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The Impending Joyous Passing Of Yasir Arafat

- by Barry Chamish ©, Nov. 3rd, 2004

Yasir Arafat With Yasir Arafat lying sick in a Paris military hospital, doctors say there is no predicting when he will die. Actually, that's not true. He will die on a Jewish holiday. Any day that Arafat dies will be a Jewish holiday.

But in a less perverse world, it would be a "Palestinian" holiday as well. Gone will be the mega-bandit who led them into hopeless misery, who ordered the murder of thousands of his own and who stole billions of dollars from their pockets. Yet from the reaction of these same people to his illness, it seems they will actually mourn the passing of this hoodlum.

But, believe it or not, Arafat and I agree on some pretty salient points. Recall that he claimed the murder of Rehavam Zeevi was not his doing, and that the order came from Damascus. That was my conclusion. We just differ on the motive. Zeevi threatened to expose Shimon Peres to the nation. Peres used his French intelligence contacts to arrange the hit through their organization, the PFLP, headquartered in Damascus.

Recall also that the PFLP chief, George Habash fell ill and flew to Paris for treatment under the auspices of Francois Mitterand. Arafat watchers, recoil! Habash didn't last long after that.

But in all fairness to the "Rais," let's examine some of his claims more closely.

Regarding weapons in the hands of Arab terrorists, Arafat said, "These weapons could be obtained only from high authorities with great influence on the Israeli side." (Jerusalem Post, March 22, 1996)

"An unholy conspiracy of Israeli 'fanatics', who are members of a shadowy group of ex-IDF people called 'OAS', and Moslem extremists were behind [the Feb.1996] suicide bombings, Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat told foreign diplomats...Arafat is known to have said last year, before [Ehud] Barak became [Israel's] foreign minister, that 'Barak is one of the big bosses of the OAS'..." (Jerusalem Post, Feb.27, 1996)

Referring to the Arab terrorist attack in Beit Lid, in which 22 Israelis were killed, and other attacks in 1995, Arafat said, "I have evidences that these terrorist activities have been done through coordination between these fanatic Islamic groups and some elements on the Israeli side." (Washington Post, May 2, 1995)

"PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, in interviews published yesterday, accused IDF troops of aiding the spread of arms in the territories in a plot to create chaos in Palestinian self-rule areas...'This weapons trade is being carried out under the auspices of some Israeli officers in the West Bank and Gaza. This is part of a wicked plan'..." (Jerusalem Post, Feb. 18 & Feb. 19, 1994)

From Rabbi katz's website:

Complete text of Barak Government “white paper” on PA/PLO non-compliance, Conspiracy Theories and Miscalculations.

Another recurrent pattern which does color Arafat's judgement, at times - and was certainly evident in the manner in which he "explained" the current crisis to the Emergency Session of the Arab Summit - is his tendency to weave conspiracy theories (Mu'amarat) and use them, with a thin line separating fact from fiction.

Thus - as an example - in a series of interviews in March and April 1995, including a fascinating meeting with a sympathetic Israeli and American audience, Arafat raised the argument that a secret Israeli organization - an "O.A.S." within the GSS... - working through the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was in fact responsible for a series of terrorist attacks such as the bombing in Beit Lid (in which 22 Israelis died). It should be noted that this fantastic argument came (already then) in conjunction with a warning: any attempt by Israel to stall on the peace process - because of the security "excuse", as he saw it - would have a terrible affect on Israel's standing in the world:- "

Indeed, far from blaming and condemning Hamas, Arafat absolved Hamas of responsibility for the bombings. During the wave of suicide bombings in February 1996, he claimed that a group of former Israeli soldiers known as “OAS” had provided the bombs to the terrorists; and that Israel’s Foreign Minister Ehud Barak had previously secretly served as the head of “OAS.”[62] Jerusalem Post, Feb. 27, 1996

Regarding weapons in the hands of Arab terrorists, Arafat said, "These weapons could be obtained only from high authorities with great influence on the Israeli side." (Jerusalem Post, March 22, 1996)

The OAS was the French security agency responsible for keeping France in Algeria during the '50s and early '60s. Arafat believes a similar organization is working hand in hand with radical Arab groups spreading terror to promote its agenda. I have come to the exact conclusion. The name of this OAS is the Shabak, short for General Security Services.

