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- by Barry Chamish ©, Dec. 3rd, 2004

Gonen Segev Tuesday 30/11/04 at 7 AM I did a one hour interview on the Tamar Yonah Show, Arutz Sheva. Please listen to it while reading this piece. Call this a multi-media presentation.

The show is barely done when a reaction arrives. You decide if I've been had or not.

So I don't interrupt the flow, let's get one reference out of the way. Gonen Segev was one of eight members of the Knesset for Eitan's Tsomet Party. He was one of two who bolted to the Rabin government in 1993, in order to give it a Jewish majority in favor of the Oslo "peace" Accord. Last April, Segev was caught trying to smuggle 30,000 Ecstasy tablets into Israel. He has subsequently been charged with credit card fraud as well.

"I heard the program. You got the idea right but you're way off on the details. I don't know the whole story but I know more than you. Don't ask how.

"Raful was murdered but not the way you're guessing. And someone in his company helped the squad out. First, he called Raful the night before and told him to get to the site first thing in the morning to assess major storm damage near the Navy base. He arrived at 6:15, before the workers started their day. He followed a car to the damage site. The lead car stopped where the murder was supposed to take place. If you know anything about block and tackle, it's the method heavy lifting equipment uses. The block was supposed to crush Eitan to death in his car. The reason the public would hear was to be that Eitan was on his way to inspect a crane badly damaged in the storm when the block slipped and crushed him.

"It almost worked. The problem was the block missed by half a meter and only crushed the passenger side of the car. Eitan survived and the squad went into panic mode. They killed him and threw the body into the water. Since the original plan went awry, they had to rig a new one. Now he was swept away by a wave. So they had to build a new accident in a hurry.

"They moved the car back, as far away from the murder site as possible, with the damaged side facing the water, so a wave could be blamed for the damage. They took his cellphone and phoned the company man. After a few moments, they dipped the phone in water to short it out. When the dockworkers arrived, the company man informed them that Raful was on site and pointed to a squad member in the distance.

"They didn't have time to think it out properly. They were establishing phoney alibis to prove Eitan was alive after they killed him, but you caught them anyway.

"But you got the motive all wrong. It was only indirectly because of the Gaza withdrawal. Gonen Segev is in deep legal trouble and he's calling in his chips to save his butt. I don't know the story about why two of Eitan's party members bolted to Rabin, but Eitan did and Segev was putting the squeeze on him. If Eitan talked, he'd take Sharon and Peres down with him.

"And Raful wasn't the only dead body around Segev. Again, I don't know anything about Segev's relationship with this Moshe Werner, other than they were convicted together of smuggling the Ecstasy pills into the country. I do know he was shut up for the same reason Raful was. He knew too much about why Segev left Eitan's party and some people were afraid he would talk."

Quite different than my original scenario, no? I present it after confirming the information about Werner:

Suspect in drug smuggling case dies after attempting suicide

Moshe Verner, the cousin of former government minister Gonen Segev, died on Monday in the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv days after attempting to kill himself in his cell at Abu Kabir detention center.

Verner and Segev were indicted for allegedly trying to smuggle 32,000 tablets of the drug Ecstasy from the Netherlands into Israel, and were remanded until completion of legal procedures against them.

Verner, Segev and a third man, Ariel Friedman, were arrested in April shortly after the drug cargo was discovered by Dutch police in Amsterdam's international airport.

Werner's suicide attempt took place early Friday morning, when he went into the toilet in his cell, and tried to hang himself. The deputy commander of Tel Aviv police, Danny Chen, has ordered an investigation into the matter.

He failed to recover from his wounds and on Monday died a cerebral death.

Verner, a former Zim seaman, claimed in his defense that he received a parcel from his friend Ariel Friedman which he then passed on to Segev. Verner claimed that neither he nor Segev had any knowledge of the parcel's contents.

Another Murder Coverup But This One Has Its Funny Side

The police announced they had cracked the Judge Adi Azar case. Now we all know that the judge was assessing the PLO huge damages to be paid to victims of its terror. And we know he was just another victim of the assassination squad for peace. If you don't know, the whole sordid episode is detailed in my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust.

It took the planners several months to come up with the following boneheaded conspiracy.

“Police arrested 5 suspects allegedly involved in what they called a 'random murder.' According to evidence police obtained during the investigation, underworld figure Yitzhak Tzeziashvili, currently serving a life sentence for murder, orchestrated the scheme and ordered Azar's assassination for the sole purpose of shaking up the judicial system in hopes of getting his prison sentence reduced.”

From the Jerusalem Post, 29/11/04

The accused is a small time hood who murdered someone over a business dispute. But one day, from his tiny cell, he decided to "shake up the judicial system,' by murdering a judge who had nothing to do with his own trial. So he asks a fellow prisoner named Rafi Nachmani, who was set to go on furlough, if he wouldn't mind murdering a judge for him while he was away. One can only imagine the conversation:

TZ - I want this Judge Azar, rubbed out.

NA - He was the fink who sent you to the big house?

TZ - No, I never heard of him.

NA - So whaddya wanna snuff him for?

TZ - To shake up the judicial system and get my sentenced reduced.

NA - Do you get a reduced sentence for murdering a judge?

TZ - Sure, just do it and watch how your sentence gets reduced.

NA - You got it. Whaddo I get out of it?

TZ - Nuttin'. You think I make a good living in here? But you do get to shake up the judicial system.

NA - Well den. I'm on the case.

Can you imagine the sheer desperation of the murder squad to come up with this wallapalooza?

For those who read Hebrew, visit the following site. It is a purported transcript between the police and the accused, explaining that the real murderer was an Arab and if he is caught, the whole peace process will collapse. TZ is offered life in prison like a king if he cooperates, and God help him if he doesn't. I've decided that the transcript is speculative but look at it anyway to understand how much thinking Israelis are buying this latest whitewash.

Recall when I wrote about Azar, I predicted that a patsy was on the way. I sure didn't predict anything nearly this stupid.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo, and Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin are available by writing me at

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