Originally Published at Conspiracy Archive on 2008/12/05

“Space Brothers” cult leader, Rael, doesn’t like tall-tales about the “Illuminati,” or “myths …distilled through the internet [that might] … reverse the wonderful trend of globalization, which will lead us to the only way to save humanity: a world government ending nationalism.” The “anti-globalization fanatics,” he says, through free speech on the internet, exacerbate nationalistic fervour – e.g. good ‘ole patriotism.

Rael and his space-faring buddies think this type of thinking is far too dangerous, and should not be allowed to continue. Mork! They – the aliens and Rael’s free-sex sect – especially love the idea of the Bill Gates-funded (what William Engdahl has dubbed) “Doomsday Vault.”

Rael loves the elite project so much, that he has invested Bill Gates as an “Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement.” How lovely.

One other such alumnus, is the Technocratic-Cybernated Zeitgeistian, Jacque Fresco:

News Item: : Rael Awards Title of Honorary Priest to Jacques Fresco

Las Vegas, October 24, 2008 – Rael, founder of the International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has bestowed the title of Honorary Guide (AKA Honorary Priest) of the Raelian Movement to Jacques Fresco, now 92 and well known by all futurists of the world for his works like The Venus Project. He is a self-taught scientist, architect and inventor who has also been deeply committed his whole life to investigation into human behavior and humanity’s future.

“For the Prophet Rael to name Jacques an Honorary Guide (aka Honorary Priest) of the Raelian Movement means that Jacques has dedicated his life to the betterment of Humanity as a whole. Not just one country, one race, one religion, but the whole of humanity.” declared Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement.
She added: “Raelians fully relate to Jacques’ brilliant insight into the workings of society. Many of his proposals to redesign culture and to rebuild the world in its architecture, travel or, most importantly, society, fits with the world we contribute to build.”

Mr. Fresco has researched, observed nature as well as society and has either proven or explained many things which are in complete harmony with what the Prophet Rael has been teaching for 35 years. Among these things are the notions that science should be placed at the service of humanity as a whole instead of only the rich and powerful, that competition in the world is very dangerous and comparing this to the human body by making the analogy that one organ in the body is not more important than another. One example he makes is; what if the heart were to start thinking it were the most important organ? What if the liver were to decide that it was the most important one and wanted the body to start doing things differently? Or the kidneys? If this were to happen, the body and mind would die very quickly. In other words, the body only works well when all organs operate in harmony with one another – just as all people and countries on the Earth should do in order to ensure harmony and health.

Boisselier went on to say “Maybe most importantly are his observations that human behavior is totally subjective to one’s environment and not upon one universal value system. For example, if a child is raised as a Hindu, they will have a very different value system than a child who is raised as a Christian in the US – and both children would see the world quite different from a child raised as a Muslim in the Middle East. What is considered “right and normal” for an individual is true for this individual for the reason that he or she was raised in that particular value system. This is how a few men felt very justified in flying airplanes into buildings and how Bush and some Americans felt justified in exacting revenge for such an act – even if it was disguised as “self defense”. Politicians, through the manipulation of the media and the colorization of facts, constantly capitalize on their own domestic value system in order to maintain power and wealth. Unfortunately, very few realize they are doing it.
However it is possible to change one’s value system despite the politicians and religious leaders’ refined manipulation. To choose one’s own system value is exactly what Rael teaches at his Raelian Seminars that now attract thousands around the world.”

How wonderful for him. Fresco should feel right at home, too. He is well-acquainted with the fringe-of-the-fringe of society, going waaayy back:

“Things were so bad [during the depression] and I had no way of looking at it. And I thought the rules of the game were somehow screwed up. I went to many different meetings: communist meetings, socialist meetings, fascist meetings, Mankind United, Technocracy – to see what the world was teaching, including eastern philosophy.”

– Jacque Fresco, in “Future by Design” (0:11:43 to 0:12:06)

(That timestamp, by the way, is from the ripped version being passed around on the torrent sites [699mb]. You didn’t think I paid for it, did you? …Money being a sin and all.)

Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Technocracy, Mankind United, Eastern Philosophy, and now “Honorary Priest” of the Raelian Movement – quite the bag of tricks that Fresco, eh?