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Today's Murder For Peace - David Weiner

- by Barry Chamish ©, Jan. 4, 2005

Barry Chamish Thursday, Dec. 30/04, I gave a lecture in Jerusalem about the murders of Raful Eitan and Judge Adi Azar. The next night, the attorney for the government's chief suspect in the Azar murder, David Weiner, is shot in the head in his home. A note was found by the body stating that Weiner wanted to prove he was being honest in his handling of the Azar case.

So he killed himself.

Yeah, sure he did. He joins the long list of suicides and accidents of Israelis who endangered the "peace" process. Here is how Azar was really murdered. Quotes are from the government's indictment.

January, Feb. 03 - Judge Azar rules against Yasir Arafat in two suits brought against him to compensate victims of his terror. He orders Arafat to pay 160 million shekels in compensation and court costs. Further, he forces the Palestinian Authority to reveal its assets in court so the plaintiffs may collect on his rulings. This is not the kind of judge that Arafat or the Israeli peacemakers want around, so the hit squad of the peacemakers is called into action.

April ' 03 - A plan to murder Azar along the exact lines of the Rabin assassination is hatched. The Yigal Amir patsy is Rafi Nekhmani, serving life in prison for murder. He is released on an illegal furlough and escapes. No manhunt is ordered for his return. Instead Nekhmani stays, "in numerous hotels while he staked out nine judges," in six different cities until Azar was chosen as his target. Further, Nekhmani was not located by the police for two years.

July, 04. Enter Avinoam Hajbi, the Margalit Har Shefi of the Azar murder. He is drawn into the plot against his understanding. Nekhmani hires him to drive him to Azar's house three times for ten minutes each. On July 19, Nekhmani took twenty minutes, returned to the car and gave him a gun. He ordered Hajbi to drive to a nearby beach and bury the weapon. Nekhmani explained that, "The plan was to injure the judge so he could negotiate better conditions for Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli." Hajbi told Nekhmani that, "The plan was out of a science fiction movie," and "I didn't know that Judge Azar was actually killed until I saw it on the news later that night."

But witnesses to the shooting swore the killer escaped on a motorcycle, not in a car.

ENTER David Weiner. He is Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli's attorney. He believes his client was wrongfully imprisoned for murder and has succeeded once in having an appeal heard. He is approached with an attractive offer by, possibly, Nekhmani. Whoever made the offer said he had knowledge of the Azar murder and would reveal the whereabouts of the murder weapon if Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli's prison conditions and sentence were lightened within 48 hours. Weiner informed attorney-general Menachem Mazuz, and later State Prosecutor Eran Shendar, of the offer, which was rejected.

Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli has now been set up to be the Hagai Amir of the Azar murder, that is, the weapons supplier. He, along with Hajbi, are now indicted as masterminds of the assassination. Neither, knew a thing about it.

Meanwhile, Nekhmani got two years on the lam in tourist hotels for his cooperation, and once back in the slammer, you can be certain conditions will be long as he keeps his mouth shut. Like Yigal Amir, he was made to look like the shooter, while the real hit man escaped on a motorcycle.

Yitzhak Tzeziashvilli called the charges against him "fabricated and a load of nonsense." His current lawyer, David Yiftah observes, "All he did was inform the prosecution that he received information on the location of the murder weapon. If he was behind the murder, why would he set himself up and turn himself in? The only plausible explanation is that Azar was murdered over a personal motive and that the charges against my client are meant to cover up the truth."

You can be well certain that David Weiner came to the same conclusion and was about to serve the truth. So one more honest Israeli had to be murdered for peace.

The list of the good slain to cover the tracks of the Oslo "peace" is now so long, no one could call it a coincidence. Make no mistake, Israel is in the hands of the Devil himself.

Tonight I had the displeasure of witnessing another blabbermouth, know-it-all Jewish leader, Elyakim Haetzni, lead his people inexorably to the box cars. Last week, I saw a similar performance by Binyamin Region Council head, Pinchas Wallerstein. Recall that he stirred a few waves in a proclamation calling for civil disobedience. So we all gathered to hear his plan. Now I lived through a period of civil disobedience and know how it works. In today's Israel, protesters would sit peacefully en masse at the entrance to the Knesset or in roads leading to it, forcing the police to make the first violent moves. Instead of such actions, Wallerstein's plan called for a protest vigil in the park opposite the Knesset. This hopeless action will begin on Monday, Jan. 3 and nobody will watch as a few disheartened suckers freeze in the rain and snow. What is not understood by the followers is that their leaders, like Haetzni and Wallerstein are part and parcel of the establishment. They have to be ignored, not turned to in these times of trouble.

I issued a call not to sign the internet petition supporting the Wallerstein proclamation because the protesters will be identified by the Israeli authorities and turned away. And passport control would have every right to turn back someone who vowed to come to the country, break the law and gladly sit in prison for it.

I guess someone noticed because former Deputy head of the Shabak and today's Internal Security Minister, Gideon Ezra announced that his policy will not be to turn such protesters away. I know Ezra quite well. We were on the same podium twice. No one who knows him would trust him at his word. Now read the intent of his promise. It means the names of these protesters are being collected.

And there's someone else I know personally; Ofir Pines How long have I written that the longterm plan is to have Pines replace Peres when he goes? I have documented Pines' wickedness in a full chapter of my book The Last Days Of Israel. I even sued him once. If you want further proof that evil is running Israel, give a warm round of applause to the new top dog of Labor Zionism, the Devil incarnate, Ofir Pines.

Here is a link to two radio interviews with me.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at

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