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Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence

Adam WeishauptTerry Melanson | 2005-08-05 - Part one of an intensive investigation into the real history of the Illuminati: timeline; extensive membership list (80+), aliases, profiles and influence; Illuminati cyphers, occult connections, the Brethren of Minerva and more. New discoveries never before seen in print or on the Web.

Arrest on Sight - Ariel Sharon, Sociopath

Ariel Sharon, SociopathBarry Chamish | 2005-07-31 - Watching a National Geographic documentary called The Truth About Killing, I learned that during WW2, the American army was distressed to learn that only 2% of its combat soldiers shot to kill. This statistic was confirmed in numerous studies after the war. Even in combat, 98% of humanity is not capable of killing their fellow man. The 2% who are capable, are clinical sociopaths.

Haaretz Reporter Claims Sharon Murdered His First Wife

SharonBarry Chamish | 2005-07-31 - Who is leading the Jews out of Gush Katif? According to Haaretz reporter Uzi Benziman, a vocal advocate of "disengagement:" Ariel Sharon, a wife murderer.

Perpetual War for Perpetual Evolution Part One

DarwinismPhillip D. Collins | 2005-07-25 - As I have established in previous articles, Darwinism was but one more permutation of an ancient occult doctrine of transformism. This occult belief originated in Mesopotamia roughly 6000 years ago and was actively promulgated by the various Mystery cults. It also comprises the ruling class religion of today. At the heart of the doctrine is the claim that man is gradually evolving towards apotheosis. Throughout the years, the religion of apotheosized man has recycled itself under numerous appellations. Darwinism was but one more installment in this seamless ideational continuum. In this series, I am going to examine one of the chief facilitators of man's purported evolution: war.

Report From Fascist Israel

Report From Fascist IsraelBarry Chamish | 2005-07-20 - This same story was repeated all over the country. Thousands of people were forced off buses and not a one of them fought back. The sheep of 2005 Israel are the same sheep of 1942 Poland. Jews are far too suicidal a people to actually learn the lessons of their history.

Welcome to Fascist Israel

Fascist IsraelBarry Chamish | 2005-07-14 - The police and army will subdue whatever pathetic crowd is left with clubs, cattle prods and tear gas. Look what they tell the participants not to bring: their own gas masks, clubs and helmets. Everyone should be running out and buying a motorcycle helmet or hardhat, finding their Gulf War gas masks and fashioning defensive sticks.

Nietzsche: A Precursor to Hitler?

NietzschePhillip D. Collins | 2005-07-12 - I recently took a college course in the history of philosophy. The instructor, who happens to be an extremely intelligent woman, was going to examine Foucault. I was eager to study Foucault and seized the opportunity. His Marxist proclivities aside, Foucault's views concerning the carceral system were certainly of merit and valuable to my research. Yet, there was another philosopher on the menu. In the halls of orthodox academia, his reputation precedes him. His name is Friedrich Nietzsche.

More Base Photos

Base PhotosBarry Chamish | 2005-07-11 - Reaction to my last article about the enormous military base being built by the US in Israel was worldwide and strong. Two of the correspondents actually worked on the base. Let us first get an overview of the debate as presented by some knowledgeable commentators...

Photos Of The American Base In Israel

American Base In IsraelBarry Chamish | 2005-07-06 - The base is enormous, far huger than any other base in the country. We estimate that several tens of billions of dollars are going into the base itself but the new road surrounding the complex currently being blasted out of the rock has to add another billion dollars to the pricetag. As for the value of 50 square miles of prime Israeli real estate: more billions.

Congratulations Shabak

ShabakBarry Chamish | 2005-07-04 - As reported in my last memo, a huge American army base is nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters.

After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab warehouses and more were going up.

