The Latest Shenanigans of Benjamin Creme, the so-called “prophet of Maitreya”

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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33 Responses

  1. mike says:

    dont criticise what you dont understand lest u be a ostrich with your head in the sand

  2. mike says:

    greetings ostrich how do you breathe with ur head buried in the sand

  3. I think I understand that Creme is charlatan in the strict traditional sense of the word. A rational look at his fleecing of the new age community is most certainly confirmed many times over.

  4. He continues to operate solely on the contributions of the gullible.

  5. sanju gupta says:

    What Creme and his flock do not tell you is that he has become wealthy on the sidelines by the sales of lithorgraphs of his art work to those same flock and to the public, including promotions of his art at his public lectures. It is a way that money is funneled to his family. Well, this is supposed to be all hush-hush. The lithos sell for about $400 each, and hundreds are sold each year. You do the math.

      • leslielandberg says:

        Okay, so what? I guess he’s comfortable. He has an extended family and it ain’t cheap to live in a posh section of London. I wouldn’t call him rich. Nor evil. He’s just a silly, sad old guy, barely a passing footnote. And he offers a slender shred of hope to the weak of mind. Personally, he and his ilk make me nauseated, but I don’t think, after looking around on the internet, that he’s anything more than pathetic.

        • Tampoporamen says:

          I don´t think silly. He has been living comfortably on his scam for almost a lifetime now. frequently travelling all over the world, all costs paid by the gullible…. quite a smart, I´d say.

    • Olivia says:

      He has not at all gotten wealthy by the sale of his artwork, he lives by incredibly modest means. $400 for one litho is NOTHING compared to what many artists make off of their work, and they sell far more than Creme ever will. The selling of his artwork is not at all hush hush, that is how Ben makes his living like any other artist does, because all of the money donated to Share International and spent on the sale of his books, goes to Share International and nowhere else. What other author doesn’t receive compensation for the sale of their published work? You do that math.

  6. Maitreya fits how the Anichrist is views by conservatives who view him as the ultimate liberal.

    I’ve become convinced he’l rise to power from the Right not the Left, it’ll be Evangelicals he’s trying to dupe. Satan has the world already.

    What there might be is someone fitting the traditional view of the Antichrist who will be his adversary.

  7. celtblood says:

    Contrary to the misconceptions of many well-intentioned “believers”, the “antichrist” spoken of in Daniel and Revelation was not referencing some future figure, but rather the emperoro Nero, or Nero Caesar. The events described metaphorically had already taken place, or were expected to take place soon. The “best rising from the sea” was the Roman Empire as it existed at that time. Any serious, logical look at Biblical history and theology will confirm this fact. Hence, no need to worry about Benjamin Creme or Maitraya or anyone else being the “antichrist” of Revelation. Better to worry about the radical extremists who are destroying the very foundations of reality with their “progressive” laws.

  8. Jenny Neve says:

    The writer’s lack of knowledge of the ageless wisdom and esoteric subjects is laughable.
    If you’re going to write an article then please do your research. Read a series of Mr Creme’s books.

    • Olivia says:

      Exactly! Or better yet, Alice Bailey’s or Helena Roerich’s or Helena Blavatsky’s. Creme was not the first person to reveal this information, nor will he be the last.

  9. Douglas Gray says:

    Mr. Crème was born in 1922, so he is now 94 years old. He is getting up there in years. My guess is that he will pass on without Maitreya ever declaring himself. Mr. Crème is running out of time. You prophecy until you drop.

    • Tampoporamen says:

      It does not matter. He had a nice and comfortable run on his little scam. His healthy age of 94 testifies to that.

  10. Gillian Anna Brown says:

    Any adverse or hostile comments concerning Mister Creme, Maitreya, the Resurrected Masters and Spirituality in its broad general spectrum are the talk of fear, and hostility and ridicule, contempt and bluster are fear’s defences, and ever will be, until the soul in you begins to listen to and respond to the soul impetus of Mr Creme’s mission, offered to him and accepted voluntarily many years ago, and at great personal cost (for he well knew the most likely response from a relatively unevolved world to his message of sharing and love) and his tirelessness, sacrifice, dedication and courage are to be admired, as opposed to slandered. He is a spokesperson for wisdom far greater than his own, a truth he has never denied, and believe me, such a task could never be fulfilled (or even attempted) if the means to the end were reduced to and conditioned by, material gain alone. If material gain has also occurred then it surely reflects the public’s free desire to buy books or lithographs or anything else – but reflects also a hunger in them for the truth communicated via him. That any material benefit also enables he and his family to live is surely the entitlement of all of us. And after all, he is not selling weapons or drugs or totalitarian propaganda but calling for justice, sharing and peace on a very troubled earth and if one takes names (such as Maitreya) out of the equation, even though the names embody so much to many, what is wrong with illuminating the need for such things? Maybe it would be good to remember now and then how the light in Jesus was also scorned and humiliated, and how ignorance believed that in destroying his body his love and the light would also be annihilated, but history alone has shown that those qualities are fortunately beyond our human capacity for destruction, So do not be harsh on Mr Creme. He does not claim to be Jesus, or a Master; he is a worthy human agent (there are many) through whom Divinity (which on earth is greatly obscured and obstructed by matter) has chosen to express and to work for the good and evolution of us all.

