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Shaul Rotem, General Manager of Ashdod Port to be Investigated

- by Barry Chamish ©, Dec. 23rd, 2004

Barry Interviewed: Website Screenshot My claim that Raful Eitan was murdered made the rounds of the top echelons of the Israeli media this week. It began when a junior reporter for Yediot Ahronot, a charming lady named Tal, called me to arrange an interview with a very senior reporter, Chaim Meltzer. I felt the meeting went well, but the media establishment has trained its reporters in the fine points of double-facedness. Friendly interviews invariably turn into vicious articles.

Next, Tzachi Biran, a journalist for Israel's top web news site, Walla, interviewed me about Raful's demise and he wrote an accurate and fine article. Look for it at:

Note, my interview is the lead news feature. This was a major breakthrough. Hebrew readers, look at the pattern in the commentaries. The first 100 are quite balanced, then suddenly a barrage of anger and mockery begins. You can be certain that the secret services monitor the media and send their own messages to control public opinion. I suggest adding your own comment while the story is still up.

During the course of our interview, Biran suggested that my claims would be taken more seriously if I took them to the police. I dwelled on the idea until the evening when I made my move.

Two women, film students from the Bezalel Art Academy, dropped by to interview me in my home. I gave them an opportunity to up the scale of their documentary. They could film me at the Modiin police station submitting a complaint against Shaul Rotem, general manager of Ashdod Port.

After Eitan's death, Transportation Minister Meir Sheetrit ordered Rotem to conduct a commission of inquiry into the tragedy. Within a day his commission opened and closed, concluding that a giant wave snuck into Ashdod port, wrecking Eitan's car and sucking him into the water where he drowned.

The problem was Eitan's car was parked inside the harbor behind the breakwaters, where big waves cannot enter. I took two photos of the crime scene to the police station, along with a list of published testimonies by eye-witnesses.

My complaint asked if Rotem's commission grilled the conflicting witnesses. Did he ask the managers of Eitan's company, Isratrop, why they claimed Eitan drowned at 7 AM, when port workers told the police that they saw him alive at 8 AM? Did his commission find the source of the contradictions? Did they bring a wave engineer to study the damage to the car and determine if it was caused by a wave? Did they demand an autopsy of Eitan's body?

The answer is no on all accounts, so I charged Shaul Rotem with concealing evidence in a public commission. The police investigator immediately understood the validity of my charge and agreed to begin an investigation. Write me if you'd like to see a copy of the police agreement to investigate the death of Raful Eitan.

With the agreement in hand, I called Tal and asked her if Yediot Ahronot would like to report my police complaint. She agreed that if the police agreed to investigate the Raful death, it was a significant story. Even more so because, since the Walla piece appeared, I had appeared on two radio shows announcing my successful opening of a police investigation into the circumstances of Raful's demise.

She informed her editor, Buki Naeh and he agreed it was an important story. So he assigned his reporter Reuven Weiss to the story. Weiss assured me he would pop by my place within a few hours to get the story. He never appeared. Neither Naeh nor Weiss answered my calls.

More proof of media arrogance, manipulation and control.

And now why this story must be snuffed by the mafia establishment. Since I publicized my suspicions about Raful's death, people who lost loved ones equally suspiciously contacted me. I promised them I wouldn't reveal their names but here are letters from two distraught people. Forgive the Hebrew - writing lady's English errors:

Dear Barry,

My father used to organize the Raanana anti Oslo demonstrations. He always felt that some of the participants were shabbak plants. He died suddenly in the hospital by Zrifin (Yaffe?) after recovering fully from a minor operation, Jan 4 three years ago. We never thought of looking into it, but you have me wondering.

Hello! I'm a widow of M S from Herzlia. He was found as suicide in the cemetery of Herzlia on the early morning of 26/December/2001. He was a partner of the merkaz of Mifleget Haavoda in Tel -Aviv. The night before there were elections in the miflaga his side won but the leader gave up and at least Ben Eliezer won some days before my husband told me that some body from the group of Ben tried to frighten him because he is on the wrong side/ my husband died! I think he was killed! but nobody wanted to listen to me/

Hello Barry!

