How the CIA created Osama bin Laden

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Rob says:

    Nice regurgitation of Communist lies and propaganda. OBL yes a CIA Carter Zbig creationg an actor or miserable proportions point is in 1978 the PDLF was not a land reform movement it was a greedy bunch of Soviet trained and indoctrinated thugs, and no there wasnt a repsonse to a so called repressive government…the Soviets installed a puppet then a dictator then killed their dictator and invaded all aided and abetted by the Carter stooges and liars and the CIA then they used that to overthrow the Shah

  2. That comma was a nice touch. You should use them more often.

  3. Hank says:

    The USA always seems to “reward” those who do services for agencies like the CIA. These are mainly undercover assets funded, trained and supported by the USA. A sew examples-
    1) Lee Harvey Oswald goes on a CIA spy mission to the Soviet Union under the cover that he revoked his US citizenship for Russian citizenship. The Soviets wouldn’t touch him! He settled in Minsk and married a Russian woman whose father incidentally had ties to Russian intelligence! Small world?
    2) Timothy McVeigh supposedly blew up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and this “great soldier” was rewarded for his “part” in the OKC Bombing by being blamed for it along with Terry Nichols, when the official version doesn’t really hold water. What else is new?
    3) Jack Ruby did lots of government undercover work(FBI informant, gunrunner during WW2, eliminated Lee Harvey Oswald as a witness) and he got prison and a slow x-ray induced death to cancer. Even speaking the truth to the Chief Justice Earl Warren didn’t disturb the phony Warren Report!
    4) All those soldiers taking part in those Nevada A-Bomb tests that later died of cancer obviously got a gift that kept taking from their entrusted superiors! Not to worry they were all told- that radiation is good for you!
    5) Barry Seale brought BILLIONS of dollars worth of drugs into the USA for the CIA, particularly when their was an illegal covert program run out of the White House(George HW Bush) designed to sell cocaine in major US cities and use the funds to manufacture weapons for the Contras. The White House broke the law(Boland Amendment) by weaponizing the Contras). Seale was eventually tried and convicted for drug-running by a federal court, which stabbed him in the back by making him stay at a halfway house with regimented hours, an easy target for the “drug cartels” to take Mr. Seale out after he testified against them. Sure! Ship billions of dollars worth of cocaine for the CIA and get a parting gift of machine gun spray!
    6) Saddam Hussein was a “counter weight” to Russian influence in the Middle East and served USA interests in the region obediently for many years. He even sacrificed hundreds of thousands of his own Iraqi people to fight a war against Iran FOR the USA. Both nations suffered greatly and illegal chemical weapons were sold to Hussein by the USA. Ironically, then, it was Hussein’s alleged WMD’s which “justified” the attack on Iraq in March, 2003. The USA then proceeded to use all types of banned weapons on the Iraqi people, attacking Iraq for what IT was actually doing- having and using WMD’s. Hussein got his gold watch when the US-led “prosecution” of him landed him at the end of a rope in the gallows.
    8) Clean-up workers at the demolished World Trade Center sites were told it was “safe” by the W administration. These workers were going to see lots of things that disproved the official version of 911, so if they started getting lung cancers and whatnot from the poisonous air, it was killing two birds with one stone- get them to clean up a toxic mess unknowingly and then silence them with disease and death! The US government wouldn’t do that to its people? Get a clue please!
    9) David Koresh was cavorting with fed agents just a few weeks up to the attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. What were they using him for? Was the Waco assault by BATF an operation to silence Koresh and all those who might know something they weren’t supposed to know? The BATF DID fire first and the remainder of the long “standoff” between the Davidians and federal officers was just an exercise in torture, silencing and framing before a final assault killed over 80 men, women and children, mainly from a raging fire that engulfed the compound and was ignited by the FBI, as video later proved. The government had claimed the Davidians had committed mass suicide by lighting their building on fire, but evidence later showed that the feds NEVER gave them a chance to surrender.

    These are but a few classic examples of how the CIA/USA “repays” undercover service to it.

  4. Karen Y says:

    I stopped reading after the fourth paragraph where the most basic facts of 9/11 are wrong. About 3000 were killed that day, with countless others over the years from exposure, not 6000. Do better.

    • Date of publication: “19 September 2001.” I read it the day it came out. Eight days after 911, estimates of the number killed was unknown. The 6,000 figure by Dixon, at the time, was a conservative estimate. For the entire week beforehand msm were shouting – all day, all night – tens of thousands may be dead.

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