    • Harmonia says:

      Wow that first sentence is really long! Still, I think you are right that Mr Creme is
      an idealist and truly hopes for the betterment of humanity. However, he’s going about his
      mission in a pretty cockamamie way. As long as people think anything or anyone will save us rather than changing ourselves and taking constructive action, we will continue to slide on down into hell on earth. We are responsible for fixing humanity and the the planet–any savior worth his or her salt would have done something already if such were possible. Ask yourself–why did Christ come then and not again in the last 2000 years? Not because the world didn’t need him, that’s for sure. He was a TEACHER and very few have learned.

    • Tampoporamen says:

      “Any adverse or hostile comments concerning Mister XXX, the Resurrected Masters and Spirituality in its broad general spectrum are the talk of fear, and hostility and ridicule, contempt and bluster are fear’s defences, and ever will be” ….

      Insert any scam artist for the XXX here. Creme, Ron Hubbard, John Smith, Jime Jones, Charles Manson, Reverend Moon, Mohammed for that matter.

      The gullible followers will always jump to the defense of their idol and attack the sceptics.

      • wim says:

        I enjoyed mr creme’s words, weather Maitreya will ever descents waits to be seen.
        His message of love for all species touched my heart. It hurts me to so that this man is a better specimen of our species. I wish a would hear more people like him on my television set, but I imagine sex and competition is what most fellow viewers prefer.
        Homo sapiens has not evolved very much, that’s why the reactions are what they are in this blog

        • I agree, Wim. Homo sapiens have not evolved much. And Mr Crème does speak about economic justice and world peace. Who could fault him for that?
          But the cult of Maitreya, which I for once take seriously, is at complete odds with historic Christianity. This is true whether you believe in Christianity or whether you reject it.
          Please examine a first-rate and very readable book on Christology. It’s called The Person and the Work of Christ. The author is A.T.B. McGowan, a reformed theologian and teacher. It is published by Paternoster.
          Jesus Christ of the Gospel is God’s final revelation to sinful mankind.
          The Bible ends with a warning that nothing is to be added or taken away from God’s final revelation. Christians await the Second Coming of Christ and the final judgment of the world.
          Benjamin Creme’s tragedy is that he walked away from the Scottish Reformation. He walked away from the faith of his fathers.
          He chose to go the path of Theosophy, of magic, which the Lord our God condemns.
          If you are American why not read The Saviour of the World by Benjamin Warfield, published by the Banner of Truth? Warfield was a great American theologian who would have made short work of Maitreya.

    • jACK hAGGERTY says:

      Speaking only for myself I would never doubt Benjamin Creme’s dedication and sincerity. I come from Glasgow, Scotland, like Mr Crème, and I feel that I understand him. But you must grasp this, Gillian, or you will be confused about meaning. Mr Creme’s roots are in Theosophy and Theosophy is contrary to what we Christians believe is the revealed Word of God in the Bible. Theosophy and the esoteric are akin to magic – all the prophets of the Old Testament condemned magic in the strongest terms; so did the Apostle Paul who said that anyone practising sorcery or necromancy will not enter the Kingdom Heaven. Now you are free to disagree. God will allow you to break his holy counsel and whore after idols and demons. As Francis Schaeffer said – if Baal is your God, then worship him; if the Lord is God then worship him through Jesus Christ his divine Son. Please consider you may be wrong. Listen on YouTube to a great preacher called Arthur Pink; the Way of Salvation and the Nature of Apostasy. Listen on YouTube to John MacArthur and John Piper. Listen online to Doctor Martyn Lloyd Jones who converted me.

    • VJ says:

      In other words, you will not tolerate any ‘adverse comments’ and therefore approve only of blind, unquestioning acceptance of guru Ben’s claims, no matter how little one senses the ring of truth.

      This is counter to Creme’s advice, so something of an own goal there, Gillian.

  11. Douglas Gray says:

    There is no such thing as “gradually emerging into public view”. Once you make a public appearance and go back to your residence, then you are known to the public. Until then, you’re not. in 2017, this supposed Maitreya will have been living incognito in London for forty years. Very gradual emergence indeed.

