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Ruminations For Adir Zik

- by Barry Chamish ©, Feb. 8th, 2005

Monday, Feb.7/05, I drive in a vicious rainstorm to the funeral of writer-broadcaster Adir Zik. It takes over half an hour to drive two blocks and park. Two police cars direct the traffic. The crowd of mourners flows from the chapel of the burial society for another fifty meters, almost to the street. It is the most crowded funeral I've seen. And not one Israeli TV camera recorded the event.

I'm not alone in this observation. I stand under the umbrella of a longtime acquaintance. He tells me, "There is not one media personality from the Left who could draw a tenth of the people in this kind of storm. The only report I heard of Adir's death was on Galei Tsahal this morning. It said that he had become very popular because of his advocacy of the Rabin murder conspiracy and that a large gathering of right wing extremists were expected at his funeral."

One of the most influential figures in the Israeli media died, and there was not one word about it on any evening news program, nor in the morning papers. That is how alienated the media is from over half the people.

On a typical Friday morning broadcast on Arutz Sheva, Adir would attract an audience of anywhere from 100,000 to 250,000. When he plugged a new book or CD of mine, I would have over 200 sales within a few hours. No other broadcaster anywhere in the world had the power of Adir to bring my work to the public.

But then, how many other broadcasters joined me, hand in hand, to expose the truth of how Yitzhak Rabin was really murdered? Adir was fearless, the rest of the Israeli media are cowering hypocrites. My personal loss can only be matched by that of the rest of the country which lost a giant. He may turn out to be the last of a breed: an honest, Israeli crusader for the truth.

Adir Zik showed no mercy to those involved in the Rabin murder or the incitements that led to it and continue to this day, justified now by the Gush Katif withdrawal. He gathered his proofs and publicly accused the likes of Carmi Gillon, Hezi Kalo, Shimon Peres, Yoram Rubin, Avishai Raviv, Eli Barak et al of framing and jailing innocents and of organizing the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

I say he paid with his life. When Adir was first diagnosed with throat cancer I told him I suspected he was deliberately infected. He replied with a Hebrew expression: "Nonsense in tomato juice." Later, when a Mossad operation gone wrong infected the Jordanian Hamas leader in the neck, he told me, "If they can do that to him, they could have done that to me."

When my research veered from the Rabin murder into the deep criminality of the Israeli and world Jewish leadership, Adir hesitated to recommend me as warmly. But that hesitation didn't last long. When my book Save Israel! was published in Hebrew, he told his listeners, "I now accept 80% of Barry's conclusions. He knew about Sharon years before anyone else. He warned me not to endorse Sharon because he was a puppet of Israel's enemies abroad. When no one else was saying it, he announced that we were being betrayed by the leaders of both the Left and Right. It's hard for me to admit it, but he could be right about everything."

Through thick and thin, his and mine, Adir stuck by me. Last year, the thin hit him hard when the government shut down his radio station and forced him to go underground over the internet. This was the most blatant attack in the undeclared war against the Jewish religion. But that war is in full swing now. In the past fortnight, the government has announced its intention of closing down the religious army movement, Yeshivat Hesder; the Education Minilleges, all religious and keep ten kibbutz colleges open, all Bolshevik; the same ministry will no longer honor university degrees which accept credits for studying at Israeli yeshivot, meaning a degree from Yeshiva University is no longer valid etc. etc.

At the same time, Attorney General Mazuz has rescinded a law validating ownership of lands purchased by Jews in East Jerusalem before 1900, while opening the sale of public lands to non-Jews. In short, the land of Israel and its capital are now up for sale to all enemies of the state. The first goal is to rid East Jerusalem of Jews, without mercy.

After the funeral, I joined two Israeli philosophers, Zvi Zweig and Ohad Kamin, for dinner. Zvi's son Avi met us briefly. He is a student at Yeshivat Aderet Eliahu in the Old City of Jerusalem. Last week his yeshiva was attacked by Arabs who smashed its windows with rocks. The students threw rocks back and called the police. As Avi tells it, "The police began beating us with iron rods and ordered us outside. This was unprovoked. They just started swinging. They arrested five of us, including two rabbis. It was no different than in Nazi Germany."

Avi's analogy is more accurate than he knew and Adir would have understood that. Not a year ago, Adir began a stubborn transformation. He gave a lecture in Maale Shomron at Ohad Kamin's bookstore. There he announced that the Gush Katif surrender will mean the end of Israel. He knew it before his audience even considered the consequences. When the lecture ended, I gave Adir a book that has changed both my and Ohad's perspective on the civil war already taking place in our land. I speak of Rabbi Marvin Antelman's, To Eliminate The Opiate, Volume One. Adir absorbed the message slowly. It was eight months later that I knew he had changed.

Rabbi Antelman's thesis is that the leadership of the Jews has been taken over by secret followers of the 17th century false messiah, Shabtai Tzvi, and his later advocate Yaacov Frank. The tenets of Sabbataianism are anti-Judaism. That is, the opposite of the laws of the Torah are true. Taken to its extreme, Do Not Murder means, Do Murder. Since 1785, the Sabbataians, in alliance with the Vatican-based illuminati and British-based Freemasonry, have played utter havoc with our planet. The goal of the Sabbataians is to murder any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah, which means almost all Jews. But they hate religious Torah-believing Jews more than anyone. The Sabbataians invented Labor Zionism as the means to their takeover of Judaism. Their diplomatic headquarters in America is the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR).

