Are the Rockefellers of Jewish Descent?

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. None says:

    “…have had little if anything to do with jewish or israeli affairs”? What a moronic crock of shit comment. The U.S. spends BILLIONS on military aid to israel each year. You’re going to tell me some of that money isn’t coming from the rockefeller pockets?

    • Nice bit of nitpicking. Anything to say about the premise of the article itself? Do you have evidence of Rockefeller Jewish ancestry that has eluded us all?

      • None says:

        Well you did kinda ruin the article for me as I was skimming through it to see if it’s worth reading, and that absurd statement caught my eye. So frankly I lost interest in the article. I don’t think it’s nitpicking at all when I call you out on a false statement that contradicts the core of your article. Why do you think people are interested in this article? It’s because there was no loud and clear answer prior to reaching your article on whether the Rockefellers are jews or not. And I think it’s fair to assume that the majority of viewers this particular article attracts are particularly interested in knowing whether or not Rockefellers are jews and/or attaining some clarification on why Rockfellers support Israel (especially if they are not Jews). Then you go and write a statement like that in your article. Do you see the anomaly? So I think you ought to re-examine the credibility of the article. That said, I am a newcomer to your website and it seems to me as though you have some very rich and insightful material that will be worthwhile to check out. Plus I just heard your 1 hour radio interview on youtube and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and sorry for overreacting in my first comment. Oh, and with regards to evidence of Rockefeller Jewish ancestry, no I do not have any. So I am going to assume they are not jews. But hey, neither was Balfour.
        Have a nice day.

      • None says:

        correction. I misread the statement. I see now that you were quoting. Once again, my apologies.

      • oldereb says:

        would the fact that David, Nelson, Winthrop and — were grandsons of Nelson Aldrich be relevant to the discussion ? If jewish status passes by female, Nelson’s daughter might be jewish ?

  2. burusoila gizon says:

    Are you sure this name (Rockefeller) doesn’t derive from the German words “Rachen Felder”? This means “Fields of Vengeance” or “Killing Fields.”

  3. Sup says:

    Hey good job. Had a good reading.

  4. tuituja says:

    You say that Elisabeth Davison was not a Jew?? 1. Davidson = son of David and David is a Jewish name. Her mother’s name: Cynthia (Sytje) Davison and Cynthia’ father’ name: Abraham Selover son of Isaak (!!!) and Syche Selover. Isaak, Abraham – these are Jewish names!

  5. The Selovers were in the Reformed Dutch Church. One of the earliest ancestors of that family is Abraham Selover, born Aug. 29 1697, christened and baptized on the same day in the same church:

    Some Christians like Hebrew names, and like to honor their favorite characters in the bible.

    • Genealogy Nut says:

      Even further back (Abraham’s parentage), the Selovers were actually French Huguenots refugees who came from the Calais, France region via the Netherlands. The name at that time was Seloivre. They were Protestants, fleeing from Catholic persecution in France – and eventually connected with the Dutch Reform Church once in New York.

    • Catharine says:

      I am a descendant of this family and have been working on entering some of Mabel Hadler’s info into a genealogy database in order to upload it to I have been able to locate and buy the latest edition of her book on the Slover/Selover/Sealover family.

    • hyperbola says:

      One has to be sceptical about such claims – sound more like crypto-jews. Lets take a current example. One of the persons that claims to be a fervent catholic in Venezuela today is that lackey of the Wall Street bankers known as Henrique Capriles Radonski.

      Capriles Radonski is of Sephardi Jewish and Ashkenazi Jewish descent; his grandparents immigrated from Russia and Poland during World War II. However, he considers himself a devout Catholic, revealing that his greatest hero in history was Jesus Christ….. Capriles (and Leopoldo Lopez) have been lackeys of the CIA since at least 2002 when they were involved in the coup against Chavez. Of course, Capriles is also a collaborator with the zionists and their widespread corruption in Latin America.

      Israel’s Man in Venezuela – Henrique Capriles Radonski

      Capriles’ family was also heavily involved in jewish slave trading in Curacao.

      Caribbean Project: Jews, Slavery, and the Dutch Caribbean

    • Jo says:

      And some “christians” are just Judaized.

  6. With respect, but no one who considers himself a serious researcher would quote Jewpedia as a reliable source for info on the powers that be, especially info on Jews. Even the disso Jew Makow seems to be more honest. LOL

  7. Paul says:

    Many people dont know that Jews moved from Spain – Portugal into the Netherlands Holland and the provinces. they then went to the Caribbean and what would become New York New Jersey.
    The Maranos also shuffled into Spanish conquered central and south America and Brazil

  8. Catherine LAMBRE says:

    I studied the genealogy of the family Roccafoul or Roquefeuille of the South of France of who the Rockefeller family claims to descend. It is a very great genealogy, I write a whole book but I can give some details: the Roccafoul or Roquefeuille were the Lords of the Albatera. The king of Aragon signed a document about 1274, for a man named Ben Hud, a Berber who was one of the few conquerors who had not yet left Spain. This Ben Hud or Ahmed or Mohamed Abenhudiel was the only known lord of the Albatera and he remained lord of the Albatera sworning obedience to the king of Aragon henceforth as his vassal. But the Berbers often embraced the Jewish religion to avoid being converted to Islam. They were neither Jews nor Arabs, they claimed to be either Sunnis or Jews and tolerated the Jewish religion better than the Christians of the time. But their Jewishness stops there. Some members of this family were able to contract marriages with Jews, but this does not mean that the Rockefellers are of Jewish origin.