  12. I’m perplexed as to why all these comments are suddenly appearing on a very old, insignificant blog post. I’m also perplexed as to why this article is even in the top results at Google for a cold search of “Benjamin Creme”.

    • Spirit Wilson says:

      Two years later and I completely agree

      • TWR says:

        The late Benjamin Creme was a frequent guest on C2C discussing the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher. His son and daughter-in-law Julian Creme and Felicity Eliot will update the status of Maitreya, his teachings and deep insights into world problems.

        Airing tonight on Coast to Coast AM so checked out Julian Creme this brought me here.

  13. Stan Raymond says:

    The sure way to understand what life is about is to thoroughly research Steven M Greerand read his two books ‘Hidden Truth=Forbidden Knowledge’ and ‘ET Contact -Evidence and Implications’. I have followed the Creme Dogma since the 60’s and been in the meditation groups. Good intentions but all delusions according to my research. The Maitreya idea started with Leadbetter and Besant. Maitreya an ancient Indian God long since gone from our Solar system.

  14. Shafia Stevens says:

    Yes Terry i too was surprised when my search for Creme Obituaries revealed this blog from 2013.
    Benjamin Creme passed over on October 24th 2016. As one of his ‘followers’ I was sharing with other co-workers that he will probably be just as busy with the message in whatever dimension he is now ….maybe the promotion of this blog is one indication 🙂

    While I am here I would like to answer to some of the comments.
    1) BC never talked about Maitreya as the Messiah come to save humanity. In fact he reported that Maitreya always said it was up to humanity to save ourselves. His role is to offer guidance and help when asked for.
    2) The reason Maitreya has not fully into the public domain is because he has to be asked to do so. If not he infringes human free will. It is not a concept we really understand as infringement of free will at a personal, national and global level is the norm.
    3) As a so called follower of Benjamin Creme I do not consider myself guillable. I first met him 30 years ago and was not particularly attracted to him as a teacher. However he did remind me of something I already knew. I was not prepared to talk publicly about Maitreya. I hate folks trying to convince me of their beliefs. Over the years I grew to respect Creme so much for his steadfastness, his humility and his courage. He never took money for his talks. Never asked for money from anybody. Yes he earned money from his paintings but that was his day job, we all have to support ourselves. For 25 years I watched and waited and saw the body of evidence to support his claims grow each year. Any occasional doubts I have had in the past because of the seemingly lengthy time it is taking for Maitreya to emerge fully, always dissipated when I looked at the evidence. I developed my own inner relationship with Maitreya so now have no doubts. Now I am one of the co-workers who are continuing the work of preparing the way. I am finding that for every skeptic or critic I encounter there are others who are grateful for this message of hope and more and more of my fellow human beings are open to the possibility that this is happening. It does need an open mind, plus time and study to grasp and digest all the information available.
    I think that all of us who knew Benjamin Creme are sad that his body grew too frail to support his beautiful spirit and see the culmination of his life’s work. I will keep on keeping on sharing this message. I hope that I will be alive in the body to witness the Day of Declaration when Maitreya will give us all a shared spiritual experience that will unite all people of goodwill to embrace the principle of sharing but if not then I know I will have done my bit to prepare the way.
    Forty years is nothing in the face of eternity and we have to be prepared to accept the principle of sharing before the Christ can be openly among us.
    Personally I think history will in time remember Benjamin Creme as one of the first true Aquarian teachers. For me his work connects the dots between spirituality, religion, social justice, politics, miracles, inter-planetary membership, our space brothers and sisters and ourselves as one human family interconnected and interdependent. I have great gratitude for his example and encouragement to follow my own inner wisdom and develop my own connection to my source.

  15. Michael Sean says:

    The problem with the New Age and the reason why these scam artists proliferate is that everyone has to feel special. It is inherent in these ‘you are your own god’ or ‘apostle to a coming race/spiritual awakening/space Jesus’ beliefs. Everyone who buys into this gobbledygook, as their own god/apostle, has to do something special and deity affirming. They have to be in active contact with supernatural saviours, or have a special yet vague message for mankind.

    That many egos and conflicting messages from our higher dimensional brethren means the thing never really gets of the ground. Maitreya never comes, and the universe never gets to cover us all in its sticky love plasma.

  16. VJ says:

    Out of all his ageless, esoterically informed wisdom, here are my top three all time favourites:

    3) Maitreya has no belly button as his body was ‘self-created’ by thought

    2) The sun has got another sun inside it

    and at number 1)…

    People eat animals as a karmic consequence of dinosaurs eating so many cavemen.

    Hahaha, great, isn’t it?

    Of course, as any new age follower will tell you, my laughter is nothing but an expression of my filthy, selfish, materially-polarised ego.

    Hahahahaha!! XD

  17. Don says:

    The person mr creme refers to supposedly lives in Chinatown.

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