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The Last Rabin Convention

- by Barry Chamish ©, Nov. 8th, 2004

Meeting With A Nurse

Yitzhak Rabin Monday, Nov. 1- I am selling my books at a gathering in Jerusalem. A friend of my Miami film producer Peter Goldman meets me. He has some amazing information. His friend is an Ichilov Hospital nurse, responsible for keeping hospital records. She was on duty when Rabin was brought in for the last time.

I get antsy. "I want to meet her," I say. He calls her on his cellphone and tells her that a journalist would like to talk to her about Rabin's treatment in Ichilov. She agrees and asks when we should meet.

"Tell her tonight. Tell her tonight," I suggested, barely concealing my excitement. Actually, I didn't conceal it at all.

Two hours later I'm in her living room. I show her some documents and ask her what they mean. They include the surgeon's report, recording a frontal chest wound, and the operation summary, recording the same thing.

"Where did you get these?" she asked. "They're supposed to be locked in my computer."

"There was an honest doctor in Ichilov who leaked them to me."

"Who? Pini Halperin I bet. Who?"

"It's not important who. It's more important to know why. Because the lies surrounding the Rabin murder are wrecking our country. These records show that Rabin was shot from the front. You saw the operation. Are they accurate."

"What difference does it make?"

"Amir never shot Rabin from the front."

The nurse ran to the kitchen with my new acquaintance. He told me what she said.

"She was really agitated and scared. You could see it in her face. She said she thought I was just there to get some background for a memorial article, not this. She was going to call the police to confiscate the documents I showed her. There was no mistaking that you got the wound right. She just never realized the significance of it before."

The nurse returned to the salon and told me: "Ichilov is my life. It's my career. I'll never risk losing my job. I won't talk to you anymore."

Prelude To A Conference

Dr. David Chayen is head of Vascular Surgery at Kaplan Hospital. He is a man of marvelous integrity. And he has done some fine ballistics research proving Amir could not have shot Rabin. But he refuses to accept that there was a third frontal shot to Rabin, believing instead in a magic bullet theory of his own. This has caused terrible disunity in the campaign for truth. It ignores the most basic evidence, including:

  • Two government ministers who saw Rabin's corpse, Dr. Ephraim Sneh and Shim Peres, are on tape declaring that there were three wounds.
  • The blood-soaked songsheet that could only have been in Rabin's front pocket.
  • The hospital records including the Surgeon's Review and Operation Summary recording three shots.
  • The Pathologist's Report, recording a frontal hole in Rabin's clothing.

And on and on.

By insisting on a two shot murder, Dr. Chayen was mocking the findings not just of me, but of the excellent research found in the books of Natan Gefen, Dr. David Morrison, Michael Raz and M.D. Ben Ami.

This year, I had a reluctant witness and though she may never go public, she saw Rabin's operation, and at a bare minimum, did not deny that my reading of the wounds was correct. Before the conference began, I e-mailed the members of the Rabin Re-Investigation Committee with the latest information, combined with a plea for unity. To his great credit, Dr. Chayen did not stress his two bullet theory during his speech and all audience members felt it was his best lecture of all his previous conference presentations.

Unfortunately the conference moderator, Prof. Aryeh Zaritsky was not prepared to promote unity and this wasn't the first time.

A Talented Committee

The Rabin Committee is a talented bunch and all have contributed strong research on the subject, all except Prof. Zaritsky who has never actually engaged in original research nor contributed any new findings. As for the others:

Yaacov Verker, the chairman, has been a tiger at tracking down evidence. Perhaps his greatest triumph was convincing the general manager of Ichilov's security firm to sign a legal declaration that he saw TWO bloodstains in Rabin's car, and one couldn't have been from Rabin.

Adir Zik like no one else, traced the role of the Shabak in the murder.

Prof. Hillel Weiss has written stately prose on the political background of the murder.

Dr. David Chayen has conclusively proved that the metal composition of the bullets that felled Rabin were not found in Amir's pistol.

