The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship Part One: Illuminating the Occult Origin of Darwinism

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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3 Responses

  1. Phillip Collins says:

    Just wanted to include a little disclaimer with this oldie, but a goody. At the time I wrote the article, I was cognizant of the credibility issues surrounding the authors of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.” While I did not give my assent to the book’s Gnostic thesis, I thought it was significant that Baigent was a top Freemason and, therefore, possibly privy to information concerning the Brotherhood’s formative role in the British Royal Society. As it turns out, there are far more credible sources that affirm the contention that the Royal Society was arguably a Masonic organization in its inception. Among those sources is the following enumeration compiled by the Library and Museum of Freemasonry in London:

    I urge readers to check this source for themselves. As for the authors of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” regard their claims with suspicion.

  2. foreverOK says:

    It’s strange that believers in evolutionism want to prove that their cousins are apes / amoeba and at the same time deride believers in a Creator. Common-sense observations are found in solid scientific laws like the First and Second thermodynamic laws. The First(Conservation) informs that matter/energy can’t be created or destroyed, yet the Big Bunk wants us to believe that’s exactly what happened. The Second law states everything is winding down, not ‘evolving’ up. Farmers and horticulturists of Darwin’s day knew this from practical experience. I think one of the final nails in the coffin will be the exposure of the dinosaur flexible tissues to the general public. Another nail would be the young age of the earth, the moon, the sun for starters. The occult ‘billions of years’ evident in Hindu mythology and Space Brother mythologies are definitely cousins to evolutionism.

  3. Brian says:

    Very good article, and I can’t disagree with any of it, but I did want to point out a somewhat esoteric fact regarding the kaballistic/occult idea of the Golem myth. The underlying truth behind the Golem is trauma based mind control; like so much else in the occult, a fantastical cover story hides a demonic and horrifying truth which only the initiated few would have been privy to. Everything in the occult is inverted, it’s all written in twilight language full of riddles and misdirections. But anyone familiar with the available literature on mind kontrol programming will easily see that the so called golem was a programmed slave.

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