve witnessed in the past decade and a half there. As are others, I point them to this article and ask them to objectively weigh their curiosity with the contents. It all makes perfect sense now. Luciferianism is the dominate religion in the world now, no doubt. Cloaked as other ideas it has, like a trojan horse virus, embedded itself into every facet of society. This well researched article can help one discern and recognize the deception whatever path name it occupies.

  3. How does one become so deluded in their thinking to pontificate such a nonsensical idea that the “Power-Elite” has an ulterior motive such as socialism. The power elite would not exist if it weren’t for self centered greedy concepts such as the bull shit fear mongering propaganda found on this page. There is but conspiracy theory: the creation of the idea that there is a lurking evil out to get the masses, and that they need the likes of your kind to protect them. This is mind control!

    • Rick says:

      Nigga please

    • john smith says:

      Socialism is the end goal of these elites. Or should I say “world federalism”

      I’m sorry you fell for Bernie sanders lies, which is very evident, but if you had more knowledge of this end goal before hearing his emotionally charged speakings you may have questioned it a bit more and not fought for his ideals like you are here…

      Please read
      The devils chessboard
      Operation paperclip
      Facing reality; my journey from world federalism to the CIA – Cord Meyer.
      Mary’s Mosaic – Peter Janney.
      Flash backs – Timothy Leary
      The rose of paracelus – William leonard Pickard

      These books are very real historical examples of the very real danger that is posed to our society from this line of thinking… If you read them, you’ll see why this “conspiracy theory” should not be cast aside so quickly…

  4. Kristen says:

    I agree with some of the sentiments you speak of, however, I highly doubt that “communism” is the ulterior motive of the rich and the evil we should be fearing. To keep it short, in my opinion, and based on historical evidence, the state of the world today, and the directions we are headed, especially in terms of resource monopolies and land acquisitions by banks all over the world, that paints a clear picture of what we evil we should be fearing…It is in fact, and has always been, the insatiable hunger of the machine, the banks (specifically the IMF) to control the world. And they do. Wake up! Money is fake and so are the chains that we all bear. Consumerism and the mass destruction of the planet for material gain is Luciferianism and the evil you speak of my friend.

    • Rick says:

      Communism was created, funded, coerced into universities and is about control…any pretenses of equality or protalitarian ideals is completely naive. Socialism or Liberalism is the same thing

    • Otto Rahn says:

      Socialism and then world federalism/national socialism was/is the end goal of Nazis. Which who were recruited by high ranking US government officials after WW2 *Operation paperclip*

      After “winning” the war, high ranking us troops swooped up Nazi doctors, scientists, government officials, etc, and questioned them as to how they came so close to almost winning. The nazi’s were truthful in some respects, but all while being extremely manipulative. They confided weapons technology, rocket tech, psychological and biological studies, which the US government has admitted to “asking” for. Similar situations happened in the USSR.

      What is less known, is that nazi officials fully had no intention of giving up their goals or the power they had acquired. In sharing information with these officials what they were really doing was setting the stage for the future of their goals.
      Nazi mind control technology *project MK-ultra* was very interesting to those ranking US officials in particular. The nazis had used it to create the passive, trusting, blood thirsty population that it had employed in their socialist nation, which America desperately wanted for themselves. During this time frame, nazi scientists planted the idea that doing so would be the only way to gain a foothold over the USSR and in turn complete world power.

      Nazi’s coined the term “new world order” as well as created the Jewish banking conspiracy that so many people toss around without the anti Semitic keywords *including your self* They fought avidly against the Rothchilds family for taking money outside of Germany/Austria/France. they feared/disliked Judaism, Christianity and other religious organization because they saw it as something that weakened their complete and utter control over population. Very similarly to why they strongly worked against other political systems outside of national socialism.

      Lucifarianism/esoterism/marxist philosophy was/are employed, along with powerful mind altering chemicals and conventional propaganda, as tools to destabilizing Christianity and capitalism and in turn conventional western civilization… All so that nazi ideals would thrive among our civilization and eventually create an environment where no outright warish/violent takeover would be necessary. And that the people of this country would eventually feel that they had, out of intellectual/spiritual/economic rebellion created this new world for themselves…

      A few names of US individuals that shed light onto this situation;
      Alan Dulles
      Sidney Gottlieb
      William Donovan
      Cord Meyer
      Gorge bush SR
      Mary Meyer
      Timothy Leary
      John F Kennedy

      A few books that shed light onto this situation;
      Project paper clip
      The devils chessboard
      Facing reality from world federalism to the CIA
      Mary’s Mosaic
      Flash backs
      The rose of paracelus.

    • Otto Rahn says:

      The land acquisition by banks and asset/resource management groups “Obvious front/shell companies created by intelligence apparatus” is probably being used as a new-age colonial globalist tool to acquire land/resources/control in foreign countries and/or land that was previously privately owned but has strategic uses, without violating treaties/codes/international and or national laws and causing a commotion like outright colonial wars have ” the middle east, S Korea, Vietnam, japan, etc..” While also shifting the blame to industry/capitalism/drugs/the rich, etc…. Black OPs like this have been very commonplace, see Iran Contra, Guatemala, the degradation of south central LA, ISIS, etc….

  5. brad roy says:

    This story is as others, so unfortunate for sure. Way off base and miss directed..This author would label Hitler as a socialist given the opportunity. A strict Monogamous, Vegetarian anti union capitalist,,,,is a socialist.Huh,,,,okay.So, George Bush is a pacifist,,

    • Aquarius sinking says:

      Hitler was a socialist. Nazi literally means National Socialist. Hitler had government programs for everyone, he wanted everyone dependent on government…. So yes!! Hitler was a socialist.

    • Otto Rahn says:

      Hitler was 100% a socialist. Nazi literally means national socialist….Go read Mein Kampf. ..
      Their propaganda seems to be working really well on you…

      George bush and him would’ve made good friends…

  6. brad roy says:

    Stephen Harper may be a Humanist also,,,

  7. Eden Joe says:

    This is a great article..worth reading..There needs to be a revolution to stop the big guns..its a wake field educate the people.

  8. Kim Barber says:

    I strongly agree with Brad P. This article should be a wake up call for all of us, unfortunately there are among us many who would prefer to hide their heads in the sand like the ostrich.
    It may already be too late .

  9. Rick says:

    Fantastic article. Very well researched and insightful. The Transhumanist agenda is the cap stone of their counterfeit and evil ‘great work.’ It’s very disturbing to see how they are making huge efforts to infiltrate religion, as in transhumanist mormons etc. This transhumanist agenda is nothing but evil men trying to be God. God will knock them down soon. Technology is modern man’s Tower of Babel

  10. David says:

    Hay Phil, “all things in moderation”. give it a break before your pin burst into flames. Horticulture comes to mind, that is if you can come down off your horse of conquest.

  11. danny says:

    It seems to indicate that any human that has helped in bringing about this system or systems of lucifer have eccepted the mark or number or name (authority) of lucifer to bring about an end to humanity and it seems that we are past the point of no return. why do we all keep looking for its arrival wehen it has been right in front of us all along? we have no excuses.

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