Nietzsche: A Precursor to Hitler?

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. anvil skilling says:

    I work on a College campus but I’m not an academic. Just a lowly maintenance worker. Nietzsche’s quotes are often placed in public view and still highly esteemed. Many professors and students of biology, medicine, technology and genetic research speak with terms of endearment about the man. Passive or positive eugenics is discussed with no reservations. They often have Freudian slips or insult the working class people on campus. Yet proclaim “tolerance” from the roof tops. Working for a university is very difficult for Christians or any other peoples who believes there is someone above them. The Uberman is alive and well. Now he is fused with transhumanism and the “post” religious society. Malthusians like Bill Gates, Ted Turner and others make me extremely vexed about the future of the working class.

  2. Stephen Dedalus says:

    I bet you haven’t red all his works for yourself. Taking a crash course in philosophy just won’t make you competent enough to judge appropriately I’m afraid.

    Moreover, I know you have your audience in mind here, but taking a quote or two out of context doesn’t make for a strong thesis in philosophical analysis. Mind you he wrote a dozen books in the course of many years and his writing were sometimes contradictory on first glance.

    In conclusion this subject is just a bit over your head and I suggest you focus on researching the Illuminati, 9/11 and the likes.

    • says:

      Thank you, Stephen, for your excellent comment, which is both insightful and incisive.

      At 75, I’ve long been a student of Nietzsche, albeit not much of his all-too-many often absurd or irrelevant commentators, such as this guy. Nietzsche had more in his little finger than this clown has in his entire being. In my humble opinion, of course.

      It’s after 11 pm and I’m wearied by a long Sunday, so I won’t burden you or this website w/a long comment. Years ago this site’s founder, Terry Arnold, was one of many websites that posted my Internet ‘swansong’, The Ghost of George Carver is Haunting Bush 43′, so I’ve had a soft spot for it in my author heart.

      I once corresponded w/Walter Kaufmann, who in my mind was –and remains– the greatest interpreter and philosopher of Nietzsche and Goethe. Clearly the dolt who wrote this highly biased artcle never read Walter’s lifeworks, as these conclusions are untenable in a more inclusive context. Nietzsche has long suffered from misinterpretation, as he was a poet AND a philospher, melding the two –as Jeshua did– so that readers easily mistake literal words for intent and purpose. And I write as a Christian!

      As I wrote above, I’m weary and must keep this brief, so I’ll pose a single question: Why did the author not quote or show any awareness of what is arguably Nietzsche’s geatest comment re BOTH Christ and the overman? Here it is for Melanson’s biased PoV: when asked for his definition of the superman, Nietzsche said & wrote: “The overman: he has the might of Caesar, and the soul of Christ!”

      Now how the Hell this can be misconstrued is beyond me, but perhaps clown Melanson can expalin his aberrant thinking. I certainly cannot, nor can I accept it as relevant.

      Nietzsche’s hardly thinking as an anti-Christian philospher, and as a Christian [Society of Friends] I defend Nietzsche accordingly. In my next comment I will relate what Wm Shire [a paid shill for the OSS & CIA] said during a luncheon I attended at my college of the time. Beware of Shirer: he had an agenda.

      Joseph E Fasciani

      • Three things.1) I am the owner of the the site, not the article’s author (as soon as I figure out how to disable the default byline imposed by this wordpress theme, I will). 2) “[F]ounder, Terry Arnold” is actually founder Terry Melanson. Ya, I remember you. 3) Author Philip Collins is not a clown, and he can speak for himself and can argument with the best of ’em.

        Besides that, I don’t much care about Nietzsche or philosophy in general. However, even with my extremely limited grasp, I do understand that he’s the most misunderstood philosopher in the modern age – probably on purpose.

        All this being said, have some respect and be civil. Freemasons and cultists are the one’s who get their panties in a bunch when someone insults their icons. By the way you’re acting, you’d think he called your mother a whore.

      • Michael Samarin says:

        This is the first time that I’ve saw anyone claiming how Nietzche isn’t anti-Christian, and I have read a fair number of both his works and commentaries. Do expand, if you have anything to say, as your claims are beyond unorthodox.

  3. Kuudere-Kun says:

    I tend to be annoyed by both extremes of the “did Nietzsche spawn Hitler” debate. The desire to redeem him of having anything to do with Nazism is absurdly misguided. But if you were ask me who were the 19th Century intellectual ancestors of Nazis ideology, Mr N doesn’t even make the 10 maybe not even top 20, there were many others far more directly relevant. If I were to start with any one particular person it would be Thomas Carlyle.

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