From the Ashes of World War II

From the AshesErik Fortman | 2005-06-29 - The same masters, or their fathers, that are controlling the globalization game today, designed World War II. This is irrefutable, and I will not go into those details again. Just as History Channel now must admit that Franklin Delano Roosevelt staged Pearl Harbor, so too had the Banking and Aristocratic Elite also directed the theatre production of Hitler, Stalin, De Gaulle, Churchill and the entire global conflict.

Fair Justice

Fair JusticeBarry Chamish | 2005-06-27 - "You can beat this Eskin in court. He has admitted to being a Shabak agent in court. In 1998 he went on trial for burning down Peace Now's headquarters in Jerusalem. He got off the arson charge in part by testifying that he had worked for the Shabak. ..."

In Defense of Capitalism

Ludwig von MisesErik Fortman | 2005-06-20 - Any intelligent American Communist will tell you that the Soviet and Chinese models of Communism are bastardized. What most professed Capitalists fail to acknowledge is that the U.S. model of Capitalism has become a malevolent shadow of its former intent. Properly speaking, The United States of America operates under the system of Corporatism.

They Do So Murder Jews

FrankistsBarry Chamish | 2005-06-17 - The Frankists believe in an anti-Judaism, whose tenets consider the murder of true Torah-believing Jews, as a mitzvah.

Too incredible to believe, right? So why don't we look at a piece of 20th Century history? Let us examine the slaughter of Croatian Jews by Frankist "Jews" like Pavelic and Kvaternik.

Truth and the Occult: A Difference in Freedoms

OccultErik Fortman | 2005-06-10 - Freedom of the spirit is protesting Authority, not dressing up and taking drugs. Freedom of the spirit is telling your fellow man that there is a malevolent force in the world that is keeping them in enslavement, not building pagan temples to ancient Gods of Death. Dancing around pyres is the same thing the Elite Masters do. Dressing up and partaking in sexual orgies is the same thing the Elite Masters do.

The Global Skinner Box

Global Skinner BoxPhillip D. Collins | 2005-06-09 - For Skinner and those who carry on his tradition, humanity is little more than a lab animal to be conditioned and controlled. This authoritarian mentality becomes all the more evident when Skinner states: "... Russia after fifty years is not a model we wish to emulate. China may be closer to the solutions I have been talking about, but a Communist revolution in America is hard to imagine" (Walden Two xv). In other words, the communism of mass murdering Red China is preferable to the Russian variety of communism. Why? The Russian communists did not go far enough.

Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire

Freemasonry ConspiracyTerry Melanson | 2005-06-04 - The occult revival of the 20th century can be directly attributed to Freemasonry and its peripheral entourage of acolytes: Theosophy, the New Age Movement, Satanism, Cabalistic Black Magic, Enochian Magic, Gerardian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca and Sex Magic.

The Fix Is In

The FixBarry Chamish | 2005-06-02 - On May 25, one Avigdor Eskin took me to court demanding compensation for my writing that he was a "known Shabak provocateur." I viewed the trial as nothing but a nuisance because Eskin's claims were so stupid. Quoting a nearly seven year old paragraph which appeared in an obscure American web site with no Israeli readers, this liar claimed that he was damaged. And it only took him seven years to feel the pain.

3rd Party USA

3rd Party USAErik Fortman | 2005-05-30 - [...] a major tier of our platform should be the complete repeal of the Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, Victory Act, and any fascistic or tyrannical legislation. We should be able to agree on selling to the public our intention of making legislative pork illegal. No longer will we allow them to tack Hitlerian national ID legislation onto the end of a war supplemental (although, the war supplemental would also be vetoed by 3rd Party USA. In fact, the war would end immediately, by Executive Order if necessary.)

The New Malleus Maleficarum: The DSM Reconsidered

Malleus MaleficarumPaul and Phillip Collins | 2005-05-27 - [...] the DSM can be seen as merely the modern incarnation of The Malleus Maleficarum. Just as the theocracy of 1486 employed The Malleus Maleficarum against religious "heretics" of the middle ages, the DSM is employed by the dominant theocracy of materialism against cognitive dissenters today.

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