I sent all this to You because I had ,and have till now , very bad feeling about all this. What was the reason of mister Burg to give up the position of being the head of the Avoda after all ? Why he gave this as a present to Ben Eliezer? My husband worked for Burg like a crazy and he made him the winner- but he earned also enemies!

So if You can write all this without mention my name - it can be more than wonderful the real thing is that I'm till afraid from them.



Jerusalem Post Sold to Israeli, Canadian Companies

CanWest, owned by the Asper family, is one of the largest media companies in Canada, with newspapers, television stations and channels, publishing houses, and radio stations in Canada, Britain, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

I actually met the scion of CanWest, Izzy Asper. He was running for the premiership of a Canadian province and I was a young BA student. His sole issue was that a dam project would flood some Native Indians' land. He brought the tribe in full regalia to the university and I accused him of playing on our feelings and exploiting the Natives for his own purposes. I was roundly booed for doing so.

He has passed away but his son Leonard will be the new publisher of the Jerusalem Post. I have long proven that the Post is a mouthpiece for the Council On Foreign Relations because its previous owner, Conrad Black, CEO of the Hollinger Corp. was a prominent CFR member.

Now, with gratitude to my correspondent Elisheva Rubin, I can report to you that the Post hasn't really been sold. It's still safely in the hands of the promulgators of the New World Order. We begin with the 2000 Bilderberg meeting. Look who are both invited participants: Izzy Asper and Conrad Black. Now look who is a director of Asper's CanWest Global Communications. Why it's Conrad Black of the CFR!!

The Jerusalem Post sold itself to itself.

CDN - Black, Conrad M. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hollinger International Inc. in the United States, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Argus Corporation Limited and Hollinger Inc. in Canada and Chairman of Telegraph Group Limited in London. He became a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour in October, 2001. Hollinger International Inc. owns English-language newspapers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Israel. Included among the paid daily newspapers that the company owns are the Chicago Sun-Times (U.S.), The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) and The Jerusalem Post (Israel). In addition, the company owns a large number of non-daily periodicals, numerous magazines and other publications, including the Sunday Telegraph and Spectator, (U.K.). Hollinger is also a successful Internet publisher and investor. In addition, Lord Black is a director of Sotheby's Holdings, Inc., Brascan Corporation, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CanWest Global Communications and The Jerusalem Post Limited and serves on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Meetings and is Chairman of the Editorial Board of the National Interest in Washington D.C. He is also a member of The Trilateral Commission, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Chairman's Council of the Americas Society, a trustee of the Malcolm Muggeridge Foundation, the Nixon Center and the Hudson Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a director of the Centre for Policy Studies in London, a member of the International Advisory Board of The Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Thank you Joel Skousen for your fine review of my new book in the World Affairs Brief:


No update on Israel would be complete without a review of Barry’s unique series of exposes putting Israel’s treacherous leaders under the scrutiny of truth. I read everything Barry Chamish writes about Israel. I consider his works, even with their flaws, essential reading for any serious student of the inner workings of Israel. He is literally Israel’s lone voice in the wilderness, trying desperately to wake up a sleeping nation to the reality of their impending demise—by their own leaders. There are other valiant voices defending Israel from its enemies within, but none has the clarity of understanding that Barry has concerning the conspiratorial and globalist ties which control Israel’s leaders, whether on the right or the left.

Most defenders of the Jewish Torah-Zion position in Israel naively think their problems with leaders are the result of "rogue" elements of corruption that can be fixed by simply changing leaders. Little do they know that the corruption and betrayal is systemic, rather than exceptional. And, as in US politics, globalist controllers in Israel cultivate opposition leaders further to the right (i.e.: Netanyahu) of the current phony conservative leader (Sharon) so that when the people finally get fed up with betrayal they fall into the arms of another phony savior claiming to champion their cause, and so the cycle of deception continues.

