The Bektashi Begat the Shriners?

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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  1. Meric Ekinci says:

    Interesting. Iam a alevi bektashi from the tribe Areli and also a freemason. I took the freemasonry as a paralell path to the bektashi order. If you are interested I could tell you how the bektashi order is built. The good thing is that I can explain you everything without to break my promise that I gave when I get initiated in the masonry. Cause Iam not talking as a Mason today. Iam talking as a bektashi. We the bektashis have grade sYstem as in the masonry. 4 doors and 40 steps. Every door has a special theme. The last door is named as hakikat. Means. Illuminated or truth. In the last door we learned that Hz.Ali is not our prophet like we thought since our childhood. We have to replace the word Ali with light. The word Allah with hak (logos) and Mohammed with darkness. So you get a triangle. The first god logos which is the creator of everything, light in the right down triangle corner and darkness in the left down triangle corner. Why do we have to hide this? Cause we bektashis are not really bektashis. That is just a name. It is the idiology behind that. In the begining we was the inner circle of Sumer then of Egypt than we change our clothes again and our name was paulicians. After that bogolomiden (German name). After that many other names. So this ideology is living since thousends of years in different society’sand different years and places. Means not that we was connected to each other. Just the idiologY or doctrine was always the same. We start to change our clothes more after Byzantine empire and ottoman empire. Cause they where extremely brutal and killed everyone who was different. but I don’t have to tell you the brutality which was done in the name of the fake beliefs of the church and the Muslims. the last cloth what we as bektashik took was the Islamic cloath.
    Why we have to hide? Our holy book “kudret” (Might) was destroyed. And the ottoman empire killed everyone who was writing the old beliefs or just talk about it. So we find a way. It is called nefes. The book of kudret is inside poems and music in a code. The problem is that most I’d the people don’t understand it and over time we really get islamized. Not all but 30%. Caus they don’t understand. I will explain you more if you want. And also the secret inside the secret. Keep care.

  2. bulent says:

    This is a bit provacative conspiracy. Alevi-Bektashis has no relation and contact to the Shriners. Shriners are legal and masonic movement mostly based in the US.

  3. Muhammad AbduRahim says:

    Peace be unto you.
    Some wise person once taught that men would thirst for truth so much that they would pass by a spring of pure clear water to read just one book. As the world was it must also return, perhaps we are witnessing the return.

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