Where Arafat can't overcome his narrow worldview is his belief that this OAS is trying to weaken the "peace" process. Quite the opposite. It is trying to strengthen its version of "peace" by eliminating the settler movement through terror. Until the first Jewish residents of Gaza are forcibly expelled from their homes, this unholy alliance of Shabak and extremist Arabs will continue its campaign of murder. And it will continue to continue, until the last vestiges of religiosity are removed from their Sabbataian state.

Note that he claims Ehud Barak was the head of this OAS. Actually, Barak was head of military intelligence, which works without cross purposes with the Shabak. Arafat's refusal to accept any offer made to him by Barak at Camp David, thus, came from a complete distrust of Ehud Barak.

Again, I couldn't agree with Arafat more.

Strong reactions to my last article. Let us recall the discovery of German writer Michael Hesemann:

Who discovered Hitler? Who made him the German evil messiah?

One man: Rudolf von Sebottendorff, founder of the "Thule Society" which had a political branch, the German Workers Party (DAP), which was later renamed in "National Socialist German Workers (or Labour) Party". It was already in existence when they found Hitler, recruited him because of his rhetoric skills and fanaticism.

Sebottendorff, a born German, went to Turkey as a young man and indeed became a Turkish citizen. He got interested in occultism and was initiated by an old Jew of the Termudi family in Bursa/Turkey. This old Jew knew the Kabbala, collected alchemistic and Rosicrucian writings. When he died, he bequeathed his library to Sebottendorff. Sebottendorff joined the Turkish Freemasonry. His lodge supported the revolution of the "Young Turks" under Kemal Atartuk.

When he returned to Germany, he was an antisemite and co-founder of the "Teutonic Order" ("Germanenorden"), of which the Thule Society was a branch.

So in this man we have a link between Turkey, Turkish Jews, Young Turks, German Antisemites and the Nazis. You were right: It all begun in Turkey. May I assume that Sebottendorffs old teacher, Mr. Termudi, was a Sabbataian?

Here are the responses of two of my readers:

Of course, Sebottendorffs name has the same shoresh as Shabat or Shabatai or Shabataian.


Dear Barry , Interesting ! But you missed the most obvious link - Sebbatten-dorff { strange name... } probably means " village of the Sabbatians".

E. M.

To which Hesemann replies:

Very well possible, since Rudolf von Sebottendorff was born as Rudolf Glauer and "received" the new name in Turkey... allegedly by adoption, although this is not sure. His full new name was "Sebottendorff von der Rose" (of the Rose)...

Now some strong evidence backing the Samir Nakash claim that the Labor Zionists were prepared to sacrifice the lives of Sephardic Jews to force them to emigrate to their new state:

Hi Barry,

Did you see this article yet about how the CIA strongly advised President Truman against supporting the Partition plan of 48?

More interestingly in this article from Haaretz is quote from the CIA that... "In the event of partition," the CIA report cautioned, "the lives of the million Jews throughout the Arab world (including Palestine) will be imperiled. The lower element in the population would look forward to attacks on Jewish quarters because of the excellent opportunity for looting - as illustrated at the time of the Baghdad revolt in 1941 when the Jewish quarter was attacked. A representative of the Jewish Agency has stated that in the event of partition the 400,000 Jews in the Arab states outside Palestine may have to be sacrificed in the interest of the Jewish community as a whole."

.....The last sentence....ON RECORD... "the 400,000 Jews in the Arab states outside Palestine may have to be sacrificed". Isn't this black and white proof now of what you have been saying (in addition to all your other facts).

Barry Chamish is most recently the author of Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, "Save Israel!", and also "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin", "Israel Betrayed" and "The Last Days Of Israel." His website is

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