    • This statement is contradictory: “They were neither Jews nor Arabs, they claimed to be either Sunnis or Jews.” If it’s easier for you to write in French, by all means do so.

  9. S. E. says:

    Article & many of the comments are fascinating! TY for your wonderful research! I told my husband me may be distantly related to the Rockefeller family due to his father’s side being related to French Huguenots. He assured me that most likely he would most likely not recieve monetary compensation from the recently departed David Rockefeller.

    TBF, I came to this article to find out if the Rockefeller family were Jews as I am Jewish.

    • I have some Huguenot blood in me. My paternal ancestor came from France during the first Huguenot rebellion in the early 1600s. He escaped to York in England and married a Mellanson from a clan there that dated back to the 1000s. When they emigrated to the new world, to New Brunswick/Nova Scotia, he took his wife’s last name because it was Protestant: the religious wars were still going on in the new world (subtle or not). That’s how all the Melanson lineage – in Acadia and in Cajun lands – got their name. We all trace back to this marriage in the early 1600s. Their two sons would perpetuate the family until the present day. Just two sons and now there’s thousands of us all tracing back to that line.

      England and France would squabble over who owned the territory, rich in resources and worth fighting over. Eventually, England decided to ‘ethnically cleanse’ the French catholic population in Acadia. Their farms were attacked and after an extended fight (with the French having natives as allies) England gained control over the whole peninsula. The Melansons and other french families (Leblancs, Dupuis, Cormiers, Bastaraches, Belliveaus, Lirettes etc), in 1755, were rounded up and shipped off to America, the eastern seaboard around Boston and into Louisiana ultimately where they became the Cajuns.

  10. Abdul Jalil says:

    Great article, very interesting along with everyone’s comments. Whether the Rockefeller’s are Jewish or Christian is really of no consequence. The logo of Standard Oil’s is a Flame Torch and Flame Torches are evidence of the LUCIFERIAN Creed. The Rothschilds & Rockefellers are the leading family names of the Illuminati Secret Society and the Illuminati along with their Freemason extension are ALL LUCIFERIAN/DEVIL WORSHIPPERS who desire a CONTROLLED LUCIFERIC society under a One World Global system. As Satanic as it is, these Secret Society members CLOAK theirselves under the banner of said religions but thats what they DECEIVE the common people with. Mao Tse Tung, Vladmir Lenin, Joseph Stalin etc. were all EVIL men who KILLED many Christians & common people. The Rothschild & Rockefeller famlies supported, aided and abetted and even conspired with these EVIL Mass Murderers. The Creed of the Rockefellers was ALWAYS and Still is “LUCIFERIAN.”

    • And Lucifer is the god of the Jews:

      “In 1770 the money lenders (who had recently organised the House of Rothschild), retained him (Adam Weishaupt) to revise and modernise the age old protocols designed to give the Synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination so they can impose the LUCIFERIAN IDEOLOGY upon what remains of the human race, after the final social cataclysm, by use of satanic despotism. Weishaupt completed his task May 1st 1776.”

      “We are a chosen people. Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we Jews are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” –

      – Harold W. Rosenthal

      “When Germany, England and America will long have lost their present identity or purpose we shall still be strong in ours. We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a god-world, which it is not in your nature to build.”

      – Maurice Samuel, Taken from his book: “You Gentiles” Page 155.

      Satan is otherwise known as The Destroyer in the Holy Scriptures.

    • Gerrit Lodewikus Coetzee says:

      Good ending. Ties in well with statement from ‘Brother Charles’ below.

  11. P.S. First quote by William Guy Carr; “Pawns in the Game”

  12. hyperbola says:

    Means nothing of the sort. While “feld” does in fact mean field in German, there is NO german word “rocken” – apart from a modern perversion: rocken: play/dance rock music

    Rockenfeld did exist (now gone), but this has little to say about whether the Rockefellers are jewish since Nieuwied had a substantial jewish population (and apparently still does). Lets remember that Rheinland-Pfalz (Mainz. Coblenz, Nieuwied, …. ) was a major jewish center in Germany during the middle ages.