Prof. Zaritsky has done noble work promoting the issue but has contributed no new findings.

Which is why he should have been the last committee member to determine the contents of a vital law suit we had planned.

Sabotage A La Nitzana

In 1999, Labour Party Knesset Member, Ophir Pines, abused his position, and from the podium of parliament, ordered all bookstores to stop selling my book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. So I sued him and chose Nitzana Darshan-Leitner as my attorney.

At first, I was encouraged by her performance. We won round one. The court agreed with us that Pines could not use his parliamentary immunity to stop the proceedings.

Round Two was a different matter. The lawyer for the Attorney-General appealed to the judge to stop the suit on any technicality, and he agreed. (Full details are in my book, The Last Days Of Israel). But so did Nitzana. She counselled me to agree to a closure with a humiliating conclusion. I would have to give 1000 shekels to charity for wasting the court's time.

For years I thought she did her best for me, until the radio/internet reporter Shahaf Pilovitch asked to see the court protocols. He was aghast. "There is no legal closure," he told me. "No ruling on why the suit was closed. The whole thing is illegal. I've got news for you. Nitzana didn't defend you."

He put the court protocols on his web site and this year, M.D. Ben-Ami, in his powerful book Tolaat Yaacov Ve Dod Yishmael (Tammuz Publishing, Tel Aviv), analyzed the protocols and came up with the same conclusion as Pilovitch. I wasn't properly defended in court.

However, I wasn't aware of this when I suggested Nitzana as the attorney for the Rabin Committee in a suit that was guaranteed to blow the lid off the Rabin coverup. In February 2001, Yediot Achronot ran a seven page report on the Rabin Conference of November 2000, which was a classic and ugly piece of slander against me and the Committee. This was the opening we had been waiting for. A suit against Yediot would become a national issue.

So the Committee fired the opening salvo by organizing a press conference at the Journalists House in Tel Aviv. Verker did an excellent job of bring the media in. After opening statements by Verker, me and Zaritsky, every question was asked of Zaritsky. He rambled on about nothing for an hour and the evidence brought by Verker and me was ignored. The government - controlled reporters were instructed to soften the blow by concentrating on the weakest link. The potential effect of the press conference was successfully nullified.

The initial meeting between Nitzana and us was suspicious enough. I would not be named in the suit, nor would Adir Zik, though we were as damaged by the article as anyone else. Nitzana claimed we were too well known for "extremist" views, as if one of the plaintiffs, Prof. Hillel Weiss wasn't. For reasons I didn't understand, Yaacov Verker was also excluded from the list of plaintiffs. It didn't occur to me that the real reason was that we were the most informed of the group, and would bring the court the best evidence. The plaintiffs were now just Prof. Aryeh Zaritsky, Prof. Hillel Weiss and Dr. David Chayen. I claim Nitzana was also instructed to play on the ego of Zaritsky to nullify the potential effect of the suit.

Before composing the first draft of her suit, I invited Nitzana to a salon lecture of mine near her home. I noticed she took no notes and showed zero interest in my claims. I understood why when she presented her suit to the Committee. It was worthless in evidentiary terms, meaning it was worthless legally.

After receiving the suit by fax, I told Yaacov Verker that I would not have anything to do with it. The suit spent the first pages examining a side issue, Dr. Chayen's ballistics conclusions. It was confusing to the point that no one would understand it. Then the suit expounded on Dr. Chayen's magic bullet theory. I was disgusted by the prospect of the court hearing this hopeless argument and I absolved myself of any part of the suit. I would not even testify if it came to court.

The committee phoned me at home for my input, but Prof. Zaritsky made sure I would not influence anyone to junk this junk. He took over the leadership of the suit and raised thousands of shekels through his newsgroup members to support it. I felt awful for the way these good-hearted people were cheated. But I was out.

In late 2002, a documentary filmmaker insisted that I warn the Committee who Nitzana was working for. He phoned me and said, "I thought Nitzana's work would make a decent film, so I spent some time with her. You'd better watch out. She and her husband were bragging to me about all the Shabak hotshots who consulted her, and all the meetings they had with the heads of the Shabak."