Barry Chamish is loved and appreciated by thousands and hated by many more for having the audacity to challenge the official government version of events surrounding the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. That was the key event that changed Barry’s life and career. Not only was Rabin NOT shot by a right-wing fanatic settler, as the government claimed, but the blank-shooting patsy who was set up to be blamed for the assassination, Yigal Amir, turned out to be an agent for the Shabak (Israeli Secret Service) and part of a radical right wing outfit created by and run by other Shabak agents. In other words, Rabin was killed by dark side elements of his own government—just like JFK in the US. Chamish has discovered 90% of all the sordid details surrounding the assassination and subsequent cover-up, and sources keep coming forward to confirm more of the actual story. Chamish’s Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is a classic in the genre. His video analysis of the assassination film graphically proves his case as well.

One of the fascinating things to read in Barry’s subsequent books are the number of first hand witnesses that come forward to give him additional pieces of information missing in the original work—which served as an impetus to bring many reluctant witnesses out from the woodwork. We in America almost never have the benefits of so many insiders coming forward, so great is their fear of elimination and retribution from the powerful forces that control our country. There are reasons why Israel’s fate is a little different. First, because of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Israel (though most Jews are irreligious and undeserving) the Lord keeps intervening, thwarting these conspirator’s designs through continual Palestinian terror. Second, dealing with conspiracy in the nation of Israel is like dealing with a city government the size of Houston, rather than a nation. When a nation has only a few million people and is tucked into a city the size of Houston, you run into people who see things and know things much more easily than you do in a huge country like the United States. Barry is always running into conspirators at public functions where he confronts them brazenly and records their reactions, ranging from outright disdain to livid bursts of anger. He tirelessly hauls his books around to conferences or meetings and dares people to read the truth. Many do, and now over half of Israel believes there was a conspiracy by government to kill Yitzhak Rabin and blame it on radical settlers.

Barry’s other books, Traitors and Carpet Baggers in the Promised Land, and Save Israel continue to saga of collusion and conspiracy between those pretending to represent Israel’s Right (the Likud) and the radical Marxist Left (Labor Party). Chamish details the manner in which America’s elite leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations and other interlocking globalist conspirators suborn, train up, and control Israel’s leaders. He is the only Israeli investigative reporter other than Joel Bainerman (Author: Crimes of a President) who really understands this crucial issue.

Chamish’s latest book is Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust ($25 postpaid from Israel for WAB subscribers). Don’t be put off by the difficulty of the title. Like his other works, most of this book is a chronicle of his latest research uncovering the hidden hand of treachery behind the most recent political assassinations and murders in Israel. His analysis of the Ginosar scandal is a must read, showing who in Israel colluded with terrorists to set up Arafat’s secret bank accounts and why. Only the last two chapters deal with the historical conspiracies of Shabtai Tzvi and Labor Zionism.

As a caution to those unfamiliar with his works, you have to know how to read Chamish. He is brilliant, but also a little erratic, darting from one topic to another without refreshing the reader’s memory about who’s who, or explaining titles or acronyms that abound. Keep in mind, these books are all produced under the greatest personal strain by a man impassioned by a just cause but operating with no outside editor, little money, and harried by government attempts on his life and sanity. It’s best to get the whole set of Barry’s books and start from the beginning. If you come to a part you don’t understand, just keep reading; he’ll eventually repeat the information in another context, and after hearing certain key people show up numerous times, you’ll start to remember who the real dangerous people are. This is real live sleuthing, even if the prose is not as clear as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Be patient. The journey is worth the effort. For books and prices, go to Barry’s website, Send check or money order to Barry Chamish, Nahal Zohar 40/2, Modiin, 71700 Israel. Contact email is: Telephone from US: 011 972 8 9752937

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at

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