Now, I'll be the first to admit, this is some fish to swallow. And the vast majority of Jews won't make the intellectual effort to try. But Adir did and that meant erasing a lot of the dogma of the Israeli Right. It meant finally understanding that no American President, let alone Bush, is a friend of Israel's. And it meant understanding that the CFR is now fighting a two-pronged battle; one for the disintegration of Iraq, the other for the disintegration of Israel. And even more difficult for a spokesman of the Israeli Right, one has to understand that the Iraqi "insurgents" are fighting the very same enemy as our's.

That means seeing through the lies of the neoconservative movement. When its media stooges gloat about the Iraqi voter turnout, we think, "Of course there was a huge turnout. Iran and the Shia imams ordered the turnout to take over the country. The neocon dismemberment of Iraq is well on its way. They have the same plan to divide Israel, using Gush Katif as the first step."

And they tell you their goal. Read Shimon Peres well. He writes, "In the future there will be no borders, just one world government." That is the plan for the Middle East. No nations, just a giant bloc which will eventually join a few other EUs to create one world government under Lucifer. And they will stop at nothing to get their way.

I trace the decision to dismember the state to 1977 when Menachem Begin won the national election. The Sabbataian Labour Zionists realized that the Jews had rejected them and the tenets of their false messiah. Instead of a state run on evil, the Torah-believers and the moral secularists had won the day. The Laborite Sabbataians decided that no state at all was preferable to a revival of true Judaism. On that day the war began in earnest.

For a decade from 1967, the Jews and local Arabs had drifted towards a peaceful state of affairs that would be resolved over time through mutual prosperity. That would have to change through wars and violent rebellions. Over time, Israel would be worn down and would dissolve. The means to the misery would be the promotion to power of one Yasir Arafat.

I came home from Adir's funeral and turned on the Education Channel. A British program about the making of Hitler began. Normally, I would switch from this kind of subject to a sitcom, but immediately I saw that this documentary was very different. Of Hitler we learn:

  • In his adolescence he was smitten by a Jewish girl, Stephanie Isak, sent her love letters and fantasized about marrying her.
  • In Mein Kampf, Hitler writes that he learned to be an anti-semite as a struggling artist in Vienna. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rejected by the art academy, he painted street scenes and sold them to Jewish galleries and art dealers. While staying in a hostel for young men, he befriended numerous Jewish tenants.
  • During the war, not one soldier heard an anti-semitic remark from Hitler and a Jewish officer, Col. Gutman, recommended him for the Iron Cross.

It was after the war that Hitler joined a Communist group in the army. Within weeks, he joined a similar right wing army political group. From there his political career suddenly soared.

The program noted that Hitler was a mere drifter. To rise so quickly in politics he needed backers with money. Whoever they were and must have been, they remain anonymous to this day. But in 1919, someone chose him to espouse a viciously anti-semitic agenda. Until that time, there was not so much as a hint that he hated Jews.

The program concluded that either Mein Kampf was a lie or it was written for Hitler. Perhaps, we know by whom.

When I did my final editing for Save Israel, I faced one dilemma that was nearly unsolvable. About two months before 9-11, a wedding hall in Jerusalem called the Versailles collapsed killing 23. Despite the vocal demands by family members for the government to investigate the disaster, it refused and the building's shell was flattened within a few days. I knew there was a cover-up but I didn't know of what. After 9-11, I surmised that the Versailles may have been a dry run. I had enough proof that this might be the case and I decided to go with it.

Adir blasted me for including the claim on two fronts: One, it looks ridiculous. Two, if even slightly true, it would be the final disaster for Israel.

I took his advice and never mentioned Versailles or 9-11 again. He was right, the anti-semites would dance on our country if there was a 9-11 connection. They wouldn't understand that the victims of Versailles were Jews, the victims of the Holocaust were Jews, the victims of the PLO and assorted murder gangs are Jews, the victims of pogroms and intifadas are Jews. The Sabbataian plotters may not number 3000 out of 14 million Jews, but their victims will be blamed.

However, it was done to us, half the Jews left now live in Israel. And those who have done us in before, are at it again. We are fighting for our lives and we'll have to take the high ground until the magical day in some far off kingdom, when the Arabs realize we are being driven to kill each other by the same puppeteers. Only then can some accommodation between us be found.

Adir was coming to realize all this and here's how I know. Not three months ago, I met Adir at a lecture in Jerusalem. He had now absorbed Rabbi Antelman's book and just finished my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. He told me, "You were right. The Mapai are a bunch of Sabbataians and they always were. But no one is going to believe us."

Together, Adir and I made half the people of Israel understand that Rabin was murdered in a political coup from within his own circles. Together, we could have eventually instilled this new truth in our people as well.

But we are no longer together. I lost my greatest ally.

On March 12, I will be lecturing in San Marino. From there, a trip to North America is a lot cheaper than from Israel. I have two synagogues, one in New York, the other in Ohio, which have expressed serious interest in hosting my appearance. A few more and I can organize a March tour. All I need are the invitations from you or your shul, church or group.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at

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