I warned Yaacov Verker but he didn't take me seriously.

Shortly after, Nitzana announced that she had organized a series of seminars which included high-level security meetings with high-ranking officers of the Shabak. I sent Verker her announcement and told him, "How can she represent you against the Shabak, when she is on the Shabak's payroll?"

Verker finally understood, but again did nothing. Zaritsky had his worthless suit and his Shabak lawyer. And our golden opportunity was gone for good.

Another Year, Another Conference

Six months previous to this year's conference, Prof. Uri Milstein presented a lecture on the Rabin murder conspiracy as part of his history course. The lecturer that night was a tiny Russian mathematician who offered the dumbest lecture on the subject I had ever heard. Luckily, Natan Gefen, Verker and I were there to show the students what a pathetic attempt at debunking this was.

For years, a Jerusalem doctor has been trying the convince me of an even dumber idea. Note, I am not going to honor either with an explanation of what they "think." This time, the doctor appealed to Zaritsky to speak at the conference and I nixed it, explaining that we were skating on thin enough ice without importing crackpot theories to the gathering. So Zaritsky simply invited him behind my back to speak during my allotted time.

This year's conference was supposed to include a discussion panel, that's how it was advertised, and I invited a panel member to attend. But Zaritsky decided to cancel the panel. But that's not all:

Conference Diary

4 PM - The conference is scheduled to begin at 4 PM at Jerusalem's Journalists House, Bet Agron. This was Verker's idea and it was brilliant. So many people packed the hall that my speech was delayed until 4:30. This year, the hall was booked until 10 PM, so at 6, Zaritsky told me to end my speech and within a few minutes I did. That was the English language presentation; at 8:30, I would give the same lecture in Hebrew. Meanwhile, four other lecturers would present half hour lectures.

6 PM - The hall is so crowded that the audience is packed even on the stairs leading to the hall. A person who can tell these things, estimated that about 250 people passed through the conference during the course of the day and evening. Best of all, most of the audience were new to the subject and the distribution of religious/secular was about 50/50. We had an event. So guess what? Not one media outlet reported it.

8:30 PM - The speakers, Dr. Milshtein, Verker, Adir Zik, Dr. Chayen were all in top form. Now it was my turn. But Zaritzky had a surprise for me: My time would be taken up first with the crackpot theories of the Jerusalem doctor, and mathematician. That was it for me. I left the building intending to wait until the end of the event to collect my books and my valiant son selling them.

9:20 PM - Verker's secretary and her husband see me sitting on a bench outside the conference. They ask, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be speaking?"

I explain that I will not follow the cockamamie crap on the podium now. Zaritsky can have his way. He always does no matter what the damage.

The husband gets agitated: "Are you nuts? All those people in there came to hear you. You can't let them down. This year is different. The crowd is filled with respected critics and you have to fix the damage."

He was right, of course, but at 9:20, I would have about twenty minutes, if I was lucky, to present my findings. But the pep talk did its work. I went to the security guard and asked her to phone her company. I said that I would pay her double salary if they would keep the building open an extra hour. It worked.

I walked to the hall to make an announcement that I would yet speak. I am stopped by a participant who tells me, "You'd better watch it a bit. The chemistry on the podium between Zaritsky and Verker is really weird. I'd stay away and not get involved."

Good advice, but I had a speech to give. The large audience stayed for me. I began, "Enough nonsense and garbage! Let's look at the facts."

With the great Adir Zik by me, that's what I did. I gave one of my best speeches in years.

However, it's the last time with this group. Next year is the tenth anniversary of the assassination and there will be enormous interest. But I'll be elsewhere.

The Media Coverups At Full Speed

The most telling moment of this year's Rabin media fiasco occurred at about 10 PM, Nov. 4, on Channel One. A panel of religious Uncle Toms and secular liars was discussing the significance of the Rabin legacy when a glimmer of truth emerged. A pretty secular sociology professor noted, "You're missing the real tear in our fabric. A significant number of people in this country, 16% the last time I checked, don't believe that Yigal Amir was the murderer." Her figure is six years old but that wasn't the moral of this story. She was cut off and never asked another question.

I was invited to appear on Channel 10's popular youth program, Exit. The producers informed me that the owners of Channel Ten put a stop to my appearance. And who are these owners but Ronald Lauder of the CFR and his local lackey, Sholomo Ben Zvi. They not only bought this channel, they bought almost all of the religious/conservative media including Hatsofe, Makor Rishon, and the religious channel Tchelet.

As we know, Lauder has been working hand in hand with Ehud Olmert to throw the Jews out of Gaza. Their destination will be the Negev. And guess who will accommodate them and the other 250,000 Jews of Yesha?


The Jewish National Fund - the official "caretaker" organization of the land of Israel - has announced what it calls an "ambitious long-term initiative to increase the population of the Negev with Israel's New Age Pioneers."

The plan, entitled, "Blueprint Negev: It's Not a Mirage. It's Our Vision," details the development of the infrastructure for 25 new commuter communities, using the cities of Be'er Sheva, Eilat and Mitzpeh Ramon as hubs. The new towns will include new housing, reservoirs, community parks, and other amenities necessary to meet the needs of young families. The Negev Desert comprises 60% of the land of Israel, yet only 8% of the population resides there, according to JNF figures.

JNF President Ronald S. Lauder announced Blueprint Negev at the opening plenary of JNF's National Leadership Conference in Los Angeles two weeks ago. He said that two years of research by JNF and Israeli government agencies are the basis for the plan, which aims to bring 250,000 new residents to the least populated part of Israel in the next five years.

The new Jerusalem Post editor David Radler will never reveal the Rabin murder truth because, for one thing, shortly after the murder he hosted conspirator Carmi Gillon at a gathering of the Peres-sponsored Yakar. For another, Radler compiled a dopey and lying book about the Rabin murder.

A reader of mine also claims that in an internal Hollinger report, Radler was accused of stealing Jerusalem Post charity funds to buy a doctorate at Haifa University. Now look what happened when he went looking for the facts:

Hi Barry,

Here's what I have for you:

1. CIA Haaretz story about Jewish Agency willing to sacrifice 400,000 Arab Jews

2. About Jerusalem Post Radler Misuse of Posts Charity Funds.

NOTE: This is very curious Barry, the original article was at (link) BUT HAS BEEN DELETED !!!

You can however go this google link and see it cached at: » link

3. Second article about Post ... also deleted

BUT here is the google cache pages

Now try them! All the Jerusalem Post corruption reports have been deleted from the internet.

And here's the biggest coverup of all:


For years I have reported the pedophilia and other bizarre homosexual activities of Yasir Arafat. At present, the Arab media is widely reporting that he was poisoned by Israel. My correspondents suspect otherwise. Here is one report floating out there:

Here’s a question you won’t hear in our big papers or on network TV: Does Yasser Arafat have AIDS?

We know he has a blood disease that is depressing his immune system. We know that he has suddenly dropped considerable weight – possibly as much as 1/3 of all his body weight. We know that he is suffering intermittent mental dysfunction. What does this sound like?

Former Romanian intelligence chief Ion Pacepa tells in his very interesting memoirs that the Ceaucescu regime taped Arafat’s orgies with his body guards. If true, Arafat would a great deal to conceal from his people and his murderously anti-homosexual supporters in the Islamic world.

Before airlifting Arafat to Paris, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier promised to “stand by” him. Was that why Arafat chose to be treated in France rather in any of the fraternal Arab countries that supposedly support his movement – because he could trust the French to protect his intimate secrets?

"Pacepa's line about Arafat: 'So much cleverness, blood and filth in one man.'"

Barry Chamish is most recently the author of Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, "Save Israel!", and also "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin", "Israel Betrayed" and "The Last Days Of Israel." His website is

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