The So-Called Schwedenkiste (“Swedish Box”), the Most Significant Illuminati Archive

Terry Melanson

Webmaster/editor of Conspiracy Archive; author of Perfectibilists: the 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati.

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7 Responses

  1. Phillip D. Collins says:

    Hands down, Terry Melanson is the unparalleled expert on the Illuminati. These are sort of sources that are analogous to gold for real researchers. No sensational garbage. No ideologically biased accounts. Just primary sources. Obscure. Rare. Authenticate.

    Keep up the great work, Terry!

  2. Andee says:

    I seem to have the knack of finding great sources of occult information! Or do I? Is this just another containment exercise? How can you have obtained this information and then been allowed to publish it, were you not an initiate. The research on the subject of Secret Societies is, by its nature, most frequently undertaken by individuals with a desire to expose their activities as not desirable from a fair minded point of view. There is usually an underlying hatred that may be born out of bitter experience. This piece is purely factual and for that reason has been made available to service the usual hidden agenda. LOve it though

    • Scholars get their PhDs in Illuminaten history. The legit info available about the Illuminati now could easily fill a small library. I was transparent and gave you the sources in the article – all from scholars. Check it. Further, the Swedish Box contents are now being posted at the Erfurt University by a select group under the coordination of Professor Hermann Schuttler.

  3. So, Terry, may we expect an English translation of this material from you? I’m glad that it’s being made public at Erfurt University, but it appears to be all in German.

    • No. That’s beyond my ability. I can handle French well enough but not German. They would need a team of professional German translators to tackle such a project. I don’t see it happening any time soon.

  4. Is it true that many later German Illuminati recruits came out of Johann Wilhelm Kellner von Zinnendorf’s lodges?

  5. Zinnendorf Rite and the Strict Observance were the dominant systems in German Freemasonry. So yes.

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