    Niederbieber (Stadt Neuwied, Kreis Neuwied) Jüdischer Friedhof
    Die jüdische Gemeinde Neuwied unterhielt spätestens seit dem 17. Jahrhundert (1629?) einen Friedhof im heutigen Neuwieder Ortsteil Niederbieber. Er wurde auch von den jüdischen Gemeinden in der weiteren Umgebung als Begräbnisplatz benutzt. Der älteste sicher zu datierende Grabstein ist von 1706. Der Friedhof wurde bis 1942 belegt. Die Friedhofsfläche umfasst 111,94 (oder 110,37) ar. Eine Friedhofshalle war seit 1908 vorhanden. Sie wurde in der Pogromnacht 1938 schwer beschädigt; die Ruine wurde 1947 abgebrochen. Die 1913 entstandene Zeichnung links stammt von Malermeister Peter Kesselheim (Quelle). Das Friedhofsgelände wird heute von der jüdischen Kulturgemeinde Koblenz verwaltet. In der neueren Zeit wurde das Gelände durch einen stabilen Eisenzaun eingefriedet. Eine Orientierungstafel ist am Haupteingang angebracht. Das Tor ist am Tag für jeden Besucher offen – der Eingang befindet sich an der Kurt Schumacher-Straße. Seit Februar 1985 steht der Friedhof unter Denkmalschutz. Er ist in den 1980er-Jahren auf Betreiben des Deutsch-Israelischen Freundeskreises in Neuwied restauriert worden. Beim Friedhof Niederbieber handelt es sich um einen der größten jüdischen Friedhöfe in Rheinland-Pfalz. Es sind 661 Grabsteine für 770 Verstorbenen erhalten. Auf 294 Gräbern ist kein Grabstein mehr vorhanden. …..

    “”The jewish community of Nieuwied maintained since at the latest the 17th century (1629?) a cemetery in today’s Nieuwied district Niederbieber. …….

    You do give links for three supposed ancestors:
    “”The earliest known ancestors (direct line) are Goddard (Gotthard) Rockenfeller (*ca. 1590) Johann Wilhelm Rockenfeller(*ca. 1628,†1702) and Johannes Rockenfeller (*ca. 1634,†1684)….”
    but since none of these lnks exist (in wikipedia), perhaps you made them up? The same is true for this statement: “The Wikipedia article on the family actually has a good write-up on the geneological ancestry of the Rockefellers…” – nothing about Germany ancestors in the link you give.

    Nobody doubts that the Rothschilds came from Germany and were jews. Why should a German origin near major jewish communities preclude that the Rockefellers are also (crypto?) jewish?

    Lets remember that after the Brits started the trend at the beginning of the Renaissance (jewish expulsion in 1290), much of the rest of western Europe followed suit (the Spanish, although they are cast as the villains today, were actually rather late in their expulsion of jews)
    Jewish banishment and the City of London – The Truthseeker

    Perhaps the topic of whether there were also crypto-jews in Germany needs to be investigated. Seems likely.
    Divided Souls: Converts from Judaism in Germany, 1500-1750

    Sorry, but can’t see that your article added any real information to the question of whether the Rockefellers have a jewish ancestry.

    • Rückenvelt, originally. Rücken as in ridge. So: back-field; or, field overlooking the ridge.

      Jewish communities all throughout the old “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” – all in ghettos. Jews did not work the fields – they were confined to usery, advising nobility on banking, coin and monetary exchange, and petty pawn (all of which they had an aptitude for).

      > You do give links for three supposed ancestors

      No. I quoted verbatim from Wikipedia in 2009 when this article was first written; the links were those in the wikipedia entry:

      The source(s) in question for those early ancestors is the following:

      Scheiffarth, Engelbert: Der New Yorker Gouverneur Nelson A. Rockefeller und die Rockenfeller im Neuwieder Raum. Genealogisches Jahrbuch, 9 (1969), pp. 16-41

      But also: Ron Chernow, Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., London: Warner Books, 1998

      > Nobody doubts that the Rothschilds came from Germany and were jews.

      They are Jews because they’ve always been Jews. They are not Jews because they happened to have lived in greater Germany – in the Frankfurt ghetto originally.

      > Why should a German origin near major jewish
      > communities preclude that the Rockefellers are
      > also (crypto?) jewish?

      It doesn’t preclude anything. Proof should be immune to bias. If there were proof of jewish heritage we’d all know about it. History cannot be suppressed as much as some like/wish to think.

  13. craxd says:

    Terry. I noticed a genealogy website about the Rockefeller family, and it seems that they are proud to point out their heritage back to Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII’s 2nd wife. The Rockefellers can be traced back to Mary Boleyn, sister of Ann (queen). Mary was the wife of Sir William Carey.


  14. david says:

    Oh I love the internet, in 15 min. we can do more research than old school could do in a lifetime. FYI, the KJV of the bible is the only one not copyrighted, the NIV is owned by Rupert Murdock – International Bible Society (Zondervan-HarperCollins-News Corp.-News Corporation-Rupert Murdoch), KJV “And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.” NIV “The LORD then said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and your whole family, because I have found you righteous in this generation.” BIG problem, the KJV says God is (in) the ark, the NIV says God is outside the ark. Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

  15. Martin Hayes says:

    B, Rothschid Lion in the Scottish flag
    C, Pirate Captain Avery was Scottish.
    D Skull & Bones Pirates & Yale.
    E, McAlpin Dynasty were the first Kings of Scotland. (see Emma Rockefeller above)
    F, The Templar Fleet disappeared. Many believe to Scotlland.
    G, Banking history of Scotand.

    I have much more but cannot put it all here. There is enough there for any researcher